Blair just keeps going from bad to WORSE!
Episode 13- The Curious Case of Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl: # I don't know about you but this has to be the hottest gossip we've had all year!
According to our reliable sources, we hear Blair Waldorf's love loss isn't her only problem!
I'm talking food, fingers, throat and puke! You Know You Love Me xoxo #

It has been a few days since Blair and Chucks limo ride from Victrola.
Jenny an Serena are talking at the Humphrey House.

J: i swear, i didn't tell anyone, i've got no reason to!
S: so how does it end up on Gossip Girl?! If i didn't tell anyone and you didn't then who did?!
J: I don't know ok! Maybe someone overheard us outside school when i was telling you about when i caught
Blair in the toilets? I don't know ok, but it wasn't me.
S: What am i gonna do, she's gonna freak when she hears that everyone knows!
J: So does this mean...its true? She really is Bulimic?
D: (Dan comes into room) who's bulimic?
Serena and Jenny look at each other.
S: Look Blair has been through a lot lately, she's not well ok, and please id appreciate it if you would just be
understanding about this. Dan, be nice?
D: ye cuz she's always real nice to me!
S: Dan please,this is serious, she's ill. I dont want anyone making it worse by fuelling rumours. Please.
D: Fine, ill be nice.
S: Thanks (they kiss)
J: Ok that's my cue to leave!

Meanwhile...Eleanor has called a Doctor to see Blair.

Blair is in bed. Blair refused to let the doctor any where near her. she locked herself in the bathroom and said she wouldn't get out until he left. So Eleanor told him to wait downstairs.
Blair has been missing school, she recently received a letter from Constance Billiard saying she was very behind in her work and the school were not going to send any of her references to Yale until she completed her work. But that was the least of her worries. She'd been used by Chuck Bass once more. The man she loved. He'd actually used her. She couldn't believe it. Not only that but everything she'd been through lately it just all toppled down after that night. Her stomach kept turning inside her as if it were suffocated. Her mother knew the bulimia had returned. it was becoming more serious than anyone would have imagined.

Blair didn't care about the physical side of what was happening to her, of curse because otherwise she would have seen the doctor.

All she could think about was the fact that she thought she'd won Chuck back for a moment. in his limo. but no. he'd just used her again. How could he. it killed her. Why couldn't he see how much she longed for him. She was certain, that, when they were making love, she was certain that he was doing it out of love, the way he'd looked into her eyes, the way he held her and touched her, the way he kissed her so passionately and gently, the way he handled her with such care and gentleness. the way he'd held her afterwards, just stroking her leg and arms, the way his eyes rolled when she touched him and kissed his was real, she knew it, but at least she thought it was, but to him it may have been was so easy for him to tell her to go...he used her.

She was even more sure of it, because the next day she saw the pictures of him on Gossip Girl, taken at least an hour after he'd dropped her home, he was the same old Bass, covered in women at Victrola. she could never get over him this time.

Dorota was at her bedside, begging her to say something, begging her to tell her what was wrong.
Eventually a few words came out...

B: He used to love me.....he wanted to spend his life with me....and now...he barely remembers.
Dt: Miss must see the are very will get worse...your eating disorder..
B: (gets up and throws the pillow at dorota) I have no eating disorder!!!!

Blair becomes violent and starts screaming and throwing things at Dorota, Eleanor enters the room along with the butler, Blair continues to throw things as Eleanor and Dorota try to restrain her, but Blair is frantic, she is screaming at them her words aren't making any sense. Eleanor shouts to the butler to call the doctor.

The Doctor returned to Blair's bedroom. Blair was still quite aggressive and wouldn't let anyone near her, every time someone tried to get close she would become violent.
Eleanor had also called Serena thinking she may be able to help calm Blair down. Serena entered the room and was shocked at the state Blair was in, her hair was a mess, her face looked 30 years older than it should, her eyes were blown up and bright red, she was a mess. Serena almost had tears in her eyes, but she had to stay strong, even though it killed her to see her best friend like this. She walked up to her, but Blair threw a fist at her, Serena fell backwards, but got back up again, by now Blair was again screaming at all of them to leave her alone and to get out, she didn't want anyone interfering with her life, she didn't want anyone anywhere near her. Two more Doctors appeared at the bedroom door and helped the other doctor restrain Blair, she was crying and screaming but after a few moments gave up her struggle and was led away by the Doctors out of the house and in a vehicle.

After half an hour or so, they arrived at their destination. The Ostroff centre.

Gossip Girl: # Look's like someone called a doctor...? or is that a shrink? We hear all's not well at the Waldorf residence...does this have anything to do with our tip off from last night from Victrola which showed us photographic proof of Queen B acting more like Georgina Sparks?! Keep us updated readers im dying for more info!! xoxo #

Later on.

Nate and Vanessa are at school, Serena comes in, she's late.

N: Hey where were you? Your late.
S: (starts to sob) I ....was with Blair....i didnt think it could get any worse.....she....went crazy....she attacked me! and apparently i wasn't the only one, Dorota and Eleanor had furniture thrown at them!
V: What!? What happened? I thought she was just upset....
S: It's more than just being's gone so far....there are so many things wrong with her....i just dont know what to do any more......i cant say too much, she wouldn't like me telling everyone the just worried about her.
N: Of course you dont have to tell us everything....just let us know what happens.
S: Shes at the Ostroff centre....she was admitted this morning, forcefully, they had to get Eleanor to sign some forms or something to keep her there....they said they were going to put her on a program or help her get better.....shes not psycho! she doesn't need to be in that place!
N: Oh God, how did it come to this.
S: Your best friend is responsible for this! How could he let it come to this! does he have any idea what he's done!
N: Hey thats not fair ok, i know he hasn't been there for her recently but it aint his fault.
S: She doesn't need to be in that place! Its not right! she just needs us, her friends and family, to just talk to her and be there for her. She wants.....she wants chuck. that's all she's ever know, she blamed herself for everything, for their breakup, the accident, him forgetting everything....and what hurt her the most was the fact that he remember everything except her. that wasn't fair on her. she loves him so much, all she ever wanted was for him to love her back, she doesn't ...(stops as she realises Nate and Vanessa looking at something behind her she turns around, its Chuck, she gets up to leave) Chuck....i hope your happy.

Serena walks away.

C: What's her problem?
N: ummm...Blair had some sort of breakdown...shes been sent to the Ostroff centre and they probably wont let her out until they think she's better.....but knowing that place, if she didn't go in psycho she'll definitely come out psycho.
C: When did this happen.
V: This morning. apparently Serena thinks they've made a mistake.
N: Well for as long as i've known Blair.....she was always quite insecure....but i never would have thought she was Ostroff material.

Later on that afternoon, Chuck decided to go home and have an early night. Lying in his bed.. all he could think about was Blair. The other night. he felt guilty that she was locked up in some institute because of him. was it because of him?

There is a knock at his door. Dorota comes in.

C: You? Your Blair's.....ummm maid right? What do you want.
Dt: To show you something. I hear you lost your memory. in the accident. This might make you remember something important....your feelings for Blair. (she hands him a note, he is reluctant to take it so she leaves it on his bed.) She was right, you are different now. She just wanted to make your dreams comes true. one of those dreams was....her.

Dorota leaves. it takes Chuck a few minutes to have the courage to read the note. He opens it and reads it.


I have granted your wish to wake up every morning and see the painting on your ceiling.
Now grant my wish to wake up every morning and see you next to me.


He knows exactly where the note is from....he remembers exactly when he gave it to her and why. He falls back onto his bed and thinks back to that day....the day he confessed his love to her. He tries to imagine how he must have felt. Was that really his wish? To wake up next to her each day? He wasn't sure. But it was too late now anyway. She was in some institute and he wasn't sure what he wanted. He picked up the note again and got rid of it. It was the easy way just ignore it.

Serena is at the Humphrey house. She is with Dan and Jenny. It's the day after Blair was admitted into the Ostroff centre and S, D and J are getting ready to go to school.

S: I have a pretty good idea who was behind the Bulimia leak.
J: Who?
S: Blair doesn't have many enemies, so the only people i can think of who would want to expose something like that on Blair.....are the Blair wannabes!
J: Isabel and Penelope?
S: And bloody Nelli Yuki!
J: But how would they find out...?
S: I remember seeing Nelli at the steps when me and you were talking the other must have been her, she must have heard us and told the others......i just dont understand how sick people must be to want to spread something like that! Do they have any idea how much trouble they've caused Blair!? If they think they're going to get away with this then they are bloody wrong!
D: Firey! I like it!
S: NO Dan im serious....i'm going to get them back!
J: Sounds good to me!
S: Really..?
J: Ye it's been a long time coming....they need to be grounded!
S: Well....then lets show them who's boss!
J: So you want me to help you?
S: Yeh of course...! Dan are you in?
D: Oh dream of playing revenge games with high school airheads is finally becoming a reality...
S: Dan! Pleeeease.....for me (makes a sad face)
D: What do i need to do!
S: Think of a plan!
D: Great....on the way to school.
S: Yey (Serena and jenny both smile)

They leave for school and think up a plan to get revenge on the wannabes.

Later that day in school.

the plan...
setting them up against each other into posting bitchy things about each other on gossiping. so in the end they break up.

Lil J approaches Nelli Yuki.

J: Hey Nelli.
Ne: Ummm hi.
J: I heard isabel and Penelope are discharging you from the clique.
Ne: What! They're throwing me out? How do you know!?
J: You mean they haven't told you yet? Ooop...ummmm I thought they already told so cant tell them i told would ruin everything!
Ne: But they cant throw me out! i haven't done anything!
J: Exactly....thats the reason...they dont think you're just need to prove them wrong.
Ne: But how?
J: Well...Penelope is the one who made the decision to out you....but i know the perfect way to make sure you stay in.
Ne: But why would you want to help me...?
J: see....if they throw you out...they're going to want a replacement and i know i'm on their radar....but there is no way i want to join them...and if they ask me to join and i refuse it's going to cause an if you stay they wont need me to join and everyone is happy..
Ne: But that doesn't make sense why would..(is interrupted)
J: Shhh, dont ask too many questions....about the plan to prove your worthy...i know exactly what Penelope would be impressed with!
Ne: What?
J: You have to prove that your better than need some dirt on her...its the perfect plan...find dirt on Isabel and post it on Gossip Girl but make sure everyone knows it was'll want Penelope to know it was you so she knows she cant lose talent like you.
Ne: You really think that will work?
J: 100% just have to do it right now...before Penelope decides to tell you your out......go (nudges Nelli) it now...make the post.

Nelli runs off to do what Jenny said. Jenny goes off to find Isabel....When she finds her, she sits her down...

J: Hi Isabel...are you ok now?
Is: Ok? Why wouldn't i be.
J: Ummm i heard about the break up.
Is: What break up?
J: About how Penelope didn't think you were cut out for being one of her friends.
Is: What are you talking about?
J: Wait a dont they haven't told you?
Is: Told me what?
J: Oh my gosh im so sorry....i didnt mean to open my big mouth.....well i may as well warn you now....I over heard Penelope telling Nelli that she had decided she wanted to replace you....something about you not being good enough....she said that Nelli's place was safe because she was more bitchy....but hadn't done enough to prove yourself....
Is: Omg! they're throwing me out! omg what am i going to do! They cant do that can they...!
J: Well they can actually....unless...
Is: Unless what...?
J: Unless you prove your better than have to prove your more bitchy than her...listen up i have a plan...

Jenny proceeds to convince Isabel to do the same thing she told Nelli to do....Isabel's target is Nelli.

Meanwhile Serena is talking to someone outside school.

S: So do you have anything?
Stranger: Yeh, you wont believe what i found out....juicy stuff!
S: Oh my Gosh tell me!
Stranger: Penelope is having an affair with her step-dads brother...who is married and has kids!
S: Omg grose! that's disgusting!
Stranger: Ye, you should see him...he's at least 50....or maybe 40....but here's some pictures ill send them to your phone now.
S: Omg your the best! i cant wait to finish this off! it's going to be crazy! Everyone at school is going to love this!
Stranger: Wait (gets something out of his pocket) I even stole a love letter she wrote to him.....look!
S: did a great job!

Serena takes the new found information and meets Jenny at school, they sit in front of a computer and begin writing their Gossip Girl post about Penelope....when finished they put Isabel and Nelli's names at the bottom of the post to make it look like it was written by them and then they wait for Isabel and Nelli's posts to appear on the Gossip Girl Site.
After about half an hour all three posts are up on Gossip Girl. So Personal secrets, true secrets, about Nelli, Isabel and Penelope are on Gossip Girl and worst of all, the posts are written by themselves...this should cause chaos!

In the school travels fast and the three stooges finally come face to face...Serena and Jenny are also there along with most of the school.

P: How could bitches!
Is: us!? you wanted me out!
Ne: You? I dont think so you wanted me out!
Is: You shut up! how could you tell everyone about my family going bankrupt that was a secret!
Ne: So you told everyone about my granddad's toy-boy boyfriend!
Is: So! Your a grass! there's nothing wrong with being poor! ok! at least my granddad isn't a paedophile!
P: Shut up both of you! Your both as bad as each other i cant believe i considered you my friends! i told you about Alan in privacy i cant believe you betrayed my trust! i hate you!

They continue to argue and push each other around, they start cat fighting but a few bystanders pull them apart...Serena and Jenny are watching and laughing!
The three girls run away in their own directions to laughter amongst their peers. everyone is jeering them and shouting obscene names relating to the secrets that have been exposed.

S: Looks like Gossip Girl can come in handy after all!
J: Yay! bless Gossip Girl!
S: (they both laugh) Well that's our job done. Lets get out of here. I want to go visit Blair.
J: Ye lets go.....that was probably the best fun i've had in a long time!
S: Same here!

They walk off.

Gossip Girl: # I suspect foul play...!?! Since when did the wannabe threesome get so evil? And without their Queen's permission...oh sorry i forgot the Queens in rehab! No one likes a scandal quite like me!
Bankruptcy, Toy Boys and Paedophiles!....looks like these three Upper East-siders have more issues between them than your ears can handle! You Know You Love Me xoxo Gossip Girl #

Another of my favourites! Hope you liked it! The next episode will be posted in two days time!
Serena and Lil J know how to get Revenge!!!