serena's present
GG: wow who would have thought 4 months would have passed so soon. you upper east siders havent give me any gossip for them past 4 months. when did you all get so boring, but today is graduation and i plan to have my cake and eat it or gossip and post it. come on i know you're hiding something.

St. judes and constance high school:
(Chuck, blair, nate and serena all sitting in the courtyard and ready for graduation)

B: can you belive it finally high school is over and i get to find some new people to terrorise.
S:(laughs) B you never change. although i dont think im going to go to brown.
B: what? serena seriously. why?
C: blair's lost it.
B: shut up bass, but why?
S: im going to take a year out and find a job, im just not ready to go to college.
B: at least you got into an ivy college im stuck going to NYU.
(Chuck and Nate look at each other)
N: you didnt?
C: i did i just havent told her yet.
B: told me what? what's going on bass?
C: you're not going to NYU.
B: what?
N: chuck sent an application into columbia for you. you're going to columbia with me.
B:(Screams) oh my god seriously bass you have out done yourself these past four months.
C: you couldnt stand being in NYU for two minutes blair and i know it.
B: i could so!
C: the men where sandles and the lighting is terrible.
B: i would have died. and sandles are not shoes.
S: and there is alot more brooklyn people there.
B: oh god. oh well it doesnt matter to me anymore im going to columbia. have i said i love you bass?
C: not today but alot of the time yes.
(Blair hugs chuck)
B: i have to crown jenny tomorrow. my little foreign queen.
N: crown jenny?
S: she is going to take over from blair.
B: i already picked out the very first headband i wore to high school. nice and sparkly never wore twice.
C: wow you have your very first headband you wore to school?
S: Chuck blair still has every headband she ever wore.
B: and then some. so S were are you planning to get a job?
C: you can always apply for a job in the palace, i'll get you in before i completly sign it over to bass industries.
S: no thanks chuck. but if i dont get anywhere else i'll bring you up on that offer.
B: you're signing over the palace?
C: im planning to start a club and not have to work under my fathers shadow. and i'll be taking over bass industries when im ready so it is technically still in my control.
N: good for you the only one of us so far with a big step into the future.
S: the only member of the non-judging breakfast club.
B: ha-ha he's mine (Rest her head on her shoulder and giggles)
(They all laugh)
C:(kisses blair) thats true. oh and all of you better be careful with your secrets because gossip girl is on a scavendure hunt.
B: well i have nothing to hide. i havent had a secret since dinosaurs became extinct.
S: yeah right B (laughs)
B: well there is... no you all know that... but there's... no that came out ages ago... nothing.
C: well we dont have to worry about blair.
N: i made out with a really hot girl while i was away at my grandfather's.
S: thanks nate we all needed to hear that.
C: what did she look like?
(Blair hits chuck on the head they all laugh)
B: this is the last time we'll all sit around this table.
S: well for chuck it's the last time he'll sit on the table.
C: it's a comfortable table.
N: well its not the last time we'll all sit together because it is the upper east side.
B: nate you're a genius.
N: what did i say?
C: it's probably the first time nate heard that but why is he a genius?
B:(Gets up) this is the upper east side. we are the four best minpulators and evil people in the island of manhattan.
S: well more you and chuck but your point.
C: i understand what she means.
S: of course you do thats why i said mostly you and chuck. what is her point?
B: gossip girl wants scandle, we're going to give her scandle. serena you are allowed to act like old serena before she left without the alcohal and drugs.
N: what do you mean give her scandle?
C: i'll put it so you can understand nate. we are going to prank as much people as we can for the next twenty-four hours.
N: oh.
B: Now that Nate has caught up i can explain the rest. nobody is to find out it is us and it will drive gossip girl crazy.
C: and we reveal ourselfs at midnight.
B: exactly it's the perfect plan.
S: whoever screws up and someone finds out it was them takes the blame for everything.
N: sounds good.
B: nice twist S. you all in.
C: definatly
S: sure.
N: i dont want to feel left out. yes.
B: great it starts after the graduation ceremony.
(Teachers come out and the girls on one side the boys on the other)
Blair and serena:

S: oh B i forgot to give you my present.(hands blair a box)
B: i left all your presents at home sorry.
S: just open it i dont mind i dont really need one but i really need to see you open it. this is just a small present compared to your other one.
(opens the box and finds a picture of nate, chuck, serena and her in a frame with writing on the top saying, the non-judging breakfast club)
B: S its lovely thank you.
S: i remember that day as if it were yesterday
(The teacher says something has came up and that the students have 10 more minutes to talk. chuck and nate walk over)
B: so do i S.
N: so do you what?
B:(Shows them the picture) remember this day as if it were yesterday.
C: ah yes that was a good day.
N: yep.
B: that day started really weird.

(Going back two years)

Waldorf apartment:

(Serena enters)

S: B i need your help.
B: what's wrong?
S: Georgina got mad at me and now she's planning to ruin my reputation.
B: what? serena you know i want to help but georgina is one hell of a crazy bitch.
S: please B i'll let you do whatever you need to.
B: can i call nate and chuck?
S: Yes just dont let georgie say anything about me no one will want to know me if she does.
(Five minutes later)
B: chuck what took you so long? nate was here in like a minute.
C: i was busy when you text me.
B: ughh you disgust me.
N: can you tell us whats going on?
B: we all know georgina sparks some a little to well.
C: get on with it.
B: she is planning to destroy serena and i need both of your help to stop her.
N: where is serena?
B: dont ask.
C: im intrigued.
B: you would be. she's up in my room drunk out of her mind, i went to call you two and in the mean time she had drunk one and a half bottles of alcohal.
N: how?
B: because someone wouldnt pick up.
C: wait there is a drunk serena lying in your room. maybe i should go keep her company (Starts walking towards the stairs. blair pulls his ear)
B: no you wont go near her chuck! serena needs are help and chuck you losing your virginity to her will help alot.
C:(Rolls his eyes and pulls her hand of his ear) how would that help?
B: you are going to tell her you want to have sex with her again, that wont be to hard it's probably the truth.
C:(Whispers) i'd rather have you.
B: yeah right.
C: and no georgina is a crazy bitch.
N: chuck serena's our friend.
B: exactly she needs our help and you dont even have to have sex with her just tell her you want to and lead her to your room were we'll be waiting.
C: fine whats the plan?

(Half an hour later chuck enters his place with georgina where nate and blair are waiting)

B: hello georgie
G: blair and nate, what's going on?
C: im not going to have sex with you it was a plan to get you here.
N: you're trying to destroy serena.
G: she deserves it.
B: georgina she is my best friend, so you're going to witness blair waldorf's hell. unless...
G: unless what?
N: unless you leave manhattan and go live with you parents and attend school elsewhere.
C: we already have things sorted out for you to leave.
G: im not leaving.
B: well then expect fury georgina because day after day i will be pouring yogurt on your head, i will trash your locker. i will destoy your books.
G: is that it?
B: these things may be small but they are effective when it happens day after day after day, it wont stop till you decide you're leaving.
C:(Chuck comes back from the kitchen and hands blair a cocktail glass)there you go.
B: and these things start now. (Pours contents of the glass on georgina's hair) opps
G: (touches her hair and it starts pulling her hair starts to fall out) what did you put in my hair?
C: its a cocktail.
N: with PVC glue, hair removal cream and blue hair dye.
B: dont worry the hair dye washes out in three months.
C: this is my special drink.
G: fine i'll leave just let me use the shower.
B: you cant serena's in there throwing up whatever she took.
N: you're only 8 blocks from your house dont worry.
G: i said im leaving why cant i use your shower?
B: because that would count as backing down.
(Georgina nearly in tears leaves)
C: not bad for your first take down.
B: thank you, you werent to bad yourself and nate dont worry your guilt will wash down eventually.
C: how do you know it was the first time you done a take down.
B: because i dont feel guilty at all.
(Serena comes out of the bathroom)
S: how did it go?
B+C: she's leaving town.
(Chuck and Blair look at each other seriously and then start laughing)
S: thank you so much blair, nate and georgina.
C: did she just call me georgina.
S: if you didnt want to be called it you shouldnt have slept with her.
N: shes calling war chuck.
B: we're not calling war, war is calling us.
(Chuck and nate smile at each other)
B: serena i know that look run for the stairs theres no time for the elevator.
(serena and blair run chuck and nate chase after them they are caught at the end of the street and nate and chuck tickle them. they take the picture of the four of them)

(the present day)

(The teacher comes back in)
T(Teacher): into lines students
C: see you later
B: you too bass (Kisses him)
S: yuck, you changed your tune from two years ago (Laughs)
C: now i get to rub it in her face.
N: come on you can kiss blair later (Pushes chuck toward the boys line)
B: im glad i slept with chuck by mistake, because now im chuck's first real relationship.
S: you've changed him B. He isnt as pervy anymore.
B: maybe not to other girls but to me...

At the party 7:00pm:

(Chuck, blair, serena and nate are sitting on the steps in the van der bass apartment. chuck holding a bottle with hair removal cream. and blair is looking over his shoulder at penelope)

B: give me that chuck and the rest of you watch from upstairs make sure you get a picture and send it to gossip girl.
C: sure (hands her the bottle)
(They wait and look from upstairs blair pours a bit out on penelope's head and they take a picture nobody sees her do it and she heads upstairs to see the others the send in the picture of penelope to gossip girl from eric's phone they took from his room)
P:(Screams)who did this to my hair (Runs out of the building)
(the four smirk.)

GG: well well well who was the genius who done this to P can anyone tell me. i'd love to know i told you scandle never dies. who's my mysterious prankster.

S: looks like we're about to get gossip girl started up.
C: thats what we planned.
B: but remember you get caught you take the blame
(Serena sticks gum in some boys hair and they walk down the stairs)
N: we know (Takes a picture and sends it from his own phone)
B: im just saying.
C: make sure you never send a picture from the same phone twice.
S: borrow other people's phones it will keep gossip girl guessing
B: and dont let anyone over hear conversations like these you do and we're screwed.
C: screwed isnt always a bad thing.
B: same bass.
N: i cant even remember when he started talking like that.
S: no thats just the way chuck is his brain was wired that way.
B: and these people are suppose to be your friend chuck? tut tut. (giggles)
C: i think im going to cry. (puts on an upset voice and starts laughing)
(Someone walks over)
G: wow that will be a first.
C+B+N+S: georgina?
G: it's me. i havent seen you since 2 years ago.
B: there was a reason for that.
C: how much of our conversation did you hear?
G: only the part where you said you were going to cry. why? should i have heard something else.
S: no.
N: what are you doing here georgina?
G: i thought i would be allowed to visit on the day my bestfriends graduate, congradulations by the way.
B: did she just refer to me as her friend? i will kill her, i'll kill her.
C: it's ok blair she's just trying to get on your last nevre.
B: did i not make it clear georgina? i will torcher you. no one wants you here. now leave or i will destroy you.
G: i'll leave this building but i wont leave manhattan. i'm here for a reason, i always am.
S: what's your reason?
G: oh you'll see in good time.
B: i see your bald patch grew back (laughs)
G: it didnt actually. i had to get a weave on the front of my head to cover that bit up.
C:(laughs)i cant say you didnt deserve it. it was a very good day.
B: we can be bitches when we want to be cant we bass? (they smile at each other)
G:(notices chuck and blair holding hands) since when did you two become all cuddly. i know chuck sleeps with anything that moves, but i thought you hated him.
B: you havent lived here in two years chuck isnt like that anymore, and for fact i may have said i hated him back then but even chuck knew that wasnt true he was one of my bestfriends.
C: and i wouldnt have slept with anything that moved i would sleep with any girl that moved and wasnt six feet under.
G: sorry for the big correction. i never thought chuck bass would be a one woman man.
S: maybe you should be more open to things then.
G: why so touchy S?
S: let's see shall we. you tried to ruin my reputation, you set me up for something and then you tried to blame me for that thing that happened. you were a horrible friend.
G: me a horrible friend, i heard you slept with nate while he was with blair and lied about it.
B: that may be true but me and serena have already done the whole im not speaking to you thing, but serena has always been there for me no matter what.
C: she practically got me and blair together.
N: and me and serena didnt mean to do it and hurt blair, she knows that. serena's a better friend than you'll ever be she was there for me when the stuff about my dad came out.
G: wait you got chuck and blair TOGETHER. i thought they were just fooling around.
B: georgina werent you leaving?
(She laughs and walks off and to the elevator)

GG: someone tell me who is this prankster, gum in hair, hair removal cream, this person is a genius information please. also spotted georgina sparks in the palace lobby, why are you here georgie and what will S think?

S: dont let her get to you. today is about us and we have a job to do.
C: get your phone ready S and point it over there.
B: put it on video and pretend to just get it when you were recording.
S: ok.
(She turned it around and then two people fell because there shoe laces were tied together. serena sent the footage to gossip girl)
B:(Laughing) that was genius.
C: it was wasnt it?
S: very good well thought of.

(Four hours and 55 minutes later)

N: five minutes and we come clean
B: 24 victims.
S: we done well.
C: of course we did we're the non judging breakfast club.
B: i regret saying that now.
(They all laugh)
N: i still want to know what georgina wants
B: are you really that slow. she's finally grew a pair and is ready to fight back but people dont get revenge on me i get revenge on them. she wont touch me or i'll kick her skinny little ass.
C: never a victim. and can we please not talk about georgina it is a waste of my prescious time.
B: excatly.
S: i just dont like her i dont want to here her name again tonight.

GG: someone tell me who this prankster is it is agonising not to know who created such scandle. there will be a reward.

(Then someone shouted its nearly midnight and the countdown started) (Cheers)
(serena, blair, chuck and nate stand up on the stairs)
C: we would like to make an anoucement since the party has ended. we hope you enjoyed yourselves and we know who the prankster was.
B: it was all of us, me, chuck, serena and nate.
S: gossip girl wanted scandle and we give it to her.
N: and keeping it secret helped alot.
C: there will be no award from gossip girl because we already text her.
B: we hoped you enjoyed and i hope you all the best because i'll probably never speak to you again unless you go to columbia.

GG: wow i should have seen that coming or favourite upper east siders were the pranksters. and upper east siders im following you all through college and maybe even after. you'll never get rid of me. im a part of you. xoxo. gossip girl
the four pranksters revealed!