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Opinion by Ieva0311 posted over a year ago
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♥Happy bday hun♥
So this is ony for my amazing and just perfect Bff Beriwan her lovely 16th B-day gift

When I 1st time saw Beriwan and started to talk with this girl it was clear for me that we will be very close friends but I didn't imagine that she will be my bff. Well i didn't think that she could love me that much as me....Beriwan seriously has change my life here and real life...I really feel thank for her because everything what she done for me. She was with me everytime when I needed someone to talk to have fun and when I feel sad, then she always make me feel so loved and think that I stil have person who really care about me...

Beriwan you mean to me world...U r just best friend forever for me and u know that....I care, love and just feel soooo freaking happy when I talk with you....

Now some wishes for you my love:

[i]I’m so grateful for having a friend like you.
Friends are the reason of happiness for everybody. Thank you for being there for me, supporting me and giving me profusely every piece of yourself. Thank you for my happiness.
Article by Supergirl9374 posted over a year ago
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[i]Okay, so you know what's today? Today is Beriwan's Special Day..HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN BIRTHDAY BERIWAN! <3 Oh..I was so waiting for this day! Finally This Day Came..:')

I Still Remember that first day when i talked to Beriwan..She was so Kind & Sweet..We talked so Much..and we found that we have so much in common! Beriwan..I Really Love You..♥ Always Remember that :D Beriwan is an Real ANGEL to me <33 Awwww..I am so Happy that Today is her Sweet 16! <33

Beriwan always made me Smile..She's So Awesome! She never ever made me Sad..She always helped me..I am Glad to Have Her :')

Lots of happiness and joy galore,
You are my true friend I adore,
Colors of contentment I find in you,
People like you are really very few,
You are my true friend forever,
Happy birthday to you!

Again..Wish You A Very Very Special Sweet Sixteen Birthday Beriwan <3
Opinion by aNNalovechuck posted over a year ago
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Dear Beriwan , I totally love you , you are amazing , you are the best fanpoper in whole fanpop & you know it <33
All fanpop loves you :)
But espicially me & Ieva ...
We will never leave you
I ship your friendship so hard ....
I know that you never fight..you are soulmates..
But even though you will someday u wul be friends again <33
I want you to know that , I love you , in 4 days
I will go to a camp , far away from interent ofcourse...I wont sign in for a lil...so I wont
talk to you for a while , but I come back...
[ if I dont die or something ] hehe & then we will
say everything <33
I hope you dont forget me cause my friendship , means the world to me..
it will damn hurt tht I wont upload pics or play in your contests for so long..
Haha, your club is totally my fave :)
If I die through the camp , just remember that I love you...xoxo