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Opinion by BeautifulBlaze posted over a year ago
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For some reason, I'am really into fan art. I'am willing to belive in that no matter how many people make fun of it. The only reason being is becuase life as we know it, is like art itself. It's very beautiful. Whenever you look up at the sky, do you not think it is pretty? We are in a hornet's nest of beauty in what we all commonly know as the universe. This is the only main reason why I haven't given up on life yet, becuase I know that whatever they throw at me, is just one mistake. I live for my friends, for my family, for the beauty of art, and most importanly... for my future. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but say what you will. I don't care. I've learned something in the past. Please don't take it the wrong way. I've learned that the only reason people make fun of othr people..... is becuase they're scared. We all are unique in our own way. They are doing this soley for the purpose of being afraid becuase you have something they don't have. For those who love to make fun people, look deep inside yourself, and try to find someting that's good. We all have a good side, It's just that we never pay any attention to it. It's always there, just in case you need to turn...
Opinion by malmcd posted over a year ago
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5 months ago:

BeautifulBlaze's Wall:

Malmcd Said...

Hey Daniel I all ready like you because your motto is amazing and you like Soul Eater and Ghost Adventures! Sweet!

BeautifulBlaze commented...

Well jee wizz! Looks like you and me are pals already!


Look where we are now...
We were strangers from different places..
And now we can be called Lovers...

We've been through the ups and down together,
It's been an interesting adventure so far and I know that we have a long way to go...

We've been through
And happy times
And we;ve smiled
And laughing
And cried..
We've talked on the phone and soon..
We get to see each other's faces...
For the first time...
Your reallly the only person I've ever loved and has ever loved me back...
Opinion by BeautifulBlaze posted over a year ago
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You put a note in my pocket,
said be good to yourself,
but that was all.

Life being what it is,
we all dream of revenge.
Open your eyes for a second,
just to roll them at me.

I stare straight into the sun,
something to concentrate on.

And if you turn it on you'll find,
I've written you a thousand times.
You would do anything,
you'd give up everything,
for God knows why.

I just can't stay till you're gone,
I won't wish you well,
I won't see you off,
I won't try to call,
if I see you in my mind,
I'll say to you,
its not your fault.

You said I'll see you in September,
but that's not long enough for me.
you put a note in my pocket,
so it would take care of me.
But that was all