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DanimalBr posted on Jan 08, 2009 at 10:56PM
Okay. I've seen this done on other boards, and thought I would give it a try here. Here's how this game is played:

One person asks a "what if" question. The next person who replies answers the what if question and then asks one of their own. And so on and so on.

Okay I'll start.

What if Brenda had never gone to Paris the summer before her senior year?

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over a year ago georgiapeach91 said…
Dylan and her would have stayed together, at least through senior year.

What if Kelly had accepted Brandon's proposal in season 5?
over a year ago DanimalBr said…
Brandon and Kelly would have gotten married in season 6, and we would never have been introduced to Susan, Colin, or Tracy.

What if Dylan had never left the show in season 6 and stayed there throughout it's entirety?
over a year ago MELISSAD1235 said…
Dylan and Kelly would have been getting married with David and Donna?

What if Toni would not have been killed in Season 6?
over a year ago georgiapeach91 said…
She and Dylan would have been together longer, but I still think there would have been problems for them. Either about Kelly or Brenda.

What if Andrea had not gotten pregnant in season 4?
over a year ago MELISSAD1235 said…
She would have stayed on the show longer and probably would have gotten with brandon before he went back with kelly.

What is Donna would have gotten pregnant the first time she had sex with David?
over a year ago DanimalBr said…
Then it would have caused a very strenuous relationship between Donna, David, and Donna's mother. And the last 3 years of the show would have been very different.

What if David had not been allowed to skip ahead a grade and had to stay behind one more year in high school?
over a year ago cinnamon_honey said…
Then he would not have been a fixture in the cast and we wouldn't have a David and Donna romance/wedding

What if Kelly got back together with Steve in highschool like he wanted?
over a year ago DanimalBr said…
Then Brenda and Dyaln would have stayed a couple because Kelly would not have fooled around with Dylan. Though they would have eventually broken up.

What if Scott wound up shooting David when he dropped the gun after twirling it around?
over a year ago bkforever said…
David would have died, therefore no David. Donna may have married Noah.

What if Brandon would have came back in the series finale?
over a year ago Kellytaylorfan said…
Kelly would have gotten back with him and sammy would belong to Brandon not Dylan.

What if Brenda died?
over a year ago karensane said…
Dylan would've felt guilty all his life.

What if Donna had lost her virginity to Ray Pruit?
over a year ago Kellytaylorfan said…
She would have regretted even worse than she did with David when they broke up after she slept with him.

What if Kelly's mom wasn't an alcoholic?
over a year ago 90210lover99 said…
We wouldn't have had the awesome episode "Perfect Mom" from season 1.

What if they had kept the show as being about West Beverly High and wrote in a new cast of characters, rather than having Brandon and everyone go off to college?

over a year ago DanimalBr said…
The show would have been canceled much sooner as fans would want to know what happened with the original characters after season 3.

What if Brandon & Valerie started a romantic relationship in season 6 following the season 5 finale with them making out on the couch?