Did you have a group of girlfriends like the ‘sisterhood’ in the movie?
Blake Lively - I still do. I have a friend, my friend Jessica, who I've had since I was 3 years old and my friend Brittany who I've had since…7th grade. We can fight like no tomorrow and we can have these crazy times and prank, and go do nothing together and it's this great friendship because you have such a deep understanding of one another. We know each other so well inside and out that it's amazing.

Were you jealous because Alexis Bledel got to spend the summer in Greece?
Blake Lively - Well, I got to spend the summer in Cabo.

Do you play soccer like your character?
Blake Lively - Yes. I had two months of soccer training through trainers in Los Angeles and Canada. My brother-in-law took me to all the games with him and his friends, and I played with the other girls in Canada. I played for three years when I was young and I was absolutely horrible at it but I loved it. So, when they told me I'd have to learn how to play soccer I was so excited because it's such a fun sport to play.

How do you relate to Bridget?
Blake Lively - Bridget is strong and determined. And she lives at a...very fast pace!

Blake, I hear you were on crutches on the set, after falling off your moped. How was that experience in Greece?
Blake Lively - The stairs were wonderful! Especially with the rocks wobbling when you were trying to get up them!

So what's the craziest gossip you ever read about yourself?
Blake Lively - The things they make up. I've had people call me and be like, you didn't tell me you were in town. When I'm across the country. Because I was seen making out with somebody, or shopping in some store, or something.

Also another one, from the hair and makeup girls. It was funny, so they put it up in our trailer. It was like, Blake tells a tall tale! And it was that I'm really five foot four. But that I lie, and I say that I'm really tall. And that I'm wearing stilts to be really tall!

They were like, the only way she's anywhere near five ten, is if she's on stilts. And it was this big article. It was like half the page.

So how tall are you really?
Blake Lively - I'm like...five four! My stilts are under the table! Ha! But they just make crazy things up. So, I don't know...

Who has been your sisterhood in real life?
Blake Lively - My best friends are one from the seventh grade, and one from the second grade. Which I don't think was that long ago!

How are you with watching yourself on the screen?
Blake Lively - I get really shy watching myself in a movie. Even if I'm with my family or friends. I just want to hide! And in this movie, I felt my worst scenes were with my father. Because it felt so strange to be working alongside him.

What was bad about that?
Blake Lively - Yelling at him! Because you can't yell at him. He'd just give you a big teddy bear hug. But it was really an honor to have him be there, and I don't know when we'll get to do that again.

He's the first one in our family who got into this business, and I never wanted to be in it. But it's just nice that we get to be on the screen together. He's just so weird and shy. But I thought he was so great and touching. And I hope I didn't go mess up his scenes!

What is it that keeps you grounded, and away from being all those girls gone wild celebrities yourself?
Blake Lively - I just think for too many people, it becomes a way of life instead of a job. And my whole family is in this business, I grew up with that mindset. So I think that's the thing for me.

It's just like at the end of the day, I want to go to dinner. And like watch a movie. I don't want to go to a club and...not wear panties!