A cute little fanfiction that came into my head.

“Sebastian, what is the meaning if this!” I asked, throwing the letter back in his face.
“It appears, my lord, that master Trancy would like to invite you over” he paused “for a sleepover”
I sigh “I’m not going Sebastian” he smirked at me.
“What!?” I demanded.
“Nothing, my lord. I simply thought that you wouldn’t be defeated by something as small as an invite”
I knew what he was doing and he knew it was working.
I sighed again “fine Sebastian. I will go. Call the carriage”

I stood outside the Trancy manor. I always hated coming here. Sebastian knocked on the door.
“CIEL!” I heard a voice squeal from the top window.
“Ugh! Sebastian is it too late to go back home?”
The doors opened and the Trancy butler, Claude, stood in the door way.
“Good evening master Phantomhive, Sebastian.”
“Claude! Move!” The obnoxious blonde called, pushing the butler a side.
“Ciel! I’m so glad you came!” he squealed, throwing his arms round me.
“C-can’t breathe” Alois let go of me and giggled.
“Come on!” he smiled, taking my hand and dragging me inside.
I gave a pleading look to Sebastian as I was pulled in to the main entrance. The boy began shouting orders at Claude.

“Sebastian. Return to the house. If I need you, I will just call, okay?”
“Yes, my lord” he said before bowing and leaving.
“Ciel! Ciel! Ciel! Come on! I wanna show you where we will be sleeping!” he giggled before skipping off, dragging me with him.

I almost passed out there and then when he showed me where we were sleeping.
“Alois, you can’t seriously believe that I will sleep here!?” I asked in disgust.
The room had soft blankets and pillows in one corner. A bed in the back side of the room had a pink throw over it and a pile of fluffy animals. A pink chandelier hung from the ceiling, bordered by purple hearts along the coving.
I shivered “Trancy, why do you have a room like this? I even think Elizabeth would find this too girly!”
Alois giggle again “yeah, but it’s cute!”
I sigh and ran my fingers through my hair.
It was going to be a long night.
There was a small knock on the door
“enter Claude” Alois said jumping onto the bed.
“I have brought the food requested, your highness. Strawberries and melted chocolate” he placed the sweet food on the table along with two glasses of lemonade. “Is that all your highness?”
“Yes, now get out and don’t bother us!” Alois said as Claude bowed and left.
“Ciel ya wanna play a game!?” Alois asked sucking the chocolate off another strawberry in the sexiest way possible. Stupid slut.
“Like what?” I asked not really wanting to know what the blonde wanted to play.
“What about hide and seek? No, wait, truth or dare! No! Let’s have a pillow fight!” he chirped happily.
“Ugh do we have to?” I complained. I wasn’t some 13 year old girl!
My question was answered by being hit in the head by, not the softest pillow.
So in return I hit him back with my pillow.
He giggled like he liked it so I hit him again.
I wouldn’t tell him but I actually enjoyed playing with him. Running around and laughing at stupid things.

I put my pillow down and lay on the bed.
“I’m shattered Alois” I yawned and shut my eyes. He sighed and jumped on top of me. I groaned as the air was squeezed out of me.
“But it’s only 11pm!” he moaned. However, in that time he had forced me into three pillow fights, truth or dare and his own game of how-much-cake-can-we-throw-at-Claude-before-he-fucking-kills-us!
Alois sighed slowly
“I guess we could put on our nightwear and settle down”
I never thought I’d hear those words from the hyperactive blonde!
Alois changed quickly but I was having a battle with my shirts buttons.
“Need some help?” Alois smiled skipping over to me.
I nodded slightly and he slowly unbuttoned my shirt. I blushed. He was only millimetres away from me, slowly removing my shirt, replacing it for my night shirt. I shook my head. No. I wasn’t going to think about that slutty blonde!
Claude lightly knocked on the door.
“Lights out young masters” he said without entering.
“Yes Claude” Alois said before jumping into a nice sized pile of pillows. He snuggled into them so cutely. I blushed and looked away.
“Night Ciel” he murmured through all the cushions.
“Yeah night Alois” I replied, pulling a duvet up to my chin before closing my eyes.

I was woken by someone shaking my shoulder. Opening my eyes I sighed “What is it Alois?”
“Ciel I can’t sleep” he moaned
“And…?” I said rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I looked at the clock, 2:37 am.
“Can we just stay up and talk?” he asked
“About what exac-“ I was cut off by the blonde pressing his lips to mine. I gasped and he used that as an excuse to put his tongue in my mouth.
I pulled back.
“what do you think you’re doing you whore!?” I asked, ignoring the fact I actually quite liked it.
“I’m sorry” he apologised, which was slightly out of character “I’ve never been able to understand people, Ciel. I should have known you didn’t want me to kiss you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have woke you”
I saw a soft tear fall from his icy blue eyes.
“Alois?” I said slowly. He looked up at me, eyes full of heart breaking tears.
“I should have known you didn’t like me…”
“I mean you have Elizabeth and…”
“I’ve always annoyed you so I...”
“ALOIS! For fuck sakes, listen to me!”
“I’m sorry” he started sobbing for real. Proper heartbroken sobs.
I grabbed his chin and forced our lips to meet again. It was a small kiss but he stopped crying.
“Ciel?” he whispered
“I do like you like Alois. I was just annoyed you woke me”
He smiled and hugged me.
“Now let me get to sleep before I end up killing someone” I muttered diving back into the blankets. Alois cuddled up to me and whispered into my chest
“Night Ciel. I love you”
“I love you too.” I said wrapping my arms round him and falling asleep