This is from: turnitupalltheway from tumblr

Here’s what all you 1D fans seem to forget.

Big Time Rush may have been formed for a television show, a “manufactured” boy band, per se. They did not come together on their own, they were put together, and it was for a kids’ show. It was originally only for the show….

Directioners need to get their motherfucking facts. Calling BTR manufactured bitch they might have been formed for the tv show but THEY formed Big Time Rush. They did it. Nick did not intend to make them an actual band, but they fought, and look where they are at now. They didnt need to audition individually and fail, so they were rescued by being forced to be a band, they worked together to form this band. You directioners dont know shit. You tune in to Nick and say “Oh, they are so dumb, everything gets done for them they are so fake”. You dont know shit.

And you know what, I´m glad these boys didnt audition for something like X factor, and basically got thrown on each other to win a competition and then make money for their manager who happens to be a millionaire already. I´m happy they didnt have a fancy plane ride with luxurious peanuts and the newest nikes and hairlstyles when they first begun, or needed another band to ask them to be the opening act so they could expand their popularity.

One Direction is a boyband. Fact. Cute guys, cute songs, good tactics and plenty of songwriters available for them to rule the music market. Big Time Rush is not a boyband. They are four individuals who worked their butts off to create this band and keep it going. And I´d rather be a fan of people that get success on their own than some fortunate guys who get blessed with fainting girls from some rich ass bitch on a singing competition.