then bb felt something hit his head and everything went black. when he woke up he saw every ones faces but robins standing over him. he was laying in the hospital/metical/....lets say it was an infermory. but any way every one looked shocked. raven:did he wake up yet? cyborg:shhhhhhh he could still be in his ragefull stage. beast boy: MY RAGEFULL STAGE I WAS I MEAN HE WAS THE ONE-cyborg held out his laser hand. cyborg:lay down and be quiet. he did as cyborg said. bb:wheres robin? cyborg:im not going to let u hurt our leader. bb:HE FOUGHT ME!!!!cyborg:BECAUSE HE WAS DEFENDING HIMSELF!!!!bb:BUT HE HAD EYES!!!!!!! every one had ??????? around them. bb:RAVEN WAS A WITTNESS SHE KNOWS!!!!!raven:beast boy robin was just...robin. bb:NO...NO...NOOOOOOO THATS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!! cyborg:i didnt wanna have to do this b but u leave me no choice! he pressed a button and straps held down his wrists and ankles. cyborg:b just calm down we'll be back later. every one left but raven. she came and sat in a chair beside the bed. raven:beast boy dont yell stay calm dont make up stories tell me the truth what happened.and beast boy told her ALMOST the truth he said robin called him and just started yelling at him and he told her about his eyes and all that. raven:beast boy i dont think your telling me the WHOLE truth. bb:rae please dont think of me as a... a... a monster. raven:y would i think that? bb:i saw how u looked at me right after i blacked out its like how u looked when i turned into a beast. just looked awful and u were all beat up,still are all beat up,and robin didnt even have a scratch. bb:he was possessed by my father i told u that. raven:how bb:what? raven:if my father got ahold of your father he could make him posses robin and kill u then that would be one less of my friends. bb:do u think...we could b more? raven:whats more were best friends. just then possesed robin came and threw raven! bb:RAVEN!!!! she was unconsious. bb:IM GONNA RIP OFF YOUR HEAD!!!!!! robin:no u wont because you would hurt your friend and u wouldnt want that would u? bb just glared at him. but then...duh he has super powers he turned into a bird escaped what was holding him down and ran to raven. bb picked her up he couldnt tell if she was breathing or not. he started to cry. bb:rae u gotta wake up i promise ill never tell another lame joke ill never be such as an idiot just please wake up....please. he turned to robin and hit him as hard as he could. then suddenly raven woke up. raven:BEAST BOY IM AWAKE! bb smiled his goofy smile but got bashed in the head! raven:robin your possessed put the bat down. robin: make me. raven:very well. she used her powers and took it from him. she tried to hit him but hit beast boy instead! raven:beast boy im so sorry! robin:not as sorry as your going to be! robin took out a boomerang and threw it at her but bb blocked the shot! raven:BEAST BOY HOW DUMB ARE U YOUR NOT INVINSIBLE!!!!! bb:i dont know what id do if u got hurt. TO BE CONTINUED