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Opinion by OceanCoast posted over a year ago
fan of it?
So lately I've noticed on more than a few sites that there is a bit of a battle between the fans of the American remake and the fans of the original. Here on Fanpop, one cannot post something referring to the original (even when making a point) in the remake spot and vice a versa. I find this very problematic.

Fanpop is a site that thrives on diversity of opinions- that's what makes communities fun. The different thoughts/views/opinions make for an interesting community and I personally feel that is what Fanpop is all about. Why are there "picks" if the fab4 didn't want to promote diverse opinions upon fans? This is what I fear is being lost with all the hostility and name calling between the two fanbases.

So which side was the instigator here? I'm not sure. The animosity started as soon as the trailers for the remake were released. Fans of the British version were furious about the show being remade and were taking it out on the previews of a show they hadn't seen. But now, it seems like certain fans of the remake are growing in aggressiveness and have not only stepped up to the nay-sayers, but have actually surpassed them with they're negativity...