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Riku114 posted on Aug 03, 2012 at 04:08AM
Hello, this is the story part of the Bleach New Generations: New RP. To see the original rp by bleachcrazy with the characters info, go to­oru­m/p­ost­/18­...­-rp .

If you are getting off of this rp and dont want to continue, please give a good show in the rp to exit your characters out as well.

(T= Treason)

1. Cpt. Nikona Yamamoto (bleach crazy)
Lt. Misuse no jāku (Ben) (T)
2.Cpt. Ranagami Feng (Riku)
Lt. shibō asashin (ben)
3.Cpt. Soju Omagara (Riku) (hes not as quiet as i wrote him as..... he came out pretty loud.... LOL XD)
Lt. Itzuki Makinaze (bleachcrazy)
4.Cpt. Nari Unohana (shadow)
Lt. (Daisuke Yoshino) (shadow)
5.Cpt. Kiroku Sakku (wolf)
Lt. Jinaba Kemot (Riku)
6.Cpt. Byakuya Kuchiki the 2nd (Ben)
Lt. Harukai Hasumora (Riku)
7.Cpt. Shin Menboku (wolf)
Lt. Minke Butetsu (bleachcrazy)
8.Cpt. Nezia Ekusos (Riku)
Lt. Mikomo Binasa (Riku)
9.Cpt. Koga Mangetsu (wolf master)
Lt. Urufu (Ben)
10.Cpt. Hirabuhei Zaraki (Riku)
Lt. Tsurara (Ben)
11.Cpt. Manimosa Zaraki (Riku)
Lt. Kyōfu asashin (Ben)
12.Cpt. Otaku Kunshu (Ben)
Lt. Kasu-bukuro (Ben)
13. Cpt Kyomi Suzuwami (Riku)
Lt. Shingo Kusangi (Riku)
14.Cpt. Heiwa Kurosaki (Ben)
Lt. Jigoku buringā (Ben)
15.Cpt. Yuga Hayashi (Shadow)
Lt. Haramona Grudon (Riku)

1. Chimera Noctis (Nate)
2. Shingai Kyuukyoku (Kage?)
4.Seiki Jinruiai (Kage?)
7.Roiyaru (Kage?)
8.Monda (shadow)
9.Masaomi Kinumoto (BP)
10.Swarm (Nate)
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over a year ago Riku114 said…
Riku: (sighs and scratches her head) I just dont like long ones cause you cant really have someone else join in in a battle or conversation, because there arent really any place for them to enter. I dont mind having to be more discribtive, but making a long one is just annoying for me. I will try not to put them in sentences only either, but I dont want to end up writing a whole battle mostly based off of my material. When I do that, it just feels so weird....... Also, as ben said, dont use my characters. I may have not of had used Ranagami much, but then I dont want it moving to either Kyomi or Shingo my two favorite ones I created. So finally, I will try to be more discrptive and a little longer, but I doubt it would be as long as you would like, cause that long is too uncomfortable to me.
over a year ago Riku114 said…
Riku: Anyways I'm not gonna stay on the conversation and I would rather get out of it at this point due to the fact that I believe that everyone would rather read our "chopped up pieces" that read us arguing about our writing style..... I understand you aren't trying to annoy someone or get them mad or anything, but it is beginning to annoy me.... And like I said in the last one, Ill try to fix the style here and there, but not all the way. O and BTW, you have 9 more post until it becomes a page full of this conversation.
over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Why don't we just completely drop it ok. Blackpanther666 like moms always say and I here it a lot. Ifyou don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all
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over a year ago Riku114 said…
Riku: (Sits up from chair after checking fanpop) Okay well whatever....

Kyomi: For what purpose? Also where is Ranagami? (Looks around herself)
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over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Jigoku: I don't know where Ranagami is so I need you to tell her. I am going to throw a surprise birthday party for them.

(Hueco muendo)
Kasu: How hard is it to free my captain. What is this thing made of. Wow it's tough* he pass out from exhaustion.
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over a year ago Riku114 said…
Kyomi: But they havent really celebrated their birthday in a while and Im not sure if they want to?

Ranagami appears next to Kyomi after she hears her name.

Ranagami: It sounds fine to me.....

Kyomi: Well, then I guess so.... Send us a hell butterfly when its ready.

Ranagami flash steps to squad 6 barracks and grabs Byakuya's arm and Kyomi flash steps to squad 12 barracks and grabs Heiwa's arm and they both flash step away.

Kyomi: Im gonna show you some where I find very pretty. (Smiles)
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over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Heiwa: What is going on here Kyomi.

Byakuya: Why did you grab me.

(Back in the squad 14 barracks)
Jigoku: The ice sculpture needs to go there and the punch goes there. Hey Harukia how are those streamers coming along.
over a year ago Riku114 said…
Kyomi: Just wait, I wanna show you somewhere I visited when I lived in the Rukon District, and believe it or not Ranagami was my old friend. We are meeting up there and Bykuya is coming too.

Rangami: Im taking you somewhere.....

Harukia: Its going great.

Shingo and the rest of Squad 13 and 2: Hey out captains sent us here to help out with something, Lt. buringā.
over a year ago Riku114 said…
Jodin: Hey whats the rush Ranagami?

Ranagami grabs Jodin with her other hand.

Jodin: Whoah where are we going?

Ranagami: Youll see as well.
over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Jigoku: Ok now Shingo I need to go get the cake and don't try to eat it. As for the rest you start putting the decrotations. Hurry back with the cake Shingo.

Heiwa: whoa slow down Kyomi.

Byakuya: *thinks to himself (I wonder what she is up to)*
over a year ago Riku114 said…
Shingo: Alright. *flash steps off to get the cake*

Squad Members: Okay sir.

Seat 3: I thought it might of been something bigger being that squad 6 is on night watch and all the espada appearing, but I guess this is fine.

Seat 5: Meh, its I had a feeling that it wasnt gonna be anything big so I didnt really bring my zanpaktou.....

Seat 3: Idiot! What if it was?!

Seat 5: I dont know, I guess I would run back and get it......

Seat 3: Idiot! I doubt they would let the defenseless man go.......

Seat 5: Well it isnt so shut up....

Kyomi: Fine Ill slow down the flash step, anyway there isnt any of a rush, but Im still taking you there....

O i did not so thats why they never mentioned it thx
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over a year ago NateBind said…
( note : seat 1 is captain ' seat 2 vice captain . If you didn't know )
over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Jigoku: Ok everyone the decorations look great all we need now is that cake.

Heiwa: well I would like to know why you are doing this.

Byakuya: what is this for anyway ranagami.
over a year ago Riku114 said…
Kyomi: I bet you would of figure it out. O wait right here. (Takes a right turn into a field of blossoms and flowers) This is liertraly the only pretty place around here. Most people dont know about it.

Ranagami: Here we are.

Kyomi: Hi Ranagami, I was sure you didnt forget the way here.

Ranagami: How would I we have been the only ones taking care of it......

Jodin: So this is where you two used to run of to.

(In Sereti)

Shingo: Hey I got the cake! And free ice cream!
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over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Jigoku: good I will send a hellbutterfly to captain Kyomi to let her know we are ready and to come to squad 14 barracks.*she sent it off* ok everyone hide and someone get the lights.
over a year ago Riku114 said…
Kyomi notices the hell butterfly going toward them.

Kyomi: O time to go! (Kyomi grabs onto Heiwa's arm and flash steps off)

Ranagami: Huu, well whatever, Kyomi says lets go (grabs onto Byakuya's arm again andaflash steps away.)

Shingo hides next to the door with his hollow mask on. *Snickers at the thought if Kyomi's face as it always is when he does it*
over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Jigoku: don't you dare.* Punches Shingo in the back of the head* this is not the time for that.
over a year ago Riku114 said…
Shingo: Fine.... (Hides under the table and removes mask)

Kyomi opens the door with Byakuya Heiwa and Ranagami behind her.
over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Everyone: surprise happy birthday.

Heiwa and Byakuya: oh my lord.
Heiwa: what is this.

Byakuya: a party for us

Jigoku: yes I felt bad about you not celebrating your birthday so I organized this party.

Heiwa: Kyomi Ranagami you knew about this.
over a year ago Riku114 said…
Kyomi: I thought you said you knew what this was about? And of course I knew.

Ranagami: Well, lets enjoy.

Jodin: I had no clue about this.... T.T

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over a year ago Riku114 said…
brb in 5 min
over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Heiwa: Thank you. Thank you all.

Byakuya: Yes thank you.

Jilgoku: I went ahead and got an ice sculpture made.

Heiwa: it looks like my family and miss rukia.

Byakuya:*crying and smiling* this is one of happiest days of my life.
over a year ago Riku114 said…
Kyomi: Wow such a suprise party made Byakuya happy... (Smiles)

Shingo: Sure did!

Ranagami smiles.
over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Byakuya: It may be a way to early but Ranagami will you marry me.

Heiwa: Holy shit. I didn't he was that much in love with her.
over a year ago Riku114 said…
Ranagami: *face palm* Sorry, but no not now.

Kyomi thinking: O geez Byakuya, you are going way over youre head........

Jodin thinking: Wow! Byakuya! Just wow..... Youre tring to push your luck too far....... Now that I thought about it someone from the Feng family and someone from the Kuchki family are dating......