Age: 786 (in the Soul Society)

Gender: Male

Race: Shinigami

Weight: 123 lb.

Position: Captain of the 11th Division

Bio: Ezretha was a rather famous musician and artist in feudal Kyoto during the 11th Century. During his largest performance, he was poisoned by an insidious trick: his koto string cut into his finger releasing the poison. Some say it was a rival performer or his greedy and horrid wife. From then on, he haunted the hall for several years before being purified. For the next 300 years, he was taken under the arm of a friendly old shop owner of a tea house, and was taught for all those years the fine art of tea making. But, one day, the man dissappeared and after several weeks, at the reading of his will, strange though that may be, he was left the tea house, his house and his piece of property in the Rukon: the pagoda. After gaining ownership of the tea house, he renamed it the Lotus Dragon and left it under management of a good friend of the old man's family. What most wouldn't know is that this tea house is frequented by several of the Captains and carries only tea of his creation. He entered the academy and 5 years later, graduated with high marks in Kido and Swordsmanship. He gained 10th seat of the 5th Division for many years, skilled enough to exceed his superiors but refused on the grounds that they earned their position, and he had no right to take them. During a meditation session among the lotus blossoms, he nicked his skin and a sole drop of blood plopped onto his blade, transforming it into Rotasuransu; his Bankai. He was not a well known member of the Gotei 13, so his promotion to Captain of the 11th Division was quite a suprise. He fought during the Espada invasion after a severly extended work leave and felt the sorrow, betrayel, and pain, that came at the end. He will never forget the tears that streamed his face as he hauled every body one at a time from the battlefield.

Likes: He enjoys the company of his friends and stangers alike and a hot cup of tea in the middle of the night atop his room's roof. He enjoys his hours long meditation sessions with his Zanpakuto, along with the soothing music and beautiful paintings that stem from his fingertips.

Dislikes: Cruelty to women and chauvonistic qualities of men, as his first and foremost. He ultimitly dislikes not being able to bathe everyday, feeling that if he were to meet with someone, he could offend someone with his unhygenic-ness.

Fears: He only fears being alone in life and death.

Personal Relations: He has a very frienemy/ master-student relationship with his Lieutenant, Isumi Kija (or Ms. Kija, as Ezretha refers to her). The only friendship he seems to have made is with Teiko Seishin (Captain of 10th Division).

Appearance:He is a rather tall, almost spindly man with little muscle and mostly bone. His skin is alabaster pale, but gives off a very eerie yet healthy glow. His skin is firm and his features are very smooth, his face soft on the eyes with a very welcoming, vibrant white smile. His eyes are a dark, almost blood red crimson that hide behind only a few locks of his hair. His hair itself is a brighter, rose red color which falls down to his ankles. The hair from the back of his shoulders to 6 inches above his ankles is braided and clasped together by a large, donut shaped jade band. He has no place on his belt for his Zanpakuto, he often holds it in his left hand or hides it behind his hair. He also regularly wears nothing on his feet and are callisus free and well groomed like the rest of him.

Personality: He is a kind and caring man, and very friendly with women, seeing them as incredible people in general. He is calm in most instances and feeling things like fear and anger are very hard for him, yet sadness, happiness and so on hit him like a brick wall. He's rather like a sensible hippy, if that can be believed. He has the utmost understanding of common sense and acts only if provoked, besides his few scraps with Ms. Kija. He treats everyone with a sense of loyalty and respect, although the women he knows he keeps a little bit higher in regard. He talks with a very calming and peppy tone, as to diffuse tension amongst his 11th Division comrades.


Name: Ketsueki Rotasu-"Blood Lotus"
Release: Isshi wa, sen ni naru-"One death, become a thousand."
Bankai name: Rotasuransu-"Lotus Lance"

Sealed Appearance: It is a traditional katana, but with more of a straighter blade than most. The tsuba has several holes since it is comprised of several golden vines, inlaid with several tiny buds. The handle is wrapped in blood red cloth with a gold capped pommel. The scabbard is cherry wood with black gloss paint with a light green vine swirling around its entirety, sprouting small pink lotus blossoms.

Release sequence: The vines leap from the tsuba and wrap around the blade in a vice like grip. The red of the cloth is soaked up from bottom to top into the blade and when complete, the vines shatter, revealing the shikai.

Shikai Appearance: The blade has sprouted several upward, angular hooks at the back of the blade. It now has a blood red hue, and the tsuba is now a series of golden blades resembling a lotus flower. The cloth surrounding the handle is now porcelain white.

-1.Motomeru Bainzu-"Seeking Vines": The hooks spring up as if they are snakes and jettison at extreme lengths with immense slicing and crushing power.
-2.Bainzu o Uchikudaku-"Shatter Vines": This is a passive ability. Anything broken within the hooks shatters into lotus petals.
-3.Rotasu Jomyaku-"Lotus Vein": The blade absorbs blood and sends it back out as a reitsu charged slash wave. The owner's blood tends to release a more powerful slash wave.

Bankai Appearance and Procedure: He sinks the blade deep into the ground and yells bankai. The ground glows and moves like a dirt sea. He uproots the sword with one hand, its handle elongating as he does so. The blade, or cone, itself is about 15 feet and 4 feet wide. The handle is 3 meters long and is just a longer version of the shikai handle. The blade represents a gun barrel, a swirling blade incompasing the cone. The blossom is now porportionate to the blade and backwards, providing arm cover.

-1.Difendabainzu-"Defender Vines": The scabbard can sprout metal vines, using itself as the handle of a large, circular shield.
-2.Piasu no chi-"Piercing Blood": The same basic principle of Lotus Vein only super charged and in the form of a large energy beam blasting from the tip of the lance.
-3.Burossamu o Tabete-"Devouring Blossom": The lance unfurles at the convergence of the spiral blade and closes around the victim, sending it into a crushing and slicing doom. This is a ability only able to be used 3 times on any given day. It is revitalized in a full 24 hours.

Zanpakuto Spirit Form: The form is of a very beautiful shrine maiden, how appears at least 18 in age. She carries the shikai at the ends of her chinese braids of violet hair, which match her eyes. She is pale like Isishio, but with more form; very physical and emotionaly attractive, almost as if this is Isishio's reason for his chivalry.

Spiritual Pressure: It is that of a swirling red, white and gold, like colors that refuse to fuse.

Inner world: His inner world is a empty stage with a constant lotus petal shower. There is a table in the middle of said stage and the spotlight is always on his Zanpakuto. When he says things of moral intrest, an invisible audience will cheer or jeer, depending on if it is worthy of both. There is always tea, and Isishio is in a dark violet male kimono, a koto on his side of the table. The backdrops and props are indeed the genuine article of what they represent, a tree a tree, a stream a stream, etc. The scene most of the time takes place in an outdoor enviornment, but when Ketsueki is cross with him, she'll have it be inside, or in a very discomforting place.