(They stood facing each other, the distant blink of spiritual pressure fading away. Starrk avoided a potentially dangerous attack from Ulquiorra and parried the Zanpakuto away from his face. They let off another Cero each, and the two different coloured energies collided and exploded with a bright flash.)

Starrk: You're pretty good, Ulquiorra, but you are quite weak without your Resurreccion... I'd suggest that you use it, because I'm actually getting pretty fired up for once. I know, pretty unusual for one as relaxed as me, right?

Ulquiorra: Quite... weak? I don't think I have shown any of my true strength just yet, Primera. But, I will oblige you, since you seem so deperate to see my Resurreccion. Follow me!

(Ulquiorra and Starrk made their way to the roof of Las Noches, and broke through it, sending pieces of floor careening down below. They faced each other grudgingly.)

Ulquiorra: Enclose, Murcielago!

(A huge wave of green reiatsu was released in front of Starrk and he held his hands over his eyes. The reiatsu burst into the air and scattered, splattering around Starrk like green raindrops. Starrk waited momentarily, until he saw Ulquiorra's released state. The other Espada was different, his robes much more flowing and the mask around his head much more pronounced, two horns jutting out of his head and black wings spread out of his back.)

Ulquiorra: Given the quality of my reiatsu now, and the strength of my Resurreccion, I'm surprised that you are still standing.

Starrk: Don't be stupid. I'm the Primera, in case you had forgotten, I can resist such huge reiatsus, without even losing any strength.

Ulquiorra: I see.

(Ulquiorra disappeared, knocking Starrk backwards and a green lance of energy appeared in his hands. Starrk righted himself and used his own, considerable speed and blocked the lance, then swiped eagerly at Ulquiorra. He met with some resistance, as the Cuarto Espada swung back, blocking the Zanpakuto easily and threw Starrk backwards.)

Starrk: You're pretty strong. I guess I should use mine. Lilinette!

Lilinette: I'm right here, Starrk!

Starrk: It is time. Kick about, Los Lobos!

(Starrk held his hand over Lilinette's head and reiatsu began to swirl around his hand, bursting upwards and around him, then his Zanpakuto disappeared and a massive cloud of smoke burst forth, covering the Primera Espada and obscuring him from Ulquiorra's view. When Starrk reappeared from the cloud of smoke, he was much different, wearing tight, black pants, a furry, grey jacket, or tunic and he held two pistols in his hand. He also had an eyepatch.)

Ulquiorra: Interesting. You seem much stronger now.

Starrk: This is just the beginning, Ulquiorra!