Black Panther's Den ~Bonfire~

Sinna_Hime_chan posted on Jul 08, 2012 at 03:16AM
Bonfire {with BP}
and whether BlackPanther graces us with his presence or we congregate ourselves... it is always nice to chat & be among friends! ;)
Bonfire {with BP}
and whether BlackPanther graces us with his presence or we congregate ourselves...

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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Presence graced... First reply. Yay!!! XD
over a year ago Sinna_Hime_chan said…
big smile
*grabs marshmellows*
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
Exorcist: I’d like to sincerely thank you all for gathering here like this. It is truly an honor—

BP: What the heck are you talking about? No one came here because of you.

Exorcist: What? Please, this is a bonfire. What else would people be doing here if not to ward away undead spirits? As an exorcist, it is my duty to preside over such a gathering!

BP: Dude, this is a forum. It has nothing to do with ghosts and whatnot. This forum was made for me.

Exorcist: Well then, mister ‘this is MY forum’, at least I would have had the spine to have created it myself, were it me!

BP: You? As if. You’re afraid of your own shadow.

Exorcist: NONSENSE!

BP: What’s that behind you?

Exorcist: *looks and sees shadow dancing in the light of the flames* WITCHCRAFT! BLACK MAGIC! UNHOLY SOCERERY!

BP: See? Scared.

Exorcist: *is hiding up in a tree, shivering violently* I-I’m not scared, and those are not shadows! Those are demons of the darkness, the scouts of all that goes bump in the night! I cannot cut them with my sabre, and so they are not capable of comprehension!

BP: Uh huh…

Exorcist: *tosses rock at shadow* Be gone, foul spirits!

My essentricities aside, panthers live in dens?! What is he, some sort of reverse-albino lion? >.< My ecological knowledge is being thrawted just by the name of this group!
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
*Grabs sticks, while listening to Exorcist's blather*

Bp: Hey, Sinna, M'dear - shall we?

Sinna: Indeed we shall, good sir. Marshmellow time!!! *Grins epically*

Exorcist: Hey, can someone help me get down this tree? I think I'm stuck.

Bp: Jeez, Exorcist, you're a disaster sometimes. Fine, I'll help you, as long as you sit down, eat some marshmellows and stop rambling.

Exorcist: Okaaayyy, just get me down!

(Bp helps Exorcist down)

Bp: How about we talk about something more interesting?

Exorcist: Such as??

Sinna: Not exorcism, eccentricness or ghosts and stuff...

Exorcist: I'm soooooo unappreciated... Fine, anime?

Bp: Now ya talking, buddy... But, which anime?

Exorcist: We'll see. Let's eat some marshmellows first!!!
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile
@Exorcist. A panther is related to the lion and the leopard and a few other 'big cats'. I believe that they don't actually live in dens, but in the trees in Asia and the Americas. XD. Yes, facts for all to know about black panthers, also known as 'black jaguars'. Lol.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Okayyyy, so where are the replies at, people? The bonfire is warm and marshmellows are sweet.

Exorcist: This forum seems to be dying at the moment.

Bp: Then write something, fool.

Exorcist: Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Bp: You just have to be difficult, don't you. O_O

Exorcist: I'm complicated.

Sinna: What about the marshmellows and someone needs to fetch more wood.

Bp: *Opens his mouth before Exorcist* Here's your chance to prove your worth, Exorcist. Go gather wood, like a good boy.

Exorcist: *Grumbles* Why should I? Besides, it's dark and scary.

Bp: Oh, for crying out loud... Do I have to do everything? I'll come with you then.
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
BP: *wanders alone in the forest for a few hours before finally stumbling back at the campfire* Yep. I got lost.

Sinna: wood for fire. And where is that strange boy who was with you?

BP: *shrugs* Dunno.

Exorcist: *bursts out of woods pulling a big empty chariot made from wood. He has bleeding scars all over him and his shirt is ripped to shreds. Plus, he's panting and exhausted* I'm...finally...back!

BP: Dude, what happened? You look like hell!

Exorcist: I nearly died out there! A pack of wolves chased me for who knows how long, and THIS happened to my body, then I ran into a coven of WITCHES! They called on the shadows to attack me--that did not help my paranoia and phobia as it was, I'll tell you--and I had to exorcise them all with my flames of Michael! Then, while their little cottage burned and I finally started breathing again, I went to go gather the wood. But it was too much, so I built this cart to pull it all in.

Sinna: That cart is empty.

Exorcist: Oh, yeah, on the way back I ran into a behemoth. I chased it down through the woods, but fell off of a cliff. I had to pull the cart out of the river, but the wood inside was lost downstream. But at least I'm alive.

BP: Screw that, we have no wood! What are we supposed to do now, freeze to death? We need to start the fire!

Sinna: Well, he did manage to bring back some wood, actually. *eyes Exorcist and the cart*

Exorcist: What?Is there something on my face?

(30 seconds later)

Exorcist: *is tied to a tree once more with thick rope* NO! STOP IT, PLEASE! I'LL GET MORE WOOD! I'LL GO BACK INTO THE SHADOWS AND FIND IT! Just have MERCY!!

BP: *Watches the cart burn to cinders and raises hands up* Now THIS is a bonfire!! *yells some random Hawaiian phrase I'm too lazy to look up*