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Article by deppsgurl posted over a year ago
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(I am writing a book chapter by chapter let me know what you think=)
"Bellatrix get here now!" Narcissa and Andromeda sat behind her watching her as she wrapped her hair around the curling irons "you should go Bella or mum will throw a fit".Andromeda moaned "I'll go down when im ready!" Bellatrix scowled at her".
"BELLATRIX!"another muffled screech came from the kitchen."you should......" Andromeda started "just get out!" Bellatrix waved her away soon after narcissa followed . Bellatrix was grateful to be alone for once.she stared into the mirror in front of her resting on a gold duchess the girl who looked back had pale skin heavily lidded eyes and black curly hair. Bellatrix lay on her bed annoyed by the future picked out for her the door slid open and her mother came in hurry up Bella the Lestrange's will be here any moment.There it goes Bella thought to herself my privacy there was no such thing in her house.Andromeda listens outside doors Cissy hovers and her mum checked on her every 5 minutes.she stared out her window looking down at the winding road a black car suddenly came into view it pulled in at the gates of the manor
Opinion by PaulInDaHood posted over a year ago
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Hey Guys. Here is A list I came up with (Luna--Lovegood helped) of fun ways to annoy Bellatrix. Guaranteed to get you crucio-ed! Please comment and let me know what you think. Thank you to Luna--Lovegood for helping me write this, you are quite creative for a non-deatheater, Luna!

1. Impersonate the dark Lord and convince her that he’s really into peace with Muggles.

2. Whenever she cackles evilly, roll your eyes in an obvious way and grumble, “That’s getting sooooo old, Bella”

3. Next time she uses the Cruciatus Curse on someone, groan and say she has no imagination when it comes to torturing people

4. Suggest that the Dark Lord thinks that Snape is a more loyal Death Eater than she is

5. Offer to take her shopping so that she doesn’t have to wear her old Halloween costume anymore

6. Tell her how loudly and in great detail how much she reminds you of Tonks

7. Surreptitiously tell her that the Dark Lord has been “Seeing Someone”, than add in a whisper, “He’s got good taste!”
Article by BellaTheNutcase posted over a year ago
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Guys, I am really sorry.

I apologize for annoying, frustrating, offending, and insulting you guys, and i really mean it. I am DONE RP'ing as BellaTheNutcase.

I owe a really huge apology to everyone that i offended and angered.

I really shouldnt have insulted you all like that. I admit it all started as a joke, but I promise that I won't do it Anymore.

to the people I insulted, a am sorry, I only did it as a part of my character, but I admit i shouldnt have, and I realize that those rude, insulting, and offensive comments, were completely uncalled for.

I Admit that i made a huge mistake, commenting on your guyses appearance, personal hygiene, etc, and I really hope you will all accept My apology.

Also, I HUGE thing that i did was i pissed of everybody so badly that the original RP'ers have decided to leave. I disagree. I know that it is all my fault, and i believe that the original RP'ers should stay.