Beyblade Metal Fusion Pop Quiz

In Beyblade Metal Fury,what Bey did the Solar System Bladers (Yuki, Titi,King, Dunamis, Aguma)have?
Choose the right answer:
Option A Sycthe Kronos,Mercury Anubis,Fang Leone,L-Drago Destroy F:S and Flash Saggitario
Option B Jade Jupiter ,Death Quetzalcoatl ,Big Bang Pegasis F:D,Phantom Orion and Variares
Option C Big Bang Pegasis F:D,Fang Leone,Phantom Orion B:D and L-Drago Destroy F:S
Option D Mercury Anubis,Death Quetzalcoatl ,Variares D:D,Jade Jupiter and Scythe Kronos
 Reshiramdragon posted over a year ago
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