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The fans pick: Yes, they will make a great couple
Yes, they will make a great...
I do not care
The fans pick: Yes they weren't ready for each other and Kelly was too immature for Brandon
Yes they weren't ready for...
No, they should've got...
The fans pick: Emily
The fans pick: Brenda and David
Brenda and David
Brandon and Donna
The fans pick: Andrea
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1 fan has answered this question
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joeymvegas said …
Hey fans.... Just wanted to let you know that I have original set dressing for sale from set of 90210 that was promo'd by the Stickley Furniture company to Spelling Television for the "Walsh Home." As the former facility manager (4 years) for Spelling I can attest to the authenticity of the furniture. Sooo.... If any of you hardcore fans would like to own a true piece (5 total) of 90210 history, check out my Las Vegas Craigslist ad titled; "Stickley Furniture from set of Beverly Hills 90210." Posted 8 months ago
Brylannie said …
There is a petition out for a Beverly Hills 90210 movie! If you weren't happy with what spinoff show did with Brenda, Kelly & Donna's lives or how the original show ended, please sign & spread it like a virus. Thanks Posted over a year ago
dermer4ever commented…
i would love that but these petitions hardly every work and don't even get me started on the debacle of the spin-off is over a year ago
JeffFisch said …
You can't beat the oringal show ... you just can't ... should have never made a new one! Posted over a year ago