Okay so this episode was absolutely amazing because there was so much success! There were quite a few things that the fans have wanted for a while that the creators and McDuffie finally gave the fans in this episode! This was it. This was the end. Let’s see how they did with closing off Alien Force…
Albedo is back for the finale! He said he would be way-back-when in “Good Copy, Bad Copy” and he is first seen stealing the Ultimatrix from Azmuth. People could have mistaken Albedo for Ben, but Ben would never do such a thing. Later when Albedo was looking through the Ultimatrix he had just completed, his arms looked too little. The shot from that angle didn’t work, so that’s about five points off for animation. Now, Vilgax comes to offer Albedo an alliance. Since Albedo has something Vilgax wants, he tricks Albedo into teaming up with him, convincing Albedo that he just wants Ben dead.
Okay so now on to the theme song. Yes, yes, I know that it was the same and the theme song is in every episode and stuff but I was crying so hard during it. I kept saying, “It’s over! This is the last time the theme will be used!” I was legit crying. Tears pouring down my face like family died or something. Does everyone realize that Alien Force is over?!
After the depressing theme song, the show goes on to Gwen and Kevin in a ship that belongs to an old enemy, Kraab. While attacking, Kevin doesn’t watch out for the pincers and Kraab releases a gas from his pincer that seems poisonous. Gwen uses a spell to clear it. They get Ben and he does the cutest thing. He runs like attacking Kraab, which just seemed dumb (and funny) but it was actually really smart because he got close enough to steal the keys to unlock the cuff trapping the Omnitrix.
Later on I thought it was pretty funny when Kevin took control of Kraab’s ship, but they were headed towards an asteroid belt.
Kevin: “I did not know that.”
Ben says that he can’t wait to get his license-which I am SO on the same page as him. I just want to say that I am getting my permit next week! That was off topic.
Anyway, Gwen uses a huge energy shield to protect the ship which shows just how powerful she is. She has been getting stronger and stronger every episode and this adds to it.
Ben on the other hand, is being extremely over-confident. He tried to do everything himself, and he was really sad and disappointed when he thought that he didn’t save Kraab. Gwen and Kevin saved the villain though, and hopefully Ben learned a lesson.
Later when they are on Earth, Kevin drops Gwen off at Julie’s house. When Gwen tells Kevin that he should try doing homework, the look on Kevin’s face confirmed a question I have been wondering about for a long time. Does Kevin go to school? No. When you think about it, he was living on the streets when he was 11 years old. I think he has been out of school for a long time. He probably finished elementary school, but got no farther. I guess it doesn’t matter really since he is making a very good living for himself selling alien technology.
Surprisingly, Kevin goes to hang out with Ben.
Now here is what I believe to be the biggest deal of the episode. When Ben is talking about Sumo Slammers, he is actually talking about Ben 10. This is very important. Ben says that it wasn’t the classic series. He said it was Sumo Slammers: Hero Generation. Hero Generation was what they were going to call Alien Force. He said that Hero Generation is a sequal to the original show but they kinda messed it up. He describes the situation in Alien Force; where it’s five years later and the bad guy teams up with the good guy and that it’s not very realistic.
I’m sure fans understood all those connections, but what Ben says next is complete foreshadowing.
“Anyway, there’s only five more of these until they cycle back to the original show.”
That’s what fans wanted. When Alien Force came out, fans asked for the original series back. They demanded it. So, the creators made Alien Force more like the original Ben 10 by giving Gwen magic, mutating Kevin, making the Omnitrix malfunction, and giving Ben back his old cocky personality.
Maybe that wasn’t enough.
Kevin leaves Ben’s house claiming that he is surrounded by nerds. (That was funny and a bit true.) While on the road, Albedo attacks him. When they fought, I was thinking that Kevin with the oversized arms was a little unrealistic and a bit stupid. Kevin’s car gets totaled and Albedo brings the teen to the cave where Vilgax and he are plotting. Vilgax tells us that the plan is to take away Bens support; his friends. They will attack him and defeat him and Vilgax again tells Albedo that he doesn’t need the Omnitrix. Albedo is dumb enough to believe him.
Because Kevin was abducted, he obviously didn’t pick Gwen up. She got very mad until she found Kevin’s car surrounded by police while walking home. She referred to it as ‘her boyfriend’s car’ which was the first time she openly said Kevin was her boyfriend…I think. What I found wrong was that the policeman said it was a ‘crime scene’. I don’t think that was really a necessary term; I think it is a crash site, but there was no known “crime” that went on.
Next, Albedo gets Gwen. She uses magic again in their small fight. She waited too long to escape Swampfire’s vines, and when she used what seemed to be an energy boomerang, it looked fake. The energy boomerang wasn’t shaped like a boomerang, and when it came back to cut the vines it just looked phony. When he catches her because she passed out from the gas, it looked pretty sexual.
After that, Albedo tries to capture Max, but Max is too good. He hammers Albedo with a frying pan, and escapes to Ben’s house. While in Ben’s bedroom, they get a message through Ben’s T.V. telling Ben he has got Gwen and Kevin and he sent his coordinates to Ben’s Omnitrix. Ben doesn’t listen to Max’s plan, and he finds Albedo in the cave. They fight and Albedo shows Ben the Ultimatrix. Ultimate Humongosaur looks like a turtle. His hands can be guns? That is fake and lame.
Ben knows how to work the Omnitrix and he gives it to Vilgax. That is like, amazing. How does he know how to get it off and all that? Anyway, he does and Vilgax enjoys an evil laugh and is SO happy.
Part II
In the second half, Max shows up and Gwen and Kevin are released. Max brings Gwen her old spell book and she does a transport spell that teleports them away from the scene. Vilgax betrays Albedo and keeps the Omnitrix, (duh) and makes his army Humongosaur. The army attack Albedo (saying “Humongosaur” way too many times) and Albedo is defeated.
Meanwhile, the team is in the Rustbucket watching from Plumber spy cubes.
Ben is depressed and ashamed now. He is beating himself up about what he just did, and this is an introduction to a very dark and cold scene. The most depressing scene yet. Ben runs away into the forest. He gives up. Thank goodness Max was there to keep Gwen and Kevin in line. It’s really sweet too when Kevin apologizes to Gwen, because he has been all about himself lately.
In the forest, the lightning strikes at perfect moments. When it strikes, Ben doesn’t even look like Ben. Gwen shows up to give him his jacket, but he throws it while saying it belongs to a hero. Lightning strikes when it lands. She makes good points when trying to make him feel better and prove that he is a hero. She says the Omnitrix was broken or out of power a lot of times, but Ben still saved the day. Their voices in the dome echoed- I was happy about that technical detail the creators payed attention to. The next thing said was a little funny:
Gwen: “It’s not the tool. It’s the man.”
Ben: “When you‘re talking about the most powerful weapon in the Universe, it’s the tool.”
Even though that was serious, it was a little funny. It lightened the mood just a tad.
Gwen leaves. Ben then walks past his jacket, going deeper into the forest, but in a small clearing. He cries out for help from Azmuth; like a suffering person cries out to an unmerciful god.
He gets off the ground and turns to see Azmuth there on a tree branch.
Azmuth tells Ben the story of how the Omnitrix went to him by mistake. Ben had the seeds of greatness though. Azmuth said that he saw Ben grow and use the Omnitrix in ways that it didn’t even occur to him. After an emotional shpeal, they seemed to have come to a solution. Azmuth says what lovely weather we have on this world.
*Next time it rains, go outside. Enjoy it. Breathe. Take a walk or something.*
Back at the Rustbucket, we find out the Plumbers won’t be back for a week, so they can’t help. Ben shows up then-wearing his jacket. He says he has a plan.
The scene switches to Vilgax’s ship and we find out that it will soon be Kevin’s birthday! He will be 18 in roughly a year! He denies he is juvenile (which means young) but he doesn’t deny being a delinquent. Vilgax then shows off his bioid army to the team and Max. Just then, Ben engages the Omnitrix into self-destruct mode. It would have blown up the Universe ONLY if the change was built up for a few days, but thirty seconds would just be a small explosion. Vilgax thinks Ben is bluffing. It finally does explode, and Kevin is in pain. It becomes clear that Kevin will change back to normal because the Omnitrix is gone.
THEN IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS! Kevin really does turn back to how he was before the accident! He is in nothing but underwear. That is a really nice look for him. Gwen looks at him with lustful eyes. It is so obvious she is turned on. Her luscious man is back! You know what she’s thinking.
Like the fans weren’t already overjoyed and at a loss for words, something even bigger happens. What we have been waiting for for almost two years now. What we thought would NEVER happen.
Gwen kissed Kevin. On the lips.
I’m pretty sure I heard shrieks from millions of Gwevin fans from around the world. We have to be careful! If we keep freaking out, our fan-ness might cause another earthquake in Haiti! So calm yourselves!
Of course the angle sucked, so we couldn’t really see the kiss.
Mr. McDuffie, if you are reading this…don’t think you are getting away with giving us just that kiss.
Gwen: “Victory kiss.”
Did everyone see Kevin’s face after the kiss? He was like a dorky little kid! It was so cute! I thought Kevin was a lothario, but he has a sweet spot for Gwen. It was funny that Ben said it was a nice little moment until they did that.
Then Vilgax interrupts, but Kevin stop him from punching Ben and announces that he has his old powers back! I wish they would give him his energy absorption power back too.
Vilgax sets the ship to crash into Bellwood. They won’t let that happen though, and they all start fighting Vilgax. Ben gets the Ultimatrix from Albedo and almost forgets to abort the self-destruct. That would have been fun. Kevin and Ben continue to fight Vilgax while Gwen and Max head for the control room.
Then, for the first time, we see Ben transform Swampfire to his ultimate form! Swampfire looks super different. They end up ditching into the ocean. Which is Vilgax’s element. No wonder he looks like a squid/octopus-all those nicknames are proven correct. Vilgax becomes his true form which is really a huge octopus. He swallows Ben.
Gwen, Kevin, and Max are floating at the top of the ocean, but Ben is still under the water somewhere. Vilgax’s ship explodes and it seems like Ben is gone, but Jetray emerges from the ocean. He goes to the team. Max and Ben hug, followed by Gwen, and then…Kevin? He finally joins in on the group/family hug! For the first time!
They said that Vilgax could come back, but if he ever does, it’s hero time. The last thing seen is the ocean with the team floating and a monstrous cloud of smoke, thus ending the series.(I do think that they should have shown a close up of Ben when he said the last line and then zoomed out though.)
Wow. I never thought I would say, ‘end the series.’ At the beginning of the finale I was crying, and by the end I was seething with joy. I am sad that Alien Force is over, but Ben 10 altogether is not! Hopefully the new series will be just as good. Ben 10 forever!