Big Time Rush Comedy Sucks Episode 1- Logan is Gay
*Theme song*
Big Time Rush Comedy Sucks is going to start this fight. Big Time Rush Comedy Sucks Ep.1 Logan is gay
Logan:Hey Carlos
Logan:I think your Hot!!!
Carlos runs to the pool but Logan followed
Logan:Free Cookies!
Carlos started to eat the Cookies
Logan:Like the cookies
Carlos:Thier so good
Logan:Made them for you Hottie!
Carlos runs to the palm woods park But logan follows
Carlos:I am going to sleep in the grass
Carlos fell asleep
Logan:My man is asleep
then Logan fell sleep on Carlos' Chest
Big Time Rush Comedy starts now
*Theme Song*
Previously on Big Time Rush Comedy
Logan and Randy are related logan is Randy's Son ets find out what happens in this Episode?
Randy kicks the door open
Kendall:Why did he know your whole name?
Logan:Fine Randy is my Dad
James:Thats cool
Carlos:He's Tall
Logan:I am Glad to call you Dad
Randy:I am Glad to call you son
Carlos:Hi Dad
Randy:Y did he call me dad
Logan:Mom married another guy
Randy:Come here
An hour later
Carlos:Guys guys im home alone yes
Carlos was Home Alone For 5 hours
Big Time Rush Comedy Season 2 Ep.3 - Logan has a secret Part 3
who ever gets the most Boos loses and leaves Fanpop and who gets th most Cheers they can contiune their stories and stay on fanpop