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Post comments about - the stoy after bleach anime  Ulquiorra2013 0 380 over a year ago
Order Of Espadas  Ulqulorra 6 755 over a year ago
i got soi fon tatted on my leg  truko323 0 1009 over a year ago
Bleach: Fallout Characters  grif16 110 13597 over a year ago
hey guys good to see you again!  jadzter18 3 640 over a year ago
I need a Zanpakuto, plz help!  shorty35565 3 954 over a year ago
Bleach: Blackout  crazieone106 200 18536 over a year ago
Bleach: The Forgotten Warriors  shukun_kizuku 100 5675 over a year ago
Bleach RP  england-rocks 0 300 over a year ago
Bleach: The End Is Near (character topic)  RedPineapple 1 397 over a year ago
Guess whose eye is this?  yuugao 114 7737 over a year ago
The Lucky Song!  ivoryphills 0 432 over a year ago
Bleach: The End Is Near  RedPineapple 0 1307 over a year ago
Bleach The Second Coming: Soul Merchants Roll Play  Dancing_Petal 94 4507 over a year ago
Bleach R3 Rp Forum  Demonsoul 1 703 over a year ago
I need 11 slightly overpowered ex. Captains and lieutenants for a story..can anyone post some!!!  Dancing_Petal 3 569 over a year ago
fave bleach picture  soran 1 953 over a year ago
Soul Society: Rise of the shinigami  shadowcon99 227 12949 over a year ago
Private Rp please dont post if ur not my friend  JDeezy12 29 5168 over a year ago
CONTEST: Best song to describe...?  Steffan 0 459 over a year ago
Espada resurection form  Xindale 3 664 over a year ago
Shuhei fans!  Animeanimal 0 367 over a year ago
where can I buy a Bleach captian haori?  Zorban43 1 1692 over a year ago
Yumichika fans!!!  Animeanimal 0 303 over a year ago
FOLLWERS OF ANGEL SANCTUARY!  Animeanimal 0 286 over a year ago
Sado (Chad) fans unite!  Veebsy 0 327 over a year ago
How can you see the moon in Hueco Mundo when there's no sun?  CosmicLuna 3 936 over a year ago
The Past Lives of the Espada  Araku_Karakai 2 1527 over a year ago
CONTEST!  Animeanimal 0 254 over a year ago
Random What-if's  Shapeshift415 2 366 over a year ago
bleach spoiler forum  rusty746454 10 1170 over a year ago
Hanataro fans read this!  Animeanimal 0 437 over a year ago
shinigami or quincy.  jeikobu 10 949 over a year ago
The soul society: is it evil?  Animeanimal 1 2436 over a year ago
Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan///Синсэнгуми: Демон сакуры  ALUKARD 0 1758 over a year ago
does anyone know when there continuing dub?  atamisk 0 287 over a year ago
Soul Merchants  cherese_cobb 101 6409 over a year ago
Bleach The musical part 3 Subbed!  XxLostAngelxX 0 242 over a year ago
Rukia: A Friend or More than a Friend for Ichigo?  msbeefjerky 5 412 over a year ago
Yachiru's zanpakuto  Xindale 3 3114 over a year ago
Live action Bleach movie, yay or nay.  Xindale 2 427 over a year ago
Bleach 3rd it? Hate it?  Ulqulorra 2 973 over a year ago
create a character  songoku1112 11 4744 over a year ago
who do you like for Rukia?  Chronea 2 365 over a year ago
rank in strength of all captain/ex captains/vizard captains  Ulquiorra2013 3 3906 over a year ago
rp any species of bleach characters only. . .we will battle them once there is enuff  yokai 0 426 over a year ago
Bleach  blue_echo 8 875 over a year ago
Sub or dub?  rusty746454 7 554 over a year ago
Bleached pics!  Hijara 74 22498 over a year ago
anyone a fan of AMV's?  zero1gmv 1 440 over a year ago
Character and zanpakto battle  gokuluigifan333 46 1490 over a year ago
just asking...  helz14 4 452 over a year ago
Who would be your Vice-Captain, Subordinate, etc.  Understar 8 1196 over a year ago
bleach (anime)  udarsha45 3 521 over a year ago
Your Characters  LunaShay 1 343 over a year ago
Create you own arrancar!!!!!  Ulquiorra2013 3 568 over a year ago
Create an Arrancar  onix11 12 604 over a year ago
Bleach stories....==  helz14 16 724 over a year ago
Bleach chapter 397 *Spoilers*  shortynme 2 469 over a year ago
zanpakuto rebellion arc -- now end  jadzter18 1 3108 over a year ago
create your own bleach charcatter, storyline, Zampakuto, etc but make it fair  songoku1112 15 6601 over a year ago
HEY GUYS!!  jadzter18 0 264 over a year ago
program to download the anime  nour101 1 524 over a year ago
Bleach A-Z  lloyd2 150 6132 over a year ago
Zapaktou battle arena  songoku1112 8 945 over a year ago
Bleach character nickname  Toushirou 3 2721 over a year ago
Rangiku Matsumoto  Master24 3 1693 over a year ago
Bleach anime vs Bleach manga  hitsugaya-kun 5 942 over a year ago
How do you feel about fillers?  shortynme 10 413 over a year ago
The Zanpakutou's True Forms  Fitch 21 2746 over a year ago
Join the Over There spot!  shortynme 1 389 over a year ago
Bleach episodes  shortynme 9 877 over a year ago
NOTATCAY  annvie9 18 1110 over a year ago
Bleach Amrageddon Day  Gtrulez 10 761 over a year ago
Bleach chapter 352! Just released! Spoilers!  shortynme 0 444 over a year ago