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Sayumi Michishige & Beckii Cruel

=D Beckii Cruel met Sayumi Michishige!

Beckii Cruel vs The Clones - You Can't Kiss Me (Loverush UK! Radio Edit) Released Monday 24th October 2011 on ITUNES, Amazon, Spotify,, HMV Digital and 7Digital (UK + Eire, USA, Canada and Japan

Seikan Hikou 星間飛行 dance cover by xBextahx

星間飛行 Interstellar flight The sleeves fell down! xD Hope you like!

Thank you all!


THAT documentary part 1 of 4

How to: Cute Fluffy Pigtails

READ FOR PRODUCT INFO, ETC: Just a fun video I did showing you how to get your hair looking exciting! I'll get a new dance up ASAP, school is getting tougher though so I'm sorry!

ベッキー・クルーエル ワールド@第10回「東京ガールズコレクション」


You Can't Kiss Me [UNOFFICIAL M/V]

love youuuu to be honest I think the old video was very far from what I usually do, and I'm not sure I liked it. So here you go :) Sorry for the widescreen-4:3 switches. This is just something I made, official M/V will

「ベッキー」浪漫飛行 dance cover「ケーキ姫」

This song is Roman Hikou by HALCALI I've been planning a collab with Keekihime for so long! Please go check her out :D Also, make sure you check the contest winners!

男女 Danjo Dance cover by xBextahx

RAWR I'm back with DANJO! Con. Crit. only please :D LOVE&JOY Should be next but I'm unsure, maybe Welcome UNKNOWN.