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Article by alienizer11126 posted over a year ago
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It started when an alien device did what it did
And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid
Now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kid
He's Ben 10.

So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise,
He'll turn into an alien before your very eyes
He's slimy, freaky, fast and strong, he's every shape and size
He's Ben 10

Armed with powers, he's on the case
Fighting off evil from Earth or space
He'll never stop till he makes them pay
'Cause he's the baddest kid to ever save the day
Ben 10
BEN 10

Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted over a year ago
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Episode 5

*The Orphanage*

Young Wolfe: *Sweeping*

Young Lucy: *Watching Young Wolfe* So...what other aliens do you turn into?

Young Wolfe: Well...a lot...of things...

Young Lucy: Can you show me a few more?

Young Wolfe: Sure! *Changes to Frankenstrike*

Young Lucy: That one is cool!

Frankenstrike Wolfe: *Changes to Diamondhead*

Young Lucy: *Touches Diamondhead Wolfe* Oh wow...your made of diamonds...

Diamondhead Wolfe: Do you like it?

Young Lucy: *Nods*

Diamondhead Wolfe: *Changes to Ditto*

Wolfe Ditto: Ta-dah!

Young Lucy: *Hugs Wolfe Ditto* Your so much cutter now...

Wolfe Ditto: *Hugs back and blushes*

Young Lucy: Wolfe...how long will you be here?

Wolfe Ditto: Well...I have to leave in a few days.

Young Lucy: Well...does that mean we could spend the rest of our time together?
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted over a year ago
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Episode 4

*Highway 44, West Virgina*

Sophie: Can I ask you something Wolfe?

Wolfe: Ask away, Sophie.

Sophie: Do you mind telling stories about your youth?

Wolfe: Not at all.

Sophie: Can you tell me?

Wolfe: Sure! This is my favorite one. It started in a orphanage I was volunteering in Japan, I was 11 at the time...

*Japanese Orphanage, 9 years ago*

Young Wolfe: *Cleaning up around the orphanage* This is tough...*Sees a group of kids beating up a girl with pink hair and cat ear like horns*

Young Lucy: *Trying not to cry*

Young Wolfe: *Yelling at the kids* Leave this girl alone!

Kids: *Run off*

Tomoo: *Flips Young Wolfe off* Ha Ha!

Young Wolfe: Hey!

Young Lucy: *Looks up at Young Wolfe*

Young Wolfe: *Helps Young Lucy up* Are you alright?

Young Lucy: *Cries and hugs Young Wolfe*
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted over a year ago
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Episode 3

*Darkmech Planet*

Ace Killer: I shall kill Wolfe myself, Lord Beatstar.

Beatstar: Oh? And what makes me think that you will be successful?

Ace Killer: I shall provide backup to myself *Shows new drones*

Beatstar: Excellent, Ace Killer. You will make it far in this business.

Ace Killer: And may I ask for one more thing?

Beatstar: Yes, you may.

Ace Killer: I want that D-Staff weapon you mass produced...I want to test it.

Beatstar: Oh?

Ace Killer: Yes.

Beatstar: Fine...*Hands the D-Staff to Ace Killer*

*Earth, West Virgina*

Sophie: *Drinking a breakfast smoothie* Yum!

Wolfe: *Drinks his tea*

Sophie: What are you drinking Wolfe?

Wolfe: My morning tea.

Sophie: What's tea?

Wolfe: A warm, relaxing drink.

Sophie: *Senses something*

Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted over a year ago
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Episode 2


Wolfe: *Driving with Sophie*

Sophie: I wanted to ask you something...

Wolfe: Yes Sophie? *Looks at her*

Sophie: I wanted to ask you if...

*There is a fire in the city of Baltimore*

Wolfe: Hold on a sec...*drives to it* We have to attend to this.

Sophie: *Sighs*

*Darkmech Planet*

Alien Beat: Did you send Pryo to destroy that city?

King Joe: Of course I did, your majesty.

Alien Beat: *Smiles* You always impress me, King Joe.

*Baltimore, Maryland*

Pyro: *Half fire, half mushroom, setting things on fire*

Wolfe: *Watching, waiting* Sophie, stay right here.

Sophie: *Smiles* Okay.

Wolfe: *Turns into Water Hazard* Water Hazard! *Fires water at Pyro*

Pyro: GAH! *Fires at Wolfe Water Hazard*

Wolfe Water Hazard: *Jumps and shoots water more water at Pyro* Eat this!
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted over a year ago
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Episode 1

*Darkmech Planet*

Beatstar: Why haven't you brought me mutants to work one?

King Joe: Well...I...

Beatstar: *Pounds Desk* WELL???!!!

King Joe: Fine! I shall get some!

Beaststar: Excellent...I shall be able to do more experiments...

*Dark Circus, New York*

Announcer: It is now time for our main act! She's ugly, she's scary, and she's the Slime Girl!

Slime Girl: *Is made of green slime, with blue eyes*

Announcer: *Whips the slime girl*

Slime Girl: *Yips*

Announcer: Start moving! *Whips her more*

Slime Girl: But...you...

Crowd: BOO! *Start to throw things at the Slime Girl* Start moving! Start moving!

Slime Girl: *Being hit with all sorts of things*

Wolfe: *Walks in, wearing a ninja suit* Everyone get out! Now!

Crowd: *All get out*

Announcer: *Turns into a human sized Vicetopus and jumps at Wolfe*
Guide by BlondLionEzel posted over a year ago
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Name: Nick Wolfe

Omnitrix Type: Alpha 3

Aliens (by order of appearance):

Lock n' Key
Gatling Fun
Jolly Roger
Eye Guy
Ridley Riddles
Ball Weevil
Water Hazard
Echo Echo
Big Chill
Sir Vortex
Steel Eel
Rockz and Rollz
Ruby Blitz
Gale Scales
Kickin Hawk
Ball Weevil
Pesky Dust
Sand Box
Scissor Claws
Lobster Mobster
Trump Card
Flash Claw
Review by MOFOprincess posted over a year ago
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This is probably my last review of Ben 10. I feel like I need to do one more review for closure and memory's sake. There are so many things to say, I don't know where to start. But I guess I'll start with why I was inspired to write this final review.

I just watched the last 10 minutes of "The Ultimate Enemy." I woke up late and wasn't planning on watching it right away, but I'm sure the part of the episode before that point was basically just a lot of fighting and the team talking about what the they will do to stop Vilgax.

So, what really got me in this episode was memories. Memories of Ben 10: Alien Force; my old love/obsession. Did you guys see Ben go think? He had flash-backs to when him, Gwen, and Kevin first started the Alien Force. That flash-back, was MY LIFE for 4 years. It made me want to cry, and ultimately, made me need to write this.

I think everyone has learned that I don't watch Ben 10 anymore. Well, I have seen every episode, but since Ultimate Alien I think Ben 10 has gone down hill and I don't love it anymore. Since Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, my life has changed. I got new friends, best friends, so I didn't need Ben,...
Opinion by Silverlady7 posted over a year ago
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I´d like to ask you guys help for my petition against the changing of horary of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. It´s confirmed that Inspector # 13, the next episode, will be presented at Saturday morning (9:00, if I´m not wrong), instead of Friday 7:30. Back among the smaller kids cartoon.

But why that? Ben 10 has proofed itself to interest teenagers and adults. Many fans don´t wake up that early or have issues of they own at this horary. And those who post the new eps on Youtube for the less fortunate fans (like Brazilians and from other nationalities)might not be able to do that anymore.

If Cartoon Network wants Ben 10 cancelled for loosing audience, they´re going into the right way.
So, I´m doing this petition. Please help to our cause. It´s time for CN learn to respect the fans.

Guide by char97 posted over a year ago
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Ok, now lets start out at the the beginning. Ben Tennyson, an easy going, self righteous, "C" student, discovers a recently invented alien device while on vacation with his grandpa and cousin. It was designed to show what other sentient being have to go through in the universe by transforming the user into said species for ten minutes at a time, called "The Omnitrix". The Omnitrix was created by a small group of aliens, and since the rumors of the Omnitrix's creation a tyrant known as Vilgax has been hunting it for his own purposes, which is how it ended up on earth. Well anywho Ben eventually defeats Vilgax and locks him away in a alternate dimension for housing criminals known as the Null-void. Ben's cousin, Gwen and grandpa, Max also helped with Vilgax's defeat thanks to Gwen's new found magic abilities and Max being a retired "Plumber", an intergalactic police force. The truth of the matter is that Ben from "Ben 10" isn't the same Ben from "Ben 10: Alien Force" thanks to an inter-dimensional being known as Eon, later to be discovered is an evil incarnation of Ben, looks to gather all of the Bens from the infinite dimensions to form his own army to rule everything in existence,...
Opinion by rupsa posted over a year ago
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The Omnitrix is the mysterious watch-like alien device that allows the user to transform into various alien forms by combining the DNA of the selected alien with the user's own DNA, effectively turning them into the alien species the user has selected. The alien form is selected by unlocking the control dial, turning the control dial to the desired alien species which is displayed on the Omnitrix's display, then pressing the control dial back into place completing the transformation. The alien DNA also seems to contain some aspects of the original aliens' personality; when questioned how it felt to be an alien, Ben described it as follows: "It kinda freaked me out at first. It was like I was me...but it was also like I was somebody else." [2]

The Omnitrix was originally created by Azmuth (a Galvan like Greymatter) to allow the people of the universe a way to literally "walk in someone else's shoes". However, many beings saw the Omnitrix's abilities as something that could be used as a powerful weapon—most prominently the villain Vilgax who claims it to be the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. Fearing that people might misuse the Omnitrix for this very reason,...