Hey guys, I decided to do an interview on here with BTR just for fun… So, if you want me to continue this please leave a comment below asking any/all band members some questions… Thanks!

Me: Hi, my name is Lana Carter and welcome to another Big Time Rush interview… First off I just want to thank the guys for being here.

Logan: No problem, besides it’s great to be here!

Kendall: Yeah, same here…

James: Hi, I’m James… *He states doing his signature hand movement*

*Kendall and Carlos both smack James on the side of his arms*

James: OW! What was that for? *He asks while rubbing his now sore arms*

Carlos: For just being you! *He says with a wide grin*

Me: Guys were not gonna start fighting are we?

Logan: *Half whispers* I hope not.

Me: Alright, before we begin answering some fan letters I would like to ask a few questions of my own… If that’s okay?

Kendall: Sure.

Carlos: Bring it!

James: I’m afraid if I say anything you two might hit me again! *He says a bit sarcastically*

Me: *I giggle* Okay, my first question is for Kendall… What’s it like being the band leader for BTR, and what do you guys think of his leadership?

Kendall: Honestly Lana it’s tough being the leader, because I’m constantly having to keep these guys from killing each other! And then again it can be fun…

Me: *I turn to Carlos, James and Logan waiting for they’re reply*

Logan: I think Kendall is a good leader, and… *James cuts him off before he can finish*

James: Kendall’s a bossy leader! *He simply states*

Kendall: I am not!

James: Yes you are!

Kendall: No, I’m not!

Logan: Here they go again…

Me: Guys, it was just a question… There’s no need to start arguing over it.

Kendall: How about you become the new leader, and we’ll see if you can do any better…

James: Fine, I will!

Me: Umm… Guys, we kinda need to… Oh, never mind! Just please send in some questions and we’ll answer them once these two stop fighting!


Okay, now I need your guys help… Please send in
some questions for the band; just make sure you keep it clean! Thanks:)