This episode started off very nice because the first thing seen on the screen is a building with an incredibly detailed 3D wooden door. Going inside the building, there is a shadow figure which turns out to be Gwen. She is wearing her old Lucky Girl outfit from the original series! I questioned why she would need a disguise to steal a book, but it must have been for a few reasons. One, so if anyone like Hex caught her, they wouldn’t know it was Gwen; they would just see the hero Lucky Girl. Two, just because the creators wanted to show more of the old series. Or three, Gwen’s superhero use of magic was mainly when she was Lucky Girl.
Before the next scene is shown, (and after the theme song) Hex and Charmcaster are introduced. I wonder how many fans are happy to see Charmcaster again after ‘In Charm’s Way?’
Back at Gwen’s house, Gwen, Ben, and Kevin all meet up, with Ben and Kevin wanting to watch the football game. Male bonding-so cute. Gwen is dressed in a long beige trench coat and some-what over sized glasses. Another disguise hiding her first disguise. She looked smart, and she was able to pull the look off, but it may have been a bit too much for some viewers. If you really think about it though, being exaggerated with outfits/costumes is easier for the children who watch this show to identify and understand what’s going on. When they all go inside, it’s so super hilarious and adorable as anything when Ben talks all funny.”Aw golly Kev, that’s just crazy talk. Gwen thinks you’re swell!” I cannot get over Ben-he is too cute. That, in my opinion, was THE cutest and funniest thing he has ever said ever so far. After that though, it’s so sad how Kevin thinks Gwen doesn’t like him anymore! He thought she was pretending at one point and he is just blind to her love. She ignored them right then because she liked Kevin so much and she was helping him and he didn’t even know!
Next Gwen is in her bedroom about to perform the spell, but Paradox comes. It’s obvious that when he comes there is some sort of time scenario about to happen. It’s now Gwen’s turn to be blind. Despite everything Paradox tells her, she didn’t listen to him. She is usually a smart girl, but for this situation, she doesn’t think. Her plan makes sense, but she is told by a time traveler the contrary. She is so blind to her senses though; it’s obvious she cares too much about Kevin to listen to Paradox and do the right thing. Even him explaining everything to her and especially telling her no, tears began welling up in her eyes. She thought this would be the only solution, but as Paradox said and what the title says, only time will heal the situation with Kevin.
Gwen goes through with it anyway, and the blue portal looked very cool with the graphics they used. When she does meet up with herself, what was it that she said to her past self to prove her, the future Gwen was really her? It was something gross, and when the future Gwen walked over to tell her, she was looking at Kevin. Maybe it was something about him... O_o
When Gwen comes back to the present, everything looks dead. The sky is red and there is destruction everywhere. Hex’s voice is heard over an intercom, and Charmcaster’s rock monsters are rampaging through the town. Gwen fights some of the monsters off, and runs through the town looking for Ben and Kevin. She eventually is found by Paradox, who tells her the story of why the accident was supposed to happen. Kevin would have been too weak, which we could see make sense because he’s a better fighter in season three than in seasons one and two. We then see Kevin as a stone monster controlled be Charmcatser; she’s too terrible doing something so crude like that. Paradox continues to tell Gwen what happened after she prevented the accident, and it’s so shocking. Gwen died! That is weird to think about. What was weirder and more incredibly unbelievable, was that Hex and Charmcaster captured Ben! They had defeated the undefeated. That I just think could never happen no matter what.
Gwen leaves to save the world now, and ends up getting into a small battle with Charmcaster. Gwen REALLY gives it to Charmcaster. It’s revealed that Charmcaster had killed Gwen and that royally ticked off Gwen. Gwen knocks her out and goes in the library. Hex doesn’t want to give her back the spell book, and then Charmcaster returns and goes on rambling. Gwen then kicks Charmcaster when she was talking which was hilarious and it showed that Gwen will never take her crap.
Then just when we thought Charmcaster couldn’t get any lower, she gets Kevin to fight Gwen. There was a moment where Kevin stopped fighting due to Gwen’s plea, and in that second it’s shown that he still cares, but cannot break the spell. Gwen does a smart thing and just escapes through the floor. Her powers are excellent and better in this episode. She is obviously stronger. That might be because of her rage, but she is strong anyway.
At the lowest floor of the building, Ben is chained to the wall, still in his Spider-monkey form. It’s so sad seeing him that way; so helpless. They fight rock monsters and Kevin, and then Hex comes. It’s revealed that Ben saw Gwen get killed, and he said he won’t let it happen again. Gwen tells Ben that he needs to hold them off so she can do a spell, and this is where the most depressing moment of Ben 10 happens. Ben looks up at Gwen and asks if that is what will fix everything and make everything all better. It was like a small child begging their parent in a painful situation, if everything was going to get better. You could see the look on Ben’s face when he looked at her and said that. He looked so innocent and vulnerable and like he just wanted all the pain and suffering to stop. Gwen cried again.
Gwen goes back to the accident, and there are then three Gwens there; past and two futures. The farthest future Gwen fixes everything, and lets the accident happen the way it was meant to be. She learned.
Back in normal time at the end of the episode, the world is okay again. Ben comes through Gwen’s door and it’s good to see him. Then Kevin appears and offers smoothies. *Gwevin!* Gwen randomly hugs Kevin, but didn’t know why. It was really nice to see him, but especially nice to see him mutated. They head out to the car when Paradox shows up for a final visit. He then leaves saying everything is fine.
I know a fan who was disappointed with this episode because of the plot holes. She says this, "...If you recall, in season 1, Gwen still believes she has magic powers. Kevin tells her it's because of her alien heritage, which turns out it actually is. That's all well and good but then her father says, in a later episode, that there is actually no such thing as magic. Then what would you call the powers she had in the original series? Was that alien powers too? Quite frequently Gwen uses magic in the episode as well as casting a few. If magic isn't supposed to exist, then why? Why does she continue to use it?...”
I answered her, and she said that I make a good point, but you can answer her questions yourself. Do you think there are plot holes? What makes sense to you?