-Plamwoods: Park-
James: Well, Hello Valley!
Bailey; Its Bailey! Duh! -leaves-
James: ugh! I am very Stupid
Erin: no Your Not. -smiles flirty-
James:-looks up- ERIN! -he picks her up and kisses her-
Erin; James!
James: Kept Spinning her around-
James: Oh, Sorry -he chuckled-
Erin: Nah, Its okay
James: oh! -sees His 3 band mates and There Girlfriends-
Kendall: Erin! Erin Valley's! Is That You
Erin:Yep it Is!
Kendall: wow! Its been 4 Years.
Erin:Yeah, I am Auditioning For A Role For " Princess Beauty" Of Course I am Beauti-Ful!
Kendall and The Band:Yes Of Course
Jo:Clears her throat slightly-
Logan: oh Umm.... Carlie, Stephanie, and Jo This is Erin our old best friend, Erin these Are our Girlfriends.
Erin: Which is Which?
Logan:um.... Jo is With Kendall, Stephanie Carlos and I am with Carlie. -he puts his hands around Carlie's Waist-
Erin: Cool!
Band Mates: Yeah....
Jo, Steph and I: Well, We Bette Get going. Come on Erin Your Sharing with us.
The girls left-
James; I am So Happy Erin's Here
Kendall: finally! You should ask her Out? -Kendall Questioned-
James: What if She says No!
Kendall: let's Talk about it Tomorrow.
-Plam woods: 2J Boys apartment-
James was trying to get some sleep but he couldn't he couldn't get Erin off His mind.
Erin: Called James-
James: -answers- Hell.Hello? -coughed Before he could speak-
Erin: James, Can We talk in the Lobby.
James: Sure meet You in ten. -he hung up and got dress and sneaked out of the home he lived in-
Erin was pacing back and forth around the Lobby, then elevator door ding James came out-
James; What is it?
Erin: I am In Love with You!
James: w.Wait! You Are! So Am I! This Is Great!
Erin: Yes it is. -she kissed him-
james; he kissed back- after they start to Have sex.
-Next Morning, Plamwoods: Girls apartment-
Erin and James were in bed half naked-
Me and Jo: burst in- ER... -gasps- OMG!
Kendall and Logan: What the Fuck! JAMES AND ERIN!
James: Woke up- Its..Its not What it looks like!
Logan: You two Had sex! What the Fuck! You did It With My Sister aka My Best Friend!
James: She..She Want it!
Erin: please Don't Yell Logan! Its not His fault
Logan: Erin Shut the hell up! James Fucking Maslow! You touch my Sister again! See what happens! -he left-
Me: Erin!
Erin: -wrapped the robe around her and went to the bathroom to cry-
Me: Oh. My. Gosh! What The Hell Just Happened.
Kendall: I dunno!
Jo: wow! Come lets. Watch. T.V. Kendall.
Kendall: Yeah. Rite. Back.At.You.
-Plam woods: 2J-
Me: Lo.Logan!
Logan: Go the fuck away.
Me: O.Okay! -steps out of his room which is shared with Kendall's-
Logan: -grabs her hand- I didn't mean it. I thought You was Erin.
me: no its fine -looks down and pulls away-
Logan: grabs her- I am Sorry babe! please forgive me.
me: I dunno, What should I do!
Logan: -begs- Pleaseee! please! please! -kid voice-
Me: Fine! Stop acting like a Damn Kid.
Logan: -frowns- Okay.
Me: Hey! Don't frown!
Logan: okay, If I Could. -he laughed-
Me: So... You still mad at You Sister.
Logan: well, I dunno She had sex with him.
Me; they use a Condom,She told me she's not pregnant.
Logan:Re.Really! that's Great! That's All I wanted to Hear. -He picks up Carlie and Puts her on the bed-
Logan takes off his shirt and his pants-
Me: giggles- Packs!
Logan takes off Carlie's Shirt and Pants-
After they had sex. Erin Burst in the room-
Erin: LOGAN!
Logan: Shush!
Erin Oh! You had sex
Logan: If You are Pregnant I am Fine with it
Erin: Really.
Logan: yeah
Erin: okay bye -leaves-
Me: wow!
-Rouque Records: Meeting-
Gustavo; Well, You have a Very Long Vacation off For about 3 or 5 years.
Logan: Oh cool
Gustavo: leave Logan! All of You's
-Plamwoods: 3J-
Jo: Kendall! I am Pregnant
Kendall: what! Yes! I am gonna Be a DAD!
Jo: yay! -she kissed Kendall-
Me: Wow! Douche Bags
Jo: Carlie Imma Kick ur Ass
Me: Hm? Try it
Kendall: laughs- Wow! You defintely are Sisters
Jo and I: Yes!
Erin: I am Pregnant.
-4 or 5 Years Later-
Me: Logan, I am leaving for work. Make Sure You Give Anna Her medicine and Valley Her Medicine too. -leaves-
James; Hey! Dude Wanna play a Game
Logan : Sure -after a while-
James; Where's Anna and Valley
Logan: they were here a Minute ago.
They looked for them and Went in Kitchen and saw medicine all over the floor and the girls was freeze to death-
James: Dude! Calm Down please!
Logan: Fine! _he picks up Anna and put a Cover over her-
James: picks up Valley and he put a cover over her-
Logan: let's get to the Hospital
-they've drove to the Hospital-
Nurse: How May I Help you?
Logan: -panics- My. Daughter's. Dead. Medicine. floor. My.Wife. Kill .. me!
Nurse: Okay okay! umm.. Go in that room down the hall
James and Logan rushed down to the hall and put them in bed-
Logan: I. Am. So. Dead!
James; No your not! She won't even Know about it
Kendall and Jo: What the fuck did You Do!
Erin: Yeah wwhat the hell you did!
Logan: well. Me..Left. Medicine. floor.
Jo: WHAT! Carlie's Gonna Be Mad!
-What Will Happen on the Next Season Season 2-