Honesty is truth.
Honesty is letting somebpdy else know the truth.
Honsety is teaching somebody not to lie.
Honesty let's you know the flaws we make.
Honesty is prayer, or in other words, talking with god.
In god's eyes, prayer is just something we do that let's him know of our problems in life. It is our way of saying thank you or I'm sorry.
We all lie, we all tell the truth.
We all hide, we all show ourselves.
What I'm trying to say is that honesty helps us deafet lying, and let's us embrace the truth. For those who hide from life, hones sets them free by letting them know that this isn't all what life has to give. Honesty let's us blossom. It let's us show our true selves. It shwos our true selves. Whenever we lie, we are hiding what could be great towards the eyes of others. We are just saying "This is me"when it really it isn't. Just think about it like this: Lies is the darkness buliding up inside of you the more you lie..and honesty..is that like piece of you that is sunken deep in darkness, but is still shineing brightly. All we must do is embrace it and that light will grow to burn all of the darkness to cinderdess, revealing all of the good things inside of you. There's this old saying that I made up..and it goes like this: What are we without truth? What is truth without honesty? And what is honesty if we choose not to embrace it? We would all be hiding from eachother, not knowing what truly lies and the other end of the door. I love to be honest. I wish for you to do the same.