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posted by Darkangel6
Bitten Season 1 Episode Titles: The The first 13

1.01 Summons (Aired): Elena Michaels is the only female werewolf in existence. After abandoning her pack, she now lives in the city with her boyfriend Philip McAdams who is unaware of her animal side. When a murder threatens the safety of the pack’s home the pack leader, Jeremy Danvers, calls everyone home including Elena.

1.02 Prodigal

1.03 Trespass

1.04 Grief

1.05 Bitten

1.06 Committed

1.07 Stalking

1.08 Prisoner

1.09 Vengeance

1.10 Descent

1.11 Settling

1.12 Caged

1.13 Ready

These are the upcoming episode titles for Bitten. The newest Canadian show on Syfy.

I will update this as the episodes air.