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BeautifulBlaze Opinion Article

Thanks and Appreciation...from the heart.

Opinion by BeautifulBlaze posted over a year ago
fan of it?
There's no curtain call
And there's no point in life at all
If each day ends and this bent heart of mine cannot heal
I can't see
a darn thing
But could it be
That the gray clouds that I loved completely blinded me

They're souls like me and you
Who aren't aware of what they do
Always laughing in the face of danger and truth
Can't they see
Right through their hazy glee?
That nothing good comes of rushing in blindly

I'll keep moving on
No matter what may come my way
And I'll sing
Not fearing what they say

Deep in my heart
I know for sure
That you are hurt,
feel insecure
and surly crying
Because you are
only human

These tears of mine
Are screaming out
"It's not a lie"
and as I cry
I want to thank you
For showing me
What I could be
I won't let go
I thank you so


Try with all your might
But dreams only live in the night
I'm so tried of them always being out of reach

We don't realize
That the defeat's a disguise
Our fighting spirit is the flame of our souls

So I'll wait by that door
No matter what may come my way
And holding out my hand, I will say

If you are crushed
If you are hurt
Here is the strength
And the confidence
You have misplaced
If you feel down
Listen for my song

These tears of mine
Are screaming out
I found you
On this gray world
Without any blue
But you showed me
Every color
I'll hold your hand
Amd won't let go
I thank you so

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