Alright! It’s been a few weeks, (hahaha) but Ben 10 is back again and now famous on Earth! I must say, that I am really excited about Ultimate Alien. It seems that this series is going to be a lot more humorous and a little more lighthearted than Alien Force was, which might be what us fans wanted/need. Everything Ben 10 is now new and fresh, and it is almost like the journey is beginning all over again. I don’t exactly want to summarize so much in this review, so make sure you watched the episode so you don’t get lost. =)
To start off, it’s what I cried about last time! The brand new theme to the show. It’s not as awesome as Alien Force’s theme because there is not much to it, but I don’t really blame the creators. It’s hard to follow up a theme after Alien Force’s had been so amazing, and it is hard to make one in the first place so I get it. It isn’t that important anyway-it’s good enough. One also wouldn’t want a long theme to take away time from the show, especially with people these days on instant gratification.
So the news report that begins the new series makes Ben look really bad. Then, to make himself look even worse, Ben decides to TURN INTO A GIANT TERRIFYING ALIEN to get rid of some paparazzi. Ben is absolutely demented. He had just seen the news broadcast, then he doesn’t have the brains to maybe try to make himself look not evil…the paparazzo aren’t even the biggest deal. What do you think Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have to go through with dealing with the paparazzi? Ben should get some advice from them. A roaring Humongasour. Way to redeem yourself there. Also, when Kevin suggested that Ben should have gone Ultimate, Ben said he didn’t want to scare himself. Someday he will need Ultimate Humongasour, so he should get used to it.
The news broadcaster said that Ben was 16! It is now completely official of how old Ben is. Gwen too, since they share the same birthday. That picture of Ben they kept using was really cute though. Holy wow I agreed with Julie.
Ben is driving his car from Alien Swarm! Isn’t that cool? Then on the highway, Ben and Julie stop and talk with Kevin and Gwen. Isn’t that cool too? Driving, then stopping and chatting with your friends that are driving...they talked a little about how they were only friends with Kevin because he could drive. Ben I think joked and said yeah, but we all know that Gwen didn’t care if Kevin could drive or not.
So Kevin said he was working and found the dude who told all about Ben, and the approach to this person was so over serious. It turned out to be a kid. Kevin was majorly pissed about Ben’s secret getting out-why was Kevin so mad and defensive? Aw he must really care about Ben’s feelings and stuff…as friends. Just good friends.
So I really couldn’t believe how Kevin was treating this little boy! He was totally yelling at him and making him feel bad and then he grabbed the poor boy, picking him up by his shirt-like calm down! What up?! He made the boy cry! Then when the boy was crying, he made him feel worse. Stop being mean Kevin! That went too far.
Okay so about this kid-he is damn smart. He connected all the dots, recognized symbols, did research, and got video footage and pictures…wow. Yeah I’m seeing a mini Cooper. Who knew it would be a child that figured out, on his own, about Ben. He is Ben’s number one fan…in the show anyway.
So they discover an alien in Orlando Florida from the boy, which they will pursue in the episode. Kevin says they should take the new Rustbucket. New Rustbucket?! It turns out to be more of an incredibly epic ship. It’s funny when Gwen says something important and Ben is of course himself:
Ben: “BORING. Make it go!”
It is also funny when they find out about the stolen technology and Kevin thinks it’s good because the tech here is so lame he is embarrassed to tell his friends he is from here. That makes me question; who are his other friends?
Soon when Earth forces start firing at the team, Ben’s image worsens. All Kevin cares about is the paint job, Ben cares about saving the pilot, but then fires at the U.S. planes, hence, making himself look evil. He needs to start thinking. Like what are you doing? He is creating a terrible name for himself-hopefully he will learn soon. He ended up saving the guy, but was taken to jail and/or prison where he ends up making a funny comment about getting a phone call. He is then bailed out by Gwen and Kevin because they showed their Plumber’s badges to the official or chief or whoever he is. The NASA guy. It turns out that NASA has an alien problem that was right up Ben’s alley.
When the break in happened with the new alien, I didn’t really understand why the Ultimatrix was being stupid. It was working before, but it surprisingly is because that new alien wasn’t in the Ultimatrix. That was very incredibly shocking. It was yellow (which means it’s in a type of absorb mode) but I totally had a brain blank and was like, ‘Wha…’
Oh my goodness! The best part of the episode, hero wise, was when it was revealed that Kevin could still transform his arms/hands! He is more powerful that way, but he can still change back to human! That’s exactly what I wanted when he was mutated in “Vengeance of Vilgax” and now it is like that! I’m happy.
A little while later, they go underwater. Gwen is getting stronger with her powers; she can go underwater with her energy bubble and control it very well. They find the alien and Ben says that it is doing the same thing Kevin always does-fixing his ride. Very funny and true Ben.
In the fight, Ben turns into Spidermonkey, and then goes ultimate. So that transformation was basically from Spidermonkey, to an oversized gorilla with pathetic little spider legs. Anyway, when Ben turns back to human, he needs to turn back to the original un-evolved form of his alien before he can turn human.
Note: A lot of people were saying that when Ben turned back, his eyes glowed purple and that had something to do with Verdona, his grandma from “What are little girls made of.” What I’m thinking is: “Um sure.” But besides that, it is true that Verdona will be coming back; her voice actor said on Twitter that she was working with Ben 10, and Dwayne is writing up the storyboard to include Verdona.
Back to the episode; the team finds out information from the alien. The alien and some other aliens of its race crashed on Earth and were separated. At this point, it’s obvious that we will see more of these aliens in upcoming episodes. Ben promises to get the alien and his friends to their home planet and he said he would send Plumber’s right away.
Later on, Ben fears going into his high school. This reminds us he is still a normal teenager that has to deal with humiliation at school. He thinks that everyone will hate him, but Julie is there to make him feel better. It is hilarious when she simply kisses him on the cheek and he tightens his hand on the strap of his book bag. Like he has never been kissed before! Oh…they have kissed, right? I hope so. That would be pitiful if they haven’t. So walking through the hallway, everyone is staring at Ben and everything is silent. Then two people stop in the hall and Ben stop and looks at them- who are they? At first, one could only see from their knees down (which I called it; that they were Cash and J.T. at this moment) and then it showed their faces (and I was like ‘Oh! What! I called it!’) and then J.T. started a slow clap. Made. My. Day. A dramatic slow clap like in those old corny movies?! Wow. Yeah. Made my day.
*Clap…*Clap*…Clap* …
And then everyone else starts clapping! That was the best part of this episode.
On a darker note, the scene goes back to the cave where the alien is still tied up waiting for the Plumbers. He thinks it is the Plumbers when he hears footsteps, but it turns out to be this new evil guy. The evil guy ends up killing what is now found out to be a Bivalvan. We are completely, set-in-stone going to see this villain again. I think he is the new Vilgax. Way to end the premiere of the new series; a murder! Can’t go wrong.
Well that is all for my review on this wonderful new series from my beloved old one. I noticed that it is still rated the same as Alien Force was, so I don’t know how far relationships will go romantically. This is off to a good start. I will also be posting this review on the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien fan club. I’m slowly transitioning my reviews to that club, since they should be there. Join it if you haven’t!