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This episode was one that I don’t believe had much significance or importance. It was fun, and there were things accomplished like Gwen getting her license, but I think it was mainly just to fill in. I’m not saying that it was bad, because it wasn’t; it just wasn’t a huge deal.
So Serpent came back in this episode. I really think this guy is pathetic; one of the worst villains I’ve seen in a while. Even though he fought well against Kevin and Gwen in his first appearance, I don’t think he is of much threat to Ben. During the fight Ben said how he was a deputized agent of the Plumber’s, which I think was good because he made his Plumber position clear to the viewing audience. We knew they were official back in Darkstar Rising, but Ben actually saying it emphasized the official-ness.
So, four Arms looked different. He was in different attire that looked similar to those aliens that are heroes on other planets-they were in the original Ben 10. I don’t know their names but his outfit looked like theirs. This is bothering me…the guy that Vilgax defeated at the beginning of Vengeance of Vilgax?
Next, the Italian guy comes and offers Ben a video game! I love Italians so I was happy to see that guy. But to find out later that it was just a disguise? I was appalled.
The next scene was what many MANY fans have been waiting for. Gwen was driving! In Kevin’s car! He let her drive his car! He was teaching her to drive! I read fanfics about this, but I never knew it would actually happen! Kevin is SO whipped for Gwen. SO incredibly whipped. Do you remember in Ben 10 Returns part 1 where Kevin says, “Nobody drives the car but me.” Well, Gwen drove his car! Because he is so whipped! He will do anything for her because she has his balls in a harness. THEN, the argument they had after! Loved it. That whole scene was amazing.
Kevin: “You have to treat a car like you treat a woman.”
Gwen: “Go on.”
And they were both oblivious to Ben’s video game news.
At the warehouse/building where the “video game” was to be partially made, there were feelings about the Italian video game guy not being so legit. For example, when he said that he just wanted Ben’s really big powerful transformations, there was suspicion. Another example (and a creepy one at that) is when one of the sensory balls on Ben’s suit fell off. I was shocked and disgusted when Ben said, “One of my balls fell off.” I can’t add more comments to that.
We saw Nanomech again! The elements of Alien Swarm are slowly joining the show. Will we be seeing Elena anytime? Nanomech’s voice is so adorable! After Ben and Kevin leave, it’s revealed that the newscaster who hates Ben was just finding out Ben’s fighting moves.
Gwen was driving again! This time it was with Ben in his car. I think it was weird that Gwen was asking Ben questions, like if she should downshift, when she was going to take her driving test that same day (or day after.) She did pretty good when escaping the robot though.
On the car, Ben got Swampfire instead of what he wanted. Faulty Ultimatrix?
After watching the news cast, Gwen goes to take her road test! She is a role model for me-I have my permit and my road test is in September! Off topic personal information-sorry. Unfortunately for Gwen, the Ro-bot interrupted her test. The old teacher guy is funny enough, but when he gets all scared and wants to go back to motor vehicle, it’s even funnier.
Ben tries a lot of different aliens, but he doesn’t catch on quick enough in realizing that the Ro-bot knows all his powers. Is there a lack of power in the Ultimatrix? I don’t understand how similar it is to the Omnitrix. Lodestar’s head is cool though-how his body follows it even though it doesn’t look attached. I was thinking that Gwen could defeat the Ro-bot because it doesn’t really know her powers.
Kevin is really immature; as we all know. Throughout the episode he had been shooting spit balls through a straw, and when Gwen takes the straw from Kevin I think it furthers the fact that he is whipped. Him doing that is also foreshadowing for later in the show to help defeat the newsman’s robot.
When they are at the scene ready to fight, what was with the fireworks when the newscaster’s Ro-bot landed?
I think this next part was funny:
News Guy: “Any last words?”
Ben: “None that I’m allowed to say on television.”
Really Ben? What do you say when we aren’t listening? I liked the fight between them, although the only problem I saw was that Ben never went ultimate though it would have been a good decision for the situation.
When the people saw the ratings were high, I was shocked when the news reporter said that everyone loves to watch Ben 10. I didn’t think he would be the one saying that. But maybe that means that Ben will have his own specials on T.V. or his own show in the show.
Eventually, Ben finds out that the guy took his moves. He was slow on getting that. He needed to transform to something he never showed the guy before. The whole time I was like, ‘Ummm Ultimate?!’ He didn’t, but I was equally happy with Nanomech! Kevin had to spit Ben through a straw-there is the foreshadowing. Again, I love Nanomech’s voice.
Later when watching the broadcast, I can’t believe that Kevin thought destroying the guy’s car was bad.
Kevin: “Dude, his car?”
Then we find out that Gwen has passed her test and got her license! She wants to drive and Kevin almost didn’t let her, but then again, he is whipped. He hands her the keys (it’s like giving her his manly hood) and Ben calls shotgun.