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Detektiv Conan - Shattered (full vers.)

Yeah, I'm totally into DC right now. *_* I remember watching it back then when I was little :3

FINALLY! - Tribute to Sharpey and Vanessa! - :D

The song... well. Just listen to it. :3 XD Haha! Sorry about it being late. o3o 8P To my awesome sis Vanessa! =D Erm.. it may sound peaceful for a while until after 0:53.... xDDDD WOOOOOT! As you can see I tackle hugged my favourite Pokemon... 8) xD

Short Simple Vanessa and Sharpey Animation! :3

I tried. :3 Again. xD

ET Rico and Vanessa _test

BirdG asked me to upload this for her on Fanpop .. because she was busy. :3

PoM - Sorry (remix) test

I will finish it when I bought the program. The test version ran out. DX
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PoM - Fly away

Was my first upload on youtube XD

Grenade-short (a try)

I tried a program here. Is some time ago, too. Now I'm using another one...

Love hurts - Ain't No Doubt (She's lying)

"Love hurts" is one of my favorite episodes from 'The Penguins of Madagascar'. When I saw the part, when Kowalski shouts "He's lying!" for the first time, I had to think of this song - and so I made this video.
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Private's crime

Kowalski tells the story of a horrible tragedy.

Skipper - Here I go again

hehe, thought it fit him.
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