Blair & Chuck Best word to describe contest! [Round 13]

cintia_cs posted on Oct 11, 2010 at 03:49AM
Since this spot's been so active lately, I thought we could have a 'best word to describe' game here.

You know the rules:
1) You can use 1-5 words.
2) You can't repeat what's already been said.
3) One entry per person.

I'll make a pick in 5 days or when we have enough entries.

Round 1: Limo sex scene (1x07) - The awakening of true love. (cintia_cs)
Round 2: Chuck's speech at Bart and Lily's wedding (1x18) - Facing true love. (livelydebate)
Round 3: 'Three words, eight letters' scene (2x01) - Unspeakable love. (iLoveChair)
Round 4: 'Maybe in the future' scene (2x08) - Hopeful goodbye. (cintia_cs)
Round 5: Blair's first ILY (2x13) - Leap of broken faith. (ladybug70981)
Round 6: The rooftop scene (2x14) - Her love saved him. (lauren1102)
Round 7: 'I believed in you' scene (2x15) - Too late to apologize. (LaPiccolaFra)
Round 8: 'It's just a game' scene (2x23) - A sacrifice for love. (DaniKatZ)
Round 9: Blair seducing Chuck (2x25) - Desperate to hear it. (lauren1102)
Round 10: 'It consumes me' scene (2x25) - Done playing games. (cintia_cs)
Round 11: Chuck's first ILY (2x25) - Finally. (iLoveChair)
Round 12: 'You carry people. You carry me.' scene (3x12) - Always there for him, remember? (LaPiccolaFra)
Round 13: 'Love makes everything simple' scene (3x22)
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over a year ago cintia_cs said…
Please, keep in mind that you can only use up to 5 words!
over a year ago helenaj0nsson said…
Oh sorry.. Becoming a good man
over a year ago xochuckandblair said…
They carry each other
over a year ago lissettebyc said…
I'll always be with you!!^^
over a year ago LoveLiesAndLust said…
They give each other strength.
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
Always there for him, remember?
over a year ago cintia_cs said…
Letting go of the pain.
over a year ago cintia_cs said…
Round 13: 'Love makes everything simple' scene (3x22)
over a year ago purple-passion said…
Remembering what is still there
over a year ago Kackahaluzova said…