There once was small village full of people. These people were suspicous and only wanted to be completely normal. The town was surrounded by forest but nobody went in. Why? Because stange things tended to happen there. Once there was a man who got curious about what was going on, he went in. He did not come out. This lead people to think of witchcraft and black magic. The town full of people very quickly became less and less untill there was hardly a soul there.

Meanwhile, 3 ladies named Matty, Cissy, and Emmy Biggerstaff were in the forest planning what they would do next. These ladies were special. They had wands and could cast spells if they raised one eyebrow.
"What do we do now?" Asked Emmy.
"Well, thats an easy one. We build a house of course" Answered Cissy.
"How?" Asked Matty grumpily.
"With magic of course" Emmy replied for it was common sense. None of them had a special talent with building.
"Oh yeah, I fogot about that".
So with thats they raised their wands and in a few hours a gigantic house was in the valley looking as elegant as ever. The house was 12 stories high with scarlet wood on the outside. The windows were huge and open with black and white lining and the front doors were huge with black lining also. There were black pointed fences around the house and in the front the small fence led up to a gate 2 stories high. The house and the gates itself towered above the witches. Later Matty decided to go into town and find special people that could perform magic too. A young man no older than 21, was staring at a pair of shoes on display through a window. His brown eyes looked at it pleadingly and his black hair barely moved as he stared at it. Then suddenly, the shoes lifted into thin air, Nobody was holding it it was just floating. As the young man backed up in surprise, the shoes fell abruptly in a twisted position. As Matty approached the man began to look very frightened. Matty learned the man's name was Gred Jay and he had no idea how that had happened. As Matty broke the truth to her, Gred's eyes began to clear from the cloudy surface it once was. Matty told her about the house and Greda agreed to help and live with them.
"There is a man I suspect to be a wizard" Gred told her "His name is Marion". They approached a little cottage and knocked politely. A young man answered the door "Yes? Oh hello, Gred. Do come in". They walked in and talked with him. He too agreed to go with them. As the Matty and the 2 new members approached the house, they noticed Cissy had a 14 year old girl next to her.
"Hi, I'm Zoe" The girl said sweetly with a smile "I've been told I can use magic too".
In a years time, the Biggerstaff family had grown to many, many people and there were still rooms left over. The family was going strong but for how much longer?