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MeiMisty said …
Kakashi Hidden Legend: Lightning of the Frozen Sky (February 4th in Japan)
“The story revolves around Kakashi Hatake, who is melancholy despite his new position as the Sixth Hogake. In addition, an incident has occurred in the new peaceful, orderly ninja world. ”
(Who knows, maybe we can see his face, finally) Posted 3 months ago
MeiMisty said …
Shikamaru hiden (Will be released in March)
Shikamaru Hiden is hinted to feature a battle between Shikamaru and the “strongest genjutsu-user”. Little is known about who this genjutsu-user is. Hopefully they will show us how Shikamaru awkwardly deals with his love for Temari. Posted 3 months ago
MeiMisty said …
Akatsuki hiden (Will be released in April)
“Akatsuki Hiden is listed to reveal the "truth of the Akatsuki,” and features images of Deidara, Kisame, Kakuzu, and Hidan.“
This will probably tell us more about their past, since little is known about how they’ve gotten to be the sexy terrorists they are now. Posted 3 months ago