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Article by deedeeflower posted over a year ago
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I can not get enough TRUE BLOOD. While perusing HBO OnDemand one night in July, I noticed a new choice labeled "BloodCopy". Not knowing what it was I chose this selection. There was a list of "BloodCopy Reports" so I chose "BloodCopry Report 01". When this strange and unusual show was over, there was a promo ad for "TRUE BLOOD". This made me curious, so I looked it up on hbo.com. The website told that "TRUE BLOOD" was a new show coming up on HBO in September.

Around the 25th of August I noticed a new choice had appeared on HBO OnDemand. It read "TRUE BLOOD". This intrigued me further I decided to take a look. The following choices were listed: About True Blood, True Blood On Set, Making Of True Blood and Alan Ball POV. After watching these I wanted to see more. But sadly Icould only watch them over again.

When it was closer to the premiere date of September 7, 2008 HBO began airing numerous shows about vampire myths and vampire history and another True Blood special "A New Blood Line". Each of these only fed my growing curiosity.