*ATTENTION!* This poem was a result of the latest episode of Ben 10: Alien Force, "In Charm's Way"
I DO believe that Gwen and Kevin's relationship will heal, but this is for where they're at right now. It can relate to boyfriends cheating on their girlfriends in general. Please don't take it the wrong way! I love Gwevin!

You used to be all she talked about,
now your all she cries about.
You used to be the one,
until you got lost
With your charming, cheating fun.
She would get anxious when you came around,
Now she can't even look at you.

She was so strong,
until you broke her down.

Your self-pity
Your unawareness of her feelings
Your carelessness
Your cluelessness
Your anger
Your cheating
The animal you've become
Has hurt her
Has damaged her
Has broken her
Has shut her down
Has killed her.

She's holding on by a string
She's still strong enough
To walk strong against the anguish rain.

The rain is the hurt
Its the tears
Its the stress and the pain
The scars and wounds
The sickness and the cold
That you showered upon her.
That you put her through.
That you made her suffer through,
because of your selfish pity.
Have you recovered from your blindness now?
i hate this homewrecking who**re