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fassmackey said …
Your own club? how original. Now I guess you can fling all the gibbon offal you want, with noone else around to care. I'm bored dear, you morons and your shy fairy entertain me no end tee hee GO LISTEN TO THE WORST METALLICIA ALBUM EVER PRODUCED!! AND i WILL HAVE TEA AND SMIRK ALOT. Posted over a year ago
Bladewarrior commented…
hey dumbass i didn't make this club i wasn't online for like 2 fucking months how could i make it over a year ago
Bladewarrior commented…
no no no the savage will tell you what you can do you can go strait down to the place you were born yeah you know the highway because that's where most accidents happen over a year ago
Bladewarrior commented…
yuh know what as kevin nash once said "i got a set and i'm not afraid to say what i got to" and that's all that i have to say because i'm not the guy that backs down from a fight over a year ago
fassmackey said …
roflmfwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
Bladewarrior commented…
yo that monkey shit getting more stale than bread over a year ago
Bladewarrior commented…
come up with some more material you saying that thing more times than the chorus of st.anger by metallica over a year ago