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The fans pick: 8-10: I freaking adore everything about them & ship them SO hard.
The fans pick: maybe...
The fans pick: Yeah, it's about time for a change, esp. w/ the - ADORABLE - pics of them lately
The fans pick: yes :D
The fans pick: CHEMISTRY darls! They have it !
CHEMISTRY darls! They have it...
Because they&# 39; re both gorgeous...
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xoxoGG115 said …
Kill me. Please. One of my real-life favorite couples DESTROYED:

WHY BLAKE WHY DID YOU GET MARRIED?! Posted over a year ago
serenate502 said …
They finally have scenes again! and you know what? Chace&Blake were out for lunch/dinner at Chace's birthday! <3 Posted over a year ago
LaiaMaria said …
You know what? After reading some info of the next episode I've realised that maybe they won't have sex(derena,I mean). I think it'll be one of Blair's dreams.
Really believe me, it can be true. Because the producer said that derena won't do anything, but in the promo b is angry with s. That'd explain everything. B is scared that maybe S could seduce Dan like she did with Naate in s1 and that's why she choses Dan. So the last scene of this season will be in rome with Dan and Blair xxx
Posted over a year ago
nateandjenny commented…
I only care about Nate. over a year ago
nateandjenny commented…
I don't like DB. over a year ago
nateandjenny commented…
I loved Cb. over a year ago