Zaw-Veenull, a Luoadan Ambassador asks Ben to deliver their Crown Prince, Tiffin, to Jarret in order to keep peace between the two species. Shortly after their trek begins in space, the Omnitrix malfunctions and turns Ben into an Appoplexian named Rath who wants to fight anything that breathes. The worst part is that Rath can't change back into Ben. Rath keeps picking a fight across the galaxy with anyone who crosses their paths and things don't look good as they approach the Pantaphage homeworld on a mission of peace. During their Trek the Team encounter's various villains they've faced in the past, (The Incursions, Vulkanus, The Vreedle Brothers, Argit). When they finally get there they discover that Tiffin is a meal for Jarret after which Ben jumps down his throat, rescues the Tiffin and threatens Jarret to never attack the Luoadans. After returning the Tiffin Kevin revealed that the Tiffin was the one who was causing the malfunction and the episode ends with Ben about to beat up Kevin as Rath.

NOTE: Ben uses a new alien called Rath; the title of the episode itself appears to be a play on words of the movie, "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".

This episode was very, very good. So let me start off with the one little thing I believed wasn’t so great. In the very beginning, it was obvious they were planning on going to the beach. They way Gwen was dressed was-well not wonderful. I see where they were going with that outfit, what they were trying to do with showing the teens traveling to the beach, but it just didn’t work. It wasn’t cute. Gwen just barely pulled off that look. Not only that, but after the team accepted the task and Kevin went on the ship, Gwen followed dressed as she was, carrying Tiffin. Later when they were in space, she was dressed as she normally was in her regular outfit. Ben was never dressed for the beach in the first place (he could have changed at the beach, but why wouldn’t he change at Kevin’s?) It could be possible that Gwen got off the ship to go change before they left, but if that did happen it wasn’t shown in the episode. Gwen was pretty much P.O.ed the entire episode due to the fact that her plans were cancelled, as she predicted.
VOICES: Zaw-Veenull has the same voice actor as Vilgax’s main minion in the ‘Vengeance of Vilgax’ episodes.
So Kevin was excited for the road trip because of the ship they were given (so cute) and Ben is showing he is still cocky as ever by bragging more and referring to himself in the third person. Azmuth won’t be happy with Ben when he has that attitude. While in the ship, Gwen states her curiosity of the ambassador. Even though she suspected something about the situation, she didn’t do anything about it and the problem wasn’t discovered and solved until the end.
Now on the flight to their destination, Ben spastically changes into Rath after the Omnitrix has been showing signs of a malfunction.
Rath is SUPER funny. He is one of the aliens in Alien Force that isn’t voiced by Dee Baker. His voice alone is funny because it’s so loud and angry-just listening to him talk can make someone laugh. His powers are enforced by feelings of rage and aggression. Not to mention he looks crazy similar to other tiger-like creatures such as Kellogg’s frosted flakes, Tony the tiger, and the tiger ninja in an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
Ben can’t control Rath so easily at first, and it made for a humorous moment when Gwen trapped him in an orb of energy and he used up all his air and passed out. Hilarious. Also funny when Kevin was teasing Rath but Rath couldn’t do anything about it because he was still trapped. We see another progression in Gwen’s powers at that time. Then Rath wants something to eat.
While at the Outer Space restaurant, the team runs into some old ‘friends.’ They first meet up with Argit. For some reason we will never know why, Kevin still calls Argit his friend. Him being there actually wasn’t a big problem because he didn’t do anything unstoppably dangerous. He was just there. SO funny how he sold his mom-and Kevin knew he got top dollar for her. So mean but so funny. When the Vreedle brothers arrive, we find out they are clones and only their clones died in the last episode ‘Busy Box.’ That is so ridiculous. Anyway, they are there for the Tiffin, but when Gwen refuses, they start fighting and the Vreedles get the rest of the aliens in the restaurant to join them.
***By the way, let me say that I am so happy for there being a variety of new aliens just in the restaurant scene. Finally the creators are paying attention to the smaller things that make a big difference. While I’m at it, I also want to mention the AMAZING graphics and attention to detail in this particular episode. In the first scene, the sky [clouds] in the background, ship appearing-so good. Then going into space, the stars which are such a simple thing were amazing to look at. They were layered, with the layers closest moving faster than the next layers in back. It was a great 3D effect. Later on, the black hole was extremely cool to watch. Very nice graphics and colors. The Incursion ship and the team’s ship were also extremely great when it came to the graphics. (Back tracking a bit) the very best graphics/effects throughout the entire episode, hands down, were of the restaurant. Did everyone see that? You have to pause during the two moments they show it. 3D up the ying-yang. Absolutely outstanding. MAJOR PROPS TO THE ANIMATORS!
So back to the story review part, Ben totally kicked butt while fighting the aliens. He didn’t even put down his food until it was destroyed. Kevin and Gwen once again play catch with Tiffin like when they played catch with the child alien’s toy in the episode called ‘Unearthed.’ Rath eventually gets rid of the Vreedle brothers and they are gone-for now.
Back in the ship, they continue towards Jarret. It’s not long before they get interrupted with more old enemies, the Incursions. The Incursions are against the peace war, but Rath isn’t about to let the Incursions stop them! Another hilarious little scene by Rath. He jumps on the Incursion ship, beats everyone up, and comes back to Gwen and Kevin saying ‘they said we could go.’ That didn’t really happen, and Kevin tries to escape the Incursion firing but gets the team too close to a black hole. Thankfully, he escapes it.
Through the episode, we see Rath having a small, cute little relationship with Tiffin-it must be his weakness! So adorable…and he tries to hide the affection from Gwen and Kevin.
Now to help the engine that Kevin broke, they stop at a planet full of the rare alien crystal, tadenite. Ben’s rage was so bad, he was mad at Kevin for reasons he didn’t know why, until Gwen explains that it was because Volkanus shows up when there is the rare alien crystal involved. Sure enough, Volkanus is there.
They’re just meeting every enemy in this episode.
VOICES: Rath and Volkanus share the same voice actor. It was akward having them in the same scene talking to each other.
Rath now threatens Volkanus (shocker) …spank his butt because he’s a baby? More laughs.
During the fight scene with Volkanus and his minions, Kevin doesn’t fully turn his arm into the spikey ball-it’s like halfway there and that’s the first time we see it like that. The dream Kevin said he had? About being where everyone wants to kill you? So right. That’s the perfect description of this episode.
Side note: No Gwevin in this episode! I thought there would be more. That Gwen and Kevin would have to figure out how to help Ben together, but no. No Gwevin.
When they get back on the ship after beating Volkanus, Cicely appears in hologram form asking the team to not give the Tiffin to Jarret. We know there is a definite problem now, that was suspected earlier. They give Tiffin up anyway, to find out the freaking devil dude just eats it. (Hilarious though when they are all in shock and Kevin passes out.) Rath get super pissed and goes down the devil looking alien’s throat to save Tiffin. Afterwards, Jarret threatens war, and Rath sets him straight saying he’ll “knit his intestines into a sweater.” Laughing. So. Hard. Now Zaw-Veenull and Tiffin’s mother arrive to the planet just in time, and they take Tiffin home. When they leave, Ben turns back to himself and Kevin lets it slip that he knew the whole time about Rath being the result of Tiffin. (I don’t know why Ben would be mad at Kevin for knowing that-even if he told Ben and Gwen, they couldn’t have done anything about it. They couldn’t have gotten rid of the Tiffin. I guess it just makes for a funny ending though.) Ben then turns back into Rath again…
Rath: “Let me tell you something Kevin E. Levin!”
Kevin: “Please don’t.”