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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago topgun342 said…
This is yet another zanpakuto i have created. Sorry for the delay though my internet encountered some minor problems. As all of you know the users zanpakuto reflects a part of the user and i try to do that for my character Sil. Sil is a part of me. Therefore, all my zanpakutos reflect a part of me.

This zanpakuto does not have a description except for the unreleased state because it would be pointless for this zanpakuto has multiple forms one which is not really seen.
So i will cut straight to the chase.
Zanpakuto unreleased: It looks like tensa zangetzu at first sight for it is a black blade but it is a double edge sword. It is about the same as an ordinary unreleased zanpakuto. about maybe 20 inches

Zanpakuto release command: Split and prey optional:(upon the enemy before you)

Zanpakuto initiation: grab zanpakuto as you would for any giant swords with two hands one above the other and the sword is turned sideways the sword them grows in size which is when Sil says the release command.

Zanpakuto name: touketsu kumori tsuin maru
Frozen shadow twin rings

Zanpakuto transformation: The zanpakuto splits down the middle the one on the left slides down forming a dual wield zanpakuto.
their is a change in appearance.
One band around one of my two wrists is black and the other is a light blue color but they are on opposite hands as the blade they represent. The black represents the shadow blade and vice versa. Also my kimono is different but it would be hard to describe. I have two gauntlets the on the left one is in the shape of a wolf's head and the other a dragons also I have an emblem of a spider on my left arm and a phoenix on my right hand.

Zanpakuto abilities: below

shadow blade: manipulations of shadows
manifest the opponents greatest fear from the opponents shadow
manifest dark animals spider, dragon, wolf (wolves), or phoenix but only one

Ice blade: manipulation of water in any form but primarily ice
this blade has numerous abilities becasue of the manipulation of water in any form
sends ice spiders to spy on people
Bankai: Touketsu kumori ryoku tsuin maru
Frozen shadow twin power rings

Bankai abilities:
same as shikai

ice armor forms upon the animal invoked
you can use all animal abilities by simply saying: spirit guard invoke the forest this icludes the following

spider= cling to walls
almost untouchable
shoot thin ice much like a spider shoots that substance to make their webs but from my palms or my blade.

dragon= ice breath
inpentrible ice armor

phoenix=ice breath
can be reborn after deadly blow or critically damged afterwards being healed 90% of injures
Note:both phoenix and dragon ice breath freeze anything the ice breath touches including enemies

wolf= almost invisible at night
increased senses (all five)
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Sinwalker7 commented…
A litte to spasifc on the animal forms. But all around a very cool and powerful zanpakuto. over a year ago
over a year ago AumShinrikyo said…

[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] Shirikyo(truth), 真理教
Zanpakuto type: Spirit type
Shikai release - Discern, Shirikyo!
[bankai name] - Aum Shinrikyo, Supreme Truth, オウム真理教
Bankai release - Declare, Aum Shinrikyo!­0/2­541­0_1­373­...­png­0/2­541­0_1­373­...­png

Back-story - Originally the character would that an English teach from America. Unknown to him he is that of a full-bringer and latent power attracts hollows. Leave Ichigo to save his teacher many times and end up realizing each other's powers. In training of his powers he re-awakens Ichigo's lost fullbring powers.(funny how Ichigo keeps getting his lost powers back, huh?) His fullbringer powers would that of finding hidden things or of secrets. However, before learning to maximize the fullbring power with him he is ambushed by a hollow that set up and explosion. That explosion knocks his soul free from his body. Before he can realize what happened the hollow has already devoured his body and absorbed his powers.(thus making him the main villain of the story arch.) Cutting him from the chain of fate. Ichigo is only to arrive as his teacher is transforming into a hollow. Not wanting to cut his teach down, he remembers the same process that happen to him and tries to instruct his teacher on what to do. Like Ichigo his teacher barely averts the hollow transformation leaving him Soul Reaper and a Vizard. The teacher uses a giguy(sp?) by Urahara to rap up his real life and move to the Soul Reaper domain. Thus beginning of the Story of the Soul Reaper from Foreign Lands.

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)
1. Discern - While shikai form is active the user will know if opponent is lying/bluffing/ or making a deceptive move. Such as seeing thru all fake or illusion clones or even nullifying all illusion based abilities.
2. Crescent Moon - Similar to Tensa Zangetsu but far weaker and makes a perfect Crescent shape and can be produced in rapid fashion. Best to cut thru things. Only the most powerful can block directly without dodging and not getting cut.
3. Spirit Sense - heightened awareness of all thing spirit based and follows of spirit energy. Making user a good opponent to Quincy and other spirit type Zanpakuto like Zangetsu.
[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
1. future sight - Allows user to see opponents actions up to 5 seconds ahead.
2. Follows of the river - Passive ability- Faster recovery of spirit energy by drawing from surroundings. This is seen in the altering of the appearance of the user in Bankai form. Two white silky trips of cloth that flow up front and back but make solid head-sized loops on shoulders. Bits of spirit particles can be seen to go into center of the loops to a central light.
3. Spear of heaven - It is just a powerful laser erm... spirit beam. Generated from in-between the two blades.

Vizard mask would look that of a knight with a backwards curved blade-like protrusion from the middle of forehead. Of course hollow abilities would make Crescent Moon and Spear of Heaven appear black instead of white and even further power Follows of the river.
Hollow taken over or "resurrection" form would that be of a Knight/Centaur cross.

The Soul reaper would likely be a perfect captain of squad 3, of course!

Just so that no one can claim "Overpowered" here are some like weaknesses and exploits.
1. Kiduo based zanpakuto and kiduo abilities would be likely counters. Even though he would also be good at Kiduo as well.
2. Those who have a lot of spirit energy and use it recklessly would overwhelm the Future sight ability and even force the shut down of Follows of the river to keep from being burned out opponent's spirit energy. Kenpachi Zaraki would likely be such a person. The only choice would be to find away to win the battle quickly or be worn down by Kenpachi Zaraki.
3. Another way would be to use Future Sight as a weakness. Anyone who realizes it nature and is cleaver enough could turn it around. Clear your mind and strike on instinct. As he beings to counter your move before your even aware your making it, instantly change your attack. This would create double vision in Future sight and leave him confused and vulnerable for that moment. Only those most clever and skilled in swordsmanship would be able to pull it off.
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<br />
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] Shirikyo(truth), 真理教
<br />
Zanpakuto type: Spirit type
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
This is something I came up with while I was away... It's probably somewhat overpowered, but I liked the idea of following a particular scientific concept, especially that of thermodynamics.

Name: Muchitsujo ('Disorder')

Release Command: Divine Lord of Energy become my carrier,

Bankai: Mikoto Netsuri Kigakuteki ('Thermodynamic Lord')

Normal Appearance: This blade is simple, being a normal Japanese katana, with red and orange wrappings on the handle and a guard shaped like a flame. The blade length is about 1.15 metres long and also has markings etched into the blade – these are simple lines, but represent the flow of energy within the spiritual world.

Shikai Special Ability: This blade ultimately affects the surroundings, including the atmosphere and environment, by causing a rising of thermal (heat) energy, by releasing large amounts of said energy from the blade when the release command is called. This thermal energy creates disorder, a principle known as the second law of thermodynamics, where heat energy given off adds to the disorder of the atmosphere, which is essentially where all unusable heat energy resides and can no longer be utilised by humans. However, the basis of this blade is to reform this unusable energy into energy that can be recycled and used again. A benefit of this ability is that the heat energy is used for attacks and the user's spiritual energy is only used when recycling the disorder/heat energy.

Disorder Ray: This disorder, or unusable heat energy, is recycled into energy that can be used once more, which is an anomaly in the science/biology world, but perfectly reasonable in a world where people see Gods of Death. This energy is, for this particular attack, compacted into a ray of heat energy/disorder, which is fired directly at the opponent, at a rate difficult to escape from, and surrounds them for approximately 30 seconds, preventing any movement for that time and also partially suppresses their spiritual energy for around a minute after the movement effect subsides. This decreases their spiritual energy up to 20% at a time. This ability can be used more than once and the amount of heat energy recycled often determines how many times this attack can be used.

Piercing Heat: When activated, heat energy is compacted into ten beams of 1,000 degrees Celsius rays of heat, which are fired directly at the opponent from the tip of the Zanpakutou's blade, at a passing rate of approximately 50 m/s (metres per second). These beams are unable to be broken, unless the spiritual energy of a Vice-Captain, or higher, is raised by at least 30%. These beams pierce the opponent's body and go right through to the other side, fastening themselves into the ground behind the opponent. Despite the damage they can do, they are relatively easy to avoid, for those that have exceptional speed, or shunpo mastery, or essentially Vice-Captain level and higher. Another small effect of these beams of heat, is the fact that the skin burns around the wound created by the piercing of the skin and doesn't heal as quickly as a normal wound would, as the skin is burnt around the edge of the wound and takes more time to heal – only a healer with a mastery of healing Kido would be able to make them heal faster.

Shikai Appearance: This weapon consists of two swords chained together to form one fluid weapon. One is a Japanese-style sword, similar to or resembling a katana, but without the typical cross-guard that many Zanpakutou's have when in normal form, and the handle is also somewhat different. Instead, this sword looks very similar to the Shikai weapon of Kisuke Urahara, his Zanpakuto Benihime, the Blood Princess, with the golden connection between the blade and handle. The other part of the weapon is a massive claymore, or broadsword, with a long, strong blade and the typical cross-guard of that of a British style broadsword. The Japanese-style sword is approximately 1.25 metres long, from the tip of the sword, to the end of the handle. The claymore/broadsword is around 2.5 metres long from handle to blade-tip, while the blade width is 15 centimetres wide and the thickness of the blade is 4.5 centimetres.

Bankai Special Ability: Similar to the Shikai special ability, this also affects the atmosphere and environment surrounding any spiritual being. However, the effects are similar but different. Instead of simply adhering to the second law of thermodynamics, this Bankai follows the principle of the first law of thermodynamics much more closely than that of the second. The first law of thermodynamics states that 'energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, only transferred, or transformed'. However, this Zanpakuto completely ignores the basis of this principle and can 'destroy' energy, then recreate into a different kind of energy, if need be. i.e. Instead of being limited purely to heat energy, the user can also have access to gravitational, chemical and kinetic energy. Using different kinds of energy can also have different effects, specific only to that kind of energy. In other words, the user of this blade can have access to unlimited amounts of energy, only by utilising a portion of their own spiritual energy. The drawback of this blade is that consistently recreating and destroying energy can use a lot of spiritual energy. In Bankai, the user can still utilise the abilities from Shikai.

As The Creator Decrees: This is a very powerful ability, utilising the birth of new energy, from energy destroyed by this particular Zanpakuto. This blade is used to destroy energy, especially that of unusable heat energy, or disorder, by allowing the user to 'see' strands of energy and use the blade to 'shatter' the bonds, that hold the particles together within that energy, completely, causing that energy to cease to exist. However, because the blade gives the ability to 'see' or sense particles and strands of energy, it allows the user to still see the destroyed energy, by seeing the scattered particles that once formed the strands of energy. This ability allows the manipulation of these particles and strands, also permitting the user to reshape this energy into chemical, gravitational, heat or kinetic energy. These different kinds of energy are used in ways that compliment their type... For example, kinetic energy is the potential energy of particles moving, therefore, kinetic energy increases the base speed and dexterity of the user exponentially, but drastically decreases their other attributes, like physical strength, spiritual energy, reflexes and spiritual awareness as well as endurance. This is the same for other forms of energy, where heat increases spiritual pressure, but decreases the other stats, while chemical increases the ability of spiritual awareness and gravitational energy increases that of endurance and physical strength.

Energy Burn: For a temporary time, around 30 seconds, the user can expend extra spiritual energy and increase all of their stats exponentially, but this wears them out and uses more spiritual energy, which adds onto that which is used to recreate and destroy energy. Despite being a powerful ability, it is only advisable to use in an emergency, as it doesn't just use extra energy, but also can destroy the body of the user, by placing it under incredible strain.

Bankai Appearance: The weapon reforms and resembles a lance. The lance is around 3 metres long and is 10 centimetres through the pole. In the middle of the pole, two chains, symmetrically placed, connect to the weapons from the Shikai. The chains are each approximately 1 metre long. The swords from Shikai are the same as in Shikai. The top of the lance has a head which is proficient at spiritual awareness and energy sensing; also, being in the shape of a diamond, it happens to be very hard and almost unbreakable.
Sinwalker7 commented…
This zanpakotu is Hot lol. over a year ago
over a year ago Blocksystem said…
Zanpakuto name: Hoshako (Radiant Light)
Type: Physical/Kido
Release: Paji, Hoshako! (Purge, Hoshako!)

Shikai: A katana made of pure light aura with infinite cutting ability (except through other zanpakuto and similar weapons), with attacks that release a devastating aura in different ways (simple beams of light coming from sword, a blast surrounding the user, etc)
Shikai elemental attacks: Kagayaku hikari (Shining light)- sends a beam of aura at the enemy coming from the hilt of Hoshako
Oraburasuto (Aura Blast)- sends a pressure wave of light aura from Hoshako's hilt around the user that knocks people back and shellshocks them

Bankai: a small set of pure white armor appears on the user's shoulders and chest, as well as a cape. Sword still looks the same. Greatly increases speed, strength, and now elemental attacks evolve into ultimate attacks
Bankai elemental attacks: Josho yoake no hikari (light of the rising dawn)- a flash of blinding light followed by what looks like stars surrounding the user, which then summon immense beams of aura around the user and at a target
Shinsei o paji kyukyoku (Ultimate purging nova)- a flash of blinding light followed by a massive vortex of aura surrounding the user. This is highly powerful (like a nova) and foes with weaker spiritual pressure will be instantly vaporized.
over a year ago Daigan_Mieru said…
Zanpakuto Name: Jigoku no Tenshi (Angel of Hell)
Release Command: Sojiru (Arise)
Bankai: Akuma no Kyuta (Devil's Executor)

Shikai Description: It is a Chinese Scimitar similar to that of Shunsui Kyoraku's Shikai, however it does not have the red tassles at the handle and the Cross Guard is a rectangle with a fire symbol engraved on it. It has a blade similar to that of Shunsui's but is all black and crimson red reiatsu engulfing it.

Shikai Abilities:

Jigoku no Hi (Hell's Sun) : The red reiatsu of the blade goes towards the tip before expanding to a circle the size of a basketball and shooting a narrow beam (red with white out-line/glow) with extreme precision. If the beam hits any vital organ it immediately Detonates in the victim. If it hits a vital muscle it will paralyse the muscle for about 30 minutes.

Tenshi no Aki (Angel's Fall): The blade's reiatsu turns white and into javelin like spikes that hover around the zanpakuto. They spin at a very high velocity and shoot an average of 900 spikes of condensed reiatsu per second. They are accurate and efficient at dispatching opponents.

Bankai Description: The shikai transforms into a double sided Scimitar which the blade is red and is engulfed in dark reiatsu. The reiatsu can be controlled by the Shinigami at will and can be used to grab victims, impale them, mark out then jab the paralysis points of the victim. The handle itself can be used to add more reiatsu to the zanpakuto thus increasing its efficiency and power.

Bankai Abilities:

Hikari no Waru (Evil of the Light): The dark reiatsu of the light becomes longer and slimmer for more accuracy. The Shinigami spins the weapon at high speeds to make a red and black ball of powerful reiatsu that explodes inwards. The remains then impale the victims in the chest.

Yami no Tsubasa (Darkness Wings): The black/dark reiatsu of the blades now surround both the Shinigami and the Zanpakuto. The Reiatsu around the Shinigami takes the form of wings which allows them to fly at ridiculous speeds. It also increases the user's speed and powers both physically and spiritually.

Tenshi' Sakushu (Angels' Last Fall): The Zanpakuto and Shinigami merge to become one powerful being with the most lethal technique being an enhanced Jigoku no Hi; The Kurai Jigoku no Hi (Dark Hell's Sun). I can obliterate everything within an approximate 8 kilometre radius. Also a 30% chance of the Zanpakuto and Shinigami being merged forever may happen unless Reiatsu strong enough to be on par to the being's own power can push the to apart. Around 2 captains and 7 lieutenants should do the job.

**Also the Dark Hell's Sun is part of Tenshi' Sakushu so its not a separate ability it comes with it.**

blackpanther666 commented…
This is pretty epic... Incredibly powerful, but epic nonetheless. I like it! over a year ago
over a year ago keykeeper said…
Zanpakuto Name: Fritz Ro Tsuganai
Zanpakuto class: defensive
Release: reflect
Bankai: Fritz Okami Tsuganai

Shikai: takes the form of a small katana with a H guard, with a hollow hilt. with a silver cloth wrapped around the end.

Shikai's ability:

Spirit reflection: radiates a small shield that protects from spiritual pressure as well as Hadō class Kidō.

Bankai: the Zanpakuto loses its hilt as the blade morphs into a mirror with a handle on the back with eight blades extending in each direction around the mirror's edge's.

Bankai's ability's:

reunir y dividir: (Collect and split) Any energy that strikes the face of the mirror is redirected through the five blades and can be shot fro the face or used to strength the mirror as a shield.

difusión escudo (Diffusion shield) through the sacrifice of the users spiritual energy can open a small opening to the Precipice World for a short time before being ejected else where.

detección de sombras (Shadow detection) When even a small drop of blood is placed on its surface it can track the owner of said blood via one of the eight blades glowing red.

weakness: Multiple attacks from different sides
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Sinwalker7 commented…
All most a perfact sheild...all most but still cool. over a year ago
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Felt like posting one...

Name: Gōtōishi (Volition Larceny)
Sealed appearance: When sealed it takes the form of a nodachi with a gold octagonal guard, royal purple hilt-wrapping and a royal purple sheathe.
Release command: Reign

Shikai appearance: In its released state it transforms into a 1.3 metre-long simple white-wax wood sceptre with a bronze ball at the base and a large gold ball with a snake coiling around it at the top.

Shikai special abilities: Gōtōishi has the ability to create any type of creature imaginable, of various sizes, out of any liquid or solid substance/material that it can touch with the base of its sceptre e.g. the ground, a brick wall, water, a tree, acid etc. The more complex and larger the creature is, the more spiritual energy is required to create, control and maintain its existence; the wielder can potentially create an unlimited amount of creatures although it requires a lot of concentration and spiritual energy to be able to actively control and maintain all of them. The created creatures have very limited sentience and are driven entirely by induced primal instinct; they follow the wielder’s every command but have enough sense to be able to focus and take down those considered as enemies to the wielder. All created creatures will cease existing and fall apart when either the wielder is knocked out, once Gōtōishi is resealed or when the wielder runs out of spiritual energy.

Bankai name: Gōtōishi Ingōbō (Volition Larceny, Heartless Tyranny)
Bankai release: The wielder strikes the ground three times with the base of Gōtōishi and then raises it into the air while initiating bankai.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Gōtōishi Ingōbō retains its sceptre form but it is now 1.7 metres long and is made of extremely dense gold; the ball at the base is now gold with a 30cm spike protruding from the bottom and the large gold ball at the top of the sceptre now ‘sits’ in a pair of hands, has a dragon coiling around it and has a 10cm spike protruding from the top. The wielder now wears a royal purple royal cape over their shihakushō.

Bankai special abilities: It has the same abilities as in shikai albeit enhanced. All created creatures will continue existing and will act of their own volition even if the wielder is knocked out; however they will cease existing when the wielder’s spiritual energy runs out or if Gōtōishi Ingōbō is resealed.

Bankai technique(s):

Gensogun (Elemental Army): By stabbing the earth with the base of the sceptre Gōtōishi Ingōbō creates up to a hundred golems, which greatly resemble the wielder and have all the physical abilities and traits the wielder has, from the materials in the wielder’s immediate vicinity. Each golem wields a blade, which resembles Gōtōishi in its sealed form, and all are sentient enough to be able to make decisions and evaluate their actions; ultimately all golems will obey the wielder’s commands without question.

Sei no Ishi (Will of the Conqueror): Gōtōishi Ingōbō’s most powerful technique that allows the wielder to overwhelm and then completely dominate a person’s will and sentience. By charging spiritual energy through Gōtōishi Ingōbō and then stabbing the victim with either spike, Gōtōishi Ingōbō makes the victim the wielder’s subordinate thus robbing them of their volition; this allows the wielder to strengthen or weaken the victim physically or mentally, control the victim’s speech and actions and otherwise manipulate their victims as they wish. The victim will remain the wielder’s subordinate for as long as the wielder wills them to be; the subordination effect ceases when bankai is resealed but immediately resumes whenever Gōtōishi Ingōbō is released again. Victims that have strong wills can resist this technique and those who have a will that far exceeds the wielder’s in strength can completely break free from this technique. The wielder can make up to six people their subordinate at once.

Kanzen Tōbatsu (Complete Subjugation): This allows the wielder to instantaneously summon any person that has been made their subordinate to the wielder’s immediate vicinity. Using Bakudō spells or any other methods of restraint on a person under the wielder’s control can block this technique from working.
blackpanther666 commented…
This is pretty awesome! Nice job, Ryuu. XD over a year ago
over a year ago kenjitakashi said…
zanpakutou: Kaze no Mori (Wind of Forest)
release command: grow
bankai: Daigetsugama Kazenomori (Big Crescent Moon-like Iron Scythe Wind of Forest)
zanpakutou sword form: Nodachi

shikai ability: *extendable chains; *add the speed of the user, like wind is the speed *troll XD; *Mist Wind (Kirikaze)
shikai form: chain scythe with tri-section pole.

bankai ability: *it triples the size of the original form and the blade envelopes the spirit of zanpakutou which is its animal form= white phoenix. the tip of the blade is the mouth of the phoenix and the blade connected with the pole has a feathers. *note: it only envelopes the spirit of the zanpakutou on its bankai form.
*can control the wind and make it as a defensive barrier.
*can summon a multiple of tornados by releasing all the reiatsu XD

this is my zanpakutou. and my shinigami name is Takashiro Katsubaki (tall person with white-short spiky hair, and turquoise eyes) loyal to Kisuke Urahara and Yorouichi Shuoin XD

too lazy to explain the details. hahahaha I just want to share too my very own zanpakutou because imma bleach fanatic (Y) :D
blackpanther666 commented…
I don't even understand the Shikai ability, beyond the fact that you have made it sound suspiciously like Kazeshini and named it Kirikaze, who happened to be one of the sword beasts in the Zanpakuto Rebellion Arc. The Bankai sounds a bit better, but there's no where near enough detail to do it justice. over a year ago
over a year ago boetman96 said…
So I saw this, and it sparked my imagination like a wild fire lol so here goes, hope you guys will like it ^^"

Release command: Sabaku (Judge)
Shikai name: Shinjitsu no tsukaite (Wielder of truth)

Shikai form: Pure black hilt, pentagram shaped guard with a pure white hilt wrapping 1 - 5 thin black tentacles (The wielder decides how many he wants out)
Shikai Abilities:
1. The black tentacles can extend large distances and wrap around people/objects (The wielder simply needs to think how he wants the tentacles to move)
2. The tentacles are able to reform into a hard straight blade so it can be used as a sword (The wielder again doesn't have to say/do anything to make it do this, he simply has to want it to do so)
3. The wielder is able to store one kidou spell (any kind, any level) in each tentacle, to do so, he must cast the spell as normal but then focus it into the hilt of the blade while it is in shikai form, the spell will be held in the tentacle until the weilder releases it by saying "Kai" (release) the spell will remain in the tentacle even if the sword returns to it's sealed form, though the wielder must go into shikai to release the spell again.

Bankai name: Shinjitsu no tsukaite, shūkyoku hanketsu (Wielder of truth, Final judgement)

Bankai form: An adult figure, completely made out of shadows wearing a black robe and wielding a scythe appears next to the wielder, the wielder now only has a normal, pure black sword.
Bankai Abilities:
1. Hitotsu kokoro, futatsu no karada (One mind, two bodies) The wielder shares a psychic connection with Shinjitsu no tsukaite, shūkyoku hanketsu, allowing them to coordinate attacks and fight together perfectly.
2. Seitōna kōi (Rightful action) Shinjitsu no tsukaite, shūkyoku hanketsu, slashes his scythe at the opponent and slices straight through them (If the attack is not blocked or dodged) the opponent is not cut but instead feels immense pain (how painful it is, is determined by the number and severity of evil acts, the opponent has done)
3. Kakusareta shinjitsu (Hidden truth) The wielder draws a small amount of blood from his own body using a cursed wound. (The wound is far more difficult to heal no matter the skill of the healer) He puts this blood onto the sword he is wielding, Shinjitsu no tsukaite, shūkyoku hanketsu, reveals his face to the opponent and curses him by revealing the truth behind every lie the opponent has ever heard through out their entire life, the sudden flood of information overwhelms the opponent's mind and causes him to lose the will to fight (This is only effective against a single target, thus not usable when fighting multiple opponents as it leaves the wielder defenseless, the technique can not be used again until the wielder's previous 'cursed wound' has completely healed, this is also no effective against enemies who have not been lied to a lot or who have not been lied to about important things.)

So that's my first zanpakutou, hope you like it ^^
Ryuuikari commented…
I quite like your bankai ability, though I'm not sure how your shikai abilities link with your bankai abilities (although that may just be me :P). All in all I think it's a good first zanpakuto :) over a year ago
boetman96 commented…
too be honest, I'm not entirely sure how the shikai and bankai link either, it just came to me on the spot and I typed it, I'm gonna start on a second one, but this time I'll put some real thought into it, so it actually makes sense, though the first 2 under shikai aren't so much abilities as traits for the weapon, but anyway glad you liked it, PS I really liked, no wait, loved your Gōtōishi, so epic! over a year ago
over a year ago boetman96 said…
Soooooo I kinda came up with this one pretty fast, I had some idea of it already since I've been thinking of making my own little spin of story in the bleach universe :P
Well here goes nothing, I guess ^^
(This blade is a kido type)

Name: Tenshi no hoshi (Angel's star)
In its sealed form Tenshi no hoshi has a hexagram shaped guard and a small hexagram charm hanging for the end of the hilt, it has an orange hilt wrapping.

Release command: Sekai o keihatsu (Enlighten the world)

Shikai form: The entire sword completely disappears the wielder gains a pure white cloak around his body and 12 small shinning orbs (stars) float in the air around him. The wielder fights by using these stars both defensively and offensively, he controls them using his hands.
Shikai abilities:
1. Hitosuji no hikari (Ray of light) The wielder moves the stars into formations of uneven numbers (1,3,5,7,9 or 11) and from the center of this formation a thin beam of light shoots towards the wielder's target. The more stars in the formation, the stronger and larger the beam.
2. Tenkū no tate (Heavenly shield) The wielder moves the stars into formations of even numbers (2,4,6,8,10 or 12) the formation creates a shield spanning across its entire length, the more stars in the formation, the stronger the shield.
3. (This one doesn't have a name since it doesn't have to be activated) When the wielder casts a kido spell (any kind) it can be fired from any of the stars under his command. The spell can also be fired from multiple stars at once, however, to transfer the spell from his hands to one or more of the stars uses an amount of spiritual power (The amount used depends on the strength of the spell, up to 40 it is minimal, from 41-60 it is a relatively large amount, and from 61 upwards, it uses a huge amount, thus making it almost impossible to use 61 or above level spells, more than once, through this ability.)

Bankai name: Shugo tenshi no hoshi (Guardian angel's star)
Bankai form: The wielder still has his white cloak but now has large, white wings on his back (Similar to typical angel wings) The number of stars under his command doubles to 24 (Though he can still only use a max of 11 for Hitosuji no hikari and 12 for Tenkū no tate)
Bankai abilities:
1. Tenshi no kōshin (Angel's march) The wielder pulls the 24 stars together into groups of 6, each forming a single angel, resulting in 4 angels, each wielding a different weapon (Sword, Bow, Shield, Spear) This technique requires immense focus and thus the wielder is unable to move, until the technique is ended, either through the wielder ending it, or if all 4 angels are defeated.
2. Tenshi no shukufuku (Angel's blessing) The wielder combines one of his stars with one of his allies, increasing their physical and spiritual power, as well as their speed. (This technique cannot be used on himself) The sword of the one who is given the angel's blessing will change it's colour to the purest white (Swords that are already pure white, such as Rukia's Sode no Shirayuki, will gain a beautiful white glow) This ends only when Shugo tenshi no hoshi returns to it's sealed form.

So this was number 2, it's kinda connected to my first zanpakuto since the characters I created behind them are brothers (By bond not blood)
Hope you like it ^^
Ryuuikari commented…
Although the angel design is pretty cliche, the powers and techniques themselves are quite good and quite balanced so it's not an overpowered zanpakuto (something which SOOOO MANY people with no creativity make !!). So all in all another pretty good zanpakuto !! XD over a year ago
boetman96 commented…
Haha, thanks, you're right it is kinda cliche but it's made to kinda be the polar opposite of the first, death/darkness and life/light for a light based support style zanpakuto the best idea I could create was an angel :P I'm always afraid of making overpowered zanpakuto so I always try to give the strong abilities equally strong risks, btw is there a forum here where people create their own spin-off stories in the bleach universe? Since I've created these 2 zanpakuto and their Shinigami wielders (in the create your own shinigami section if you're interested) and I was thinking of making a story based around them... over a year ago
Ryuuikari commented…
There is an RP going on right now called Bleach Resurgence: over a year ago
Ryuuikari commented…
Have a look at it, not sure if there are any spaces left though... post on the forum and ask if you can join, someone will give you an answer quick enough :) over a year ago
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Well, I just wanted to get this out somewhere...

Name: Illusionists Dream (Kijustsu no Yume)

Release command: Lift the veil on their eyes, Kijustsu no Yume

Bankai name: Illusionists Lucid Dream (Kijustsu Meiseki no Yume)

Sealed appearance: It takes the appearance of a trio of katana swords, each with a tsuba resembling a native american dreamcatcher. There are small charms that hang from the circular portion of the tsuba that resemble the feathers of large birds.

Shikai: Appearance: The center of the blades vanish and the dull edge and cutting edge are separated by empty space. The tip of the blade becomes molded to the shape of a large circle with a hollow center, causing the top of the blade to appear like the letter C. Within this shape at the end of the sword there are small steel razor wire threads that form a dreamcatcher. The third blade is often disregarded during combat and is left stuck into the ground or another surface. The pommel of each blade is a rather sharp steel prong resembling a feather.

Shikai abilities:

Yume no Hokaku - “Dream Capture” - This ability utilizes the dreamcatchers at the end of the blades. Energy will gather within the catcher and form tentacles which can then be used as extensions for the blade. The wielder aims to touch the opponents cranium with said tentacles. Depending upon the amount of time the energy is in contact with the opponent, the tentacles can produce an image of one of their fears directly onto the battlefield. While it is possible for the one who fears it to remain indifferent to the mental stimulation it would create, they are most often scared into submission. When on the field of battle, the illusion will become more and more real depending upon the amount of spiritual pressure that is being used to retain it. When it gains complete physical form it is a danger both to the one who fears is and the one who conjures it.

Odoru Genso - “Dancing Illusions” - The user would slice the cords at the end of a blade one by one. When this is done, the cords grow in length and can be used in the same fashion as Yume no Hokaku. These cords appear differently to anyone who looks upon them and cause many different images to appear in front of them as they move. The illusions only remain illusions if they are being produced by cords that are less than the number of cords at the end of every blade(24). If they cut more than half of the cords to that specific dreamcatcher than the previous ability can no longer be used on that sword. With every cord they cut up until that point, the effect of the previous ability would be dampened. If every cord on that sword is cut, the tentacles(now numbering 48) would produce a clone of the illusion that appeared before the eyes of the opponent. Only one sword can be used in this ability at a time.

Bankai appearance: The swords grow considerably in size and all three of them are now joined at the hilt. They are now part of a large dreamcatcher that is three and a half feet tall. This dreamcatchers cords are made of razor wire. The dreamcatcher is rather unsightly, it’s body formed out of badly splintered oak wood and with many nics and large scratches and slices along it’s body. The swords in the center divide the circle into thirds(think of a peace sign used by hippies). These swords can be removed and used to fight individually, however the razor wire remains attached to them as well.

Bankai abilities:

Meiseki Yume no Kanshu - “Warden of Lucid Dreams” - This ability utilizes the same basis for activation as the first shikai ability, energy gathers along the razor wire and they are separated from the frame of the dreamcatcher. The frame is discarded until the ability is cancelled, in which case it will automatically return to it’s original state. These tendrils will be aimed towards any part of the opponents body. When they touch the opponent the tendrils will release spiritual pressure into the nerves of their skin and eventually into their brain. In this way, the user is able to find the thought, dream, scenario, memory, fear, etc., that they think would be the most appropriate to use at the time. The image is then replicated in the outside world using their own spiritual pressure as well as the naturally occurring spiritual pressure from the environment around them.

Genso no Toei - “Projection of Illusions” - The energy gathers in between the gaps of the razor wire and creates a flat surface that can be used as a screen. When the opponent looks at the screen their thoughts are recorded onto the screen. After they have looked at it enough(a minimum of four times) the screen displays a scenario based upon the thoughts that were recorded, adding onto the scenario based upon how many thoughts were recorded, filling in the gaps in the scenarios logic. The longer they watch it play out, the more inclined they are to believe the outcome will be exactly the way the ability depicted it. At any point during the screens playthrough of the thoughts, a sword made purely of the energy can be used to sever the screen. Based upon how many thoughts were recorded, the opponent will be disoriented. They would be confused for .5 of a second for every time that they looked at the screen and had a thought recorded - the reason for this is because they are forced to forget the thought that was recorded. With every half-second that passes they remember one lost thought.

Woo. There's my creativity for the day...
blackpanther666 commented…
Wow, Link, this is amazingly good! I like this one... Definitely creative! XD over a year ago
LinkKinuzuma13 commented…
Thanks BP! It's always nice to hear that from you :) over a year ago
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Name: Rakkujosei - "Lady Luck"

Release Command: Spin the wheel of Fortune, Rakkujosei.

Bankai Name: Esu no Jou - "Queen of Aces"

Sealed Appearance: A katana that appears slightly longer than a normal one with a darker grey blade and a black tsuba in the shape of an elongated diamond. The handle and sheath are both a deep red with a black diamond pattern from end to end. On the pommel is a single chain link with a small card that appears to have a different ace in each corner.

Shikai Appearance: The blade becomes completely blackened with a white diamond in the center of the blade positioned every few inches. The tsuba is relatively unchanged apart from the red diamonds that now pattern the sides of the guard. The handle is unchanged. The user is now equipped with a glove on their dominant hand. This glove has a small poker wheel on the back of it, and it is spun often with the use of abilities. The user is also equipped with a hand of cards in their non-dominant hand that is used in conjunction with abilities. The numbers on the wheel are different than that of what you would normally find on them, as it contains only eight numbers, which are repeated throughout the circle: 20, 40, 80, 100 and 15, 25, 35, 45. The card that is chained to the end is still there.

Shikai Abilities:

Rakkimeichu - “Lucky Hit” - This ability is used with the poker wheel on the back of the hand as well as the cards. The poker wheel is spun using the spiritual pressure of its user. Whatever number it lands on is the predicted success of their next strike towards the opponent. The user will then take a card from their hand and look at it’s number. The number on the card, for example 6, is the number of strikes that must be attempted in order to finally land(or not land) the strike that was predicted by the wheel. Another card is then replaced automatically and the card that was used is destroyed.

Rakkikensu - “Lucky Number” - This is used mainly with the hand that the user holds. The user will be given three extra cards and they will be obscured to both the opponent and themselves. The user will pick a card from the hand. The number will also be shown to the opponent. The user gets to strike first, and blows will be exchanged until they come to the last strike. depending upon if it were an even or odd number, the last strike will belong to either the user or their opponent. This last strike cannot be blocked. (Kings are odd and equal 11, Queens are even and equal 12, Jacks are odd and equal any specified odd number, Jokers[kept in the ability for this purpose] are even and equal any specified even number)

Bankai Appearance: The blade is not changed drastically, however the poker wheel and cards are now quite large, being the same size as the user themselves and despite this they can still move at the same, if not greater speeds than before. The wheel remains directly behind the wielder and the cards(now numbering six) are lined up next to the wheel, three on either side of it. The user of the zanpakuto is donned in a black suit with a red tie and black gloves. Over this suit is worn a tattered maroon cloak with a hood that hides the eyes.

Bankai Abilities:

Rakkiminimaru-na - “Lucky Minimalist” - In this ability, only cards numbering less than or equal to 8 are allowed and wheel spins that are more than 25 are discarded. This ability requires the user to pick three cards and then spin the wheel. If the three cards are different and they don’t add up to the number shown on the wheel then they choose the lowest number card and use it as a shield(the card can only take the number of hits specified by it’s number). If the three cards are the same and don’t add up, then the three numbers are added up and divided in half, creating one card with a unique number(if the number is not even when divided, then it is rounded down to the nearest whole number) that can be used in the same fashion. If the three cards are different and do add up, then they choose the highest number of card, divide it in half and allow the opponent to use it as a shield(since the user of the zanpakuto has reign over the ability, they are allowed one strike immediately after the card is destroyed, but it can be blocked). If the three cards are the same and add up, then the number is discarded and all three cards are used as a shield around the user, however the number on each card is halved.

Rakkisuto - “Lucky Strike” - This is used with only the cards. The user begins to throw the large cards towards the opponent. If the opponent is hit with the flat side of the empty card, then they are trapped inside of it. The card is then placed in an array of eleven in a random spot. The user then draws a card whose number must be five or less. They are allowed that many tries to find the opponent by use of their sword. If they do not find them, the opponent is freed and the wielder must begin the ability again in order to gain more tries.

Rakki-Gyakuten - “Lucky Ace” - This ability disregards all other cards but Aces. The user will set out a line of four cards, all of which are Aces of different kinds. If the card that is flipped is the Ace of Hearts, a heart will appear below their left eye. That heart will remain there until another card is flipped or until the card is destroyed(the heart saves the user from extensive non-physical [kido] damage while it is being used). If the card flipped was the Ace of Clubs, a clover will appear on their left hand. It will remain there until another card is flipped or until it is destroyed(the club saves the user from most of the damage caused by being physically hit by the opponent. This does not apply to kido spells of any kind). If the card flipped was the Ace of Spades, a spade appears on their right hand, and stays there until another card is flipped or it is destroyed(The spade grants the user enhanced offensive abilities, especially when it comes to penetrating the guard of the opponent). If the card flipped was the Ace of Diamonds, a Diamond will appear that covers the right side of the face, and remains there until there is another card flipped or it is destroyed(the diamond will grant them enhanced physical prowess in the form of stronger strikes and faster movement). If they so choose, a number card can be used with the aces. The number, whether odd or even, is divided(if it was odd, it is not rounded up or down, left in its decimal state). The remaining number is the amount of seconds that the effect of the ace will be doubled. After this time runs out, the ability is automatically canceled out and another ace must be flipped. This ability only lasts for as long as there is another Ace that has not been flipped. After the last ace is gone, they can only use it up to three other times, each time their number of aces being reduced by one. The last time they use it, they are allowed to choose the ace they receive.

(I rather like this one... )
last edited over a year ago
Senato commented…
Wow really nice zanpakuto! the abilities link together nicely and I like the name ^^ just one question. with lucky strike, if the user finds the opponent does it inflict a mortal wound or is it only an injury? over a year ago
Ryuuikari commented…
Well, shit... this is a very good zanpakuto XD what made you decide to begin posting zanpakuto again ? over a year ago
LinkKinuzuma13 commented…
Thank you all for your praise! If I ever join another Bleach forum other than Resurgence, I will most likely use this one for the character that I create. over a year ago
over a year ago guyverx13 said…
zanpakuto's name: Urikey.
release command: cry tears of crimmson blood.
zanpakuto description: Urikey is a dull all moast rusted looking blade the hilt is gold with white bindings the top of the hilt as 2 angel wings 1 eather side.
when ever the blade is unshethed thers a sences of sadness in the air.

shikai name: Urikey samuru.
description: when Urikey is released the blade turns white with a slight tint of blue.
the shape of the blade is that of a reguler zanpakuto just with out the gaurd on top of the hilt and the blade is strait rather than curved.

shikai abillities.
crimmson mist: the user summons a mist that spreds across a 2 mile radias this mist zaps the spiritual presher an tranfers it to the user.
it all so alows the user to instently tellaport to any were within the mist.

chaos binding: a bright wave of spirit enagy is shot from the blade.
its so bright its bliding to look at.
it dose not atchualy harm any one it hits it instead seals there powers meaning they can only use the phyisical speed and strength.

valkyries vengence: 100 spears of light appear around the user and the shoot at the target at over 200 MPH.
they explode on contacked.

Bankai release: shater bonds of time and space and scream for vengence URIKEY SAMURU.

bankai description: the blades desinge stays the same howevr the user become coverd with armor gold and silver in desinge. and can sprout angel wings from there back the user allso increses speed and strength over 200 fold.

bankai abilaties.
final jugment: the user foceses the spiritual presher and poor it in to the blade and then fire a paper thin wave of pure enagy that will cut thru anthing it hits.

sphear of hope: when this is activated the user can eather cast a sphear around them selfs or an other that is indistrucktabill.
the person in the sphear is all so healed at unpressadented speeds.

tears of the fallen: rain starts to fall healing the user and his allies and burns the users enamies like acid and drains there powep transfering it to the user.
any one who dies within this rain there power is transferd to the user.
Ryuuikari commented…
Are you a troll ? over a year ago
whiteflame55 commented…
I do believe so, especially after looking at his account. over a year ago
blackpanther666 commented…
Whoever they are, they could at least have the grace to spell something correctly, every now and again. over a year ago
Senato commented…
lol Ryuu, I love how you ask it so casually if someone is a troll. xD over a year ago
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Couldn't help but put another one up...

Name: Sogekimie (Tri-Sniper)
Sealed appearance: It takes the form of a regular daishō pair. The pair consists of a katana and a tantō. They both have a three-toothed buzz saw-shaped tsuba, with dark coloured hilt-wrapping and an equally dark coloured sheathe.
Release command: Aim

Shikai appearance: The tantō grows into a long-bladed wakizashi and then splits into two making three blades in total; one katana and two wakizashi. Their other features remain the same.

Shikai special abilities: Sogekimie gifts the wielder with a flawless version of the ability of ‘weakness detection’ enabling the wielder to clearly sense and discern the weak points of their enemy, regardless of whether they are hidden or not (provided the opponent has a weak point).

Shikai technique(s):

Jūyōna Hyōteki (Critical Target): By stabbing or cutting a victim using either one of the wakizashi, the attack leaves a black concentric circle-shaped stamp on the victim’s body known as Itamiwa (Pain Ring). The stamp then becomes the focal target of the wielder’s next attacks. If a subsequent attack strikes the same spot as the stamp the attack will either do double the damage (if the attack came from either of Sogekimie’s wakizashi), triple the damage (if the attack came from someone other than the wielder) or quadruple the damage (if the attack came from Sogekimie’s katana). The stamps are maintained by the wielder’s will but will disappear immediately after being struck by an attack from one of Sogekimie’s blades. In addition only two stamps can be present simultaneously on a victim’s body (one from each wakizashi).

Bankai name: Miekyōi Sogekuro (Triple Threat, Black Sniper)
Bankai appearance: In bankai its two wakizashi grow into two normal sized katana, and its katana grows into a normal sized nodachi; each blade curves slightly more than usual. One katana has a blue edge, the other has a red edge and the nodachi has a dark purple edge. In addition the wielder’s shihakushō becomes more form-fitting as a result of bankai.

Bankai special abilities: Miekyōi Sogekuro has the same abilities and techniques as in shikai albeit strengthened; in its Jūyōna Hyōteki technique, six stamps can now be present simultaneously on a victim’s body (three from each katana).

Bankai technique(s):

Akai En, Kaku Mezasu (Red Edge, Certain Aim): By stabbing or cutting a victim using the red-edged katana, the attack leaves a red-coloured Itamiwa. Any subsequent projectile or kidō attack will then eternally home in on the red stamp unless blocked by someone or something. The red stamp is maintained by the wielder’s will. Only one red stamp can be present on a victim’s body at one time.

Ao Buchi, Shateki (Blue Edge, Target Practice): By stabbing or cutting a victim using the blue-edged katana, the attack leaves a blue-coloured Itamiwa. Any subsequent attacks that strike the same spot will do triple the damage if dealt by anyone who isn’t the wielder (including the victim themselves). The blue stamps are maintained by the wielder’s will and will remain even after being struck by an attack. Three blue stamps can be present simultaneously on a victim’s body.

Murasaki En, Jūyōna Hyōteki (Purple Edge, Critical Target): By cutting a victim with both the red-edged and blue-edged katana simultaneously, the attack leaves a purple-coloured Itamiwa. The purple stamp becomes the focus of the wielder’s next attacks. If a subsequent attack (from either the wielder or someone else) hits the same spot as the purple stamp the damage is quadrupled; the damage is increased ninefold if the attack came from the nodachi. The purple stamps are permanent unless struck by the nodachi or until bankai is resealed. Only one purple stamp can be present on a victim’s body at one time.
LinkKinuzuma13 commented…
Very cool! over a year ago
blackpanther666 commented…
I agree! Epicness is what it is. XD over a year ago
Senato commented…
As usual a truly epic zanpakuto, do you ever run out of epic ideas? XD over a year ago
Sinwalker7 commented…
Wish i could see it in action. over a year ago
over a year ago Sinwalker7 said…
This is what I would like for a zanpakuto
Oh...and hi, i just saw this page and thought i should join.
Name: Tsumetai taiyo nensho mun (Cold sun, burning moon)

Elements: Fire, ice. When Bankai light and darkness add.

Sealed: katana with a silver blade and red and blue handle.

Release phrase: Burn coldy, Tsumetai taiyo nensho mun

Shikai: Katana with a hook blade and a chain (chain and exspaned when throne or swung) with a disk blade at the end.

Powers: Katana controls shards of ice and the disk burns when used.

Attacks: Ochita tsuki no hono (Fallen moon shards) and Reito taiyo no kosen (Frozen sun rays)

Release phrase: Burn ever colder, Nensho mun Tsumetai taiyo!

Bankai: Disk grows to 2x size and has small blades around it. (Blades make the disk look like the sun.) Katana becomes a full crest blade (moon shaped) with handle in the center (whole blade is five feet long) chain is attached to the handle.

Powers: Gives speed and reflexes a 5x boost. Both dick and crest have flame and ice powers.

Attacks: Same as Shikai and Nisshoku satsuei (Eclipse shoot). When both half are brought together they shoot a beam of light and dark energy that can level a city when fully charged (charging happens while the two half are fighting separately and NOT using their powers.)
over a year ago Sinwalker7 said…
Here is another i made.

Zanpakuto: Kibo no satsujin (Murderer of hope)

Sealed: Katana with a red blade, a five pointed star black hilt and red handle.

Release phrase: “Kill them now, Satsujin.”

Shikai: Scythe with a red blade.

Powers: Stergth and speed by 7x. Radiates fear.

Attacks: Sen no ame chi (Rain blood of thousand) First blood touchs the blade, then turns to needles as the user swing the scythe.
Needles as deadly poisoness when made from dead blood.
Bankai: None.
over a year ago Senato said…
Name: Genso no shihai-sha (Ruler of elements)

Genso no shihai-sha is one of the rare, permanent shikai zanpakuto, the only 'release' is used when changing its element or when moving to bankai.
Appearance: The sword has 8 element forms, each improving the user in a different way, these elements, their attributes and release phrases are:

Fire-Moyasu(Burn) Fire increases the wielder's offensive power, at a cost to his defensive power
(The blade looks normal but is covered in a red-orange flame)
Water-Tareru(Drip) Water allows the wielder to heal theirself and others, though it has no battle capabilities at all
(The blade is made completely out of water, thus being completely unusable in battle)
Earth-Taeru(Withstand) Earth increases the wielder's defensive power, at cost to dexterity
(The blade changes into solid stone)
Air-Nagare(Flow) Air increases the wielder's dexterity at cost to offensive power
(Wind constantly flows around the blade and the feet of the wielder)
Lightning-Suto(Strike) Lightning increases the wielder's precision but makes them easy to sense
(Sparks of lightning constantly fly around the blade)
Nature-Ueru(Grow) Nature increases the wielder's sensing capabilities in all forms, at a cost to all forms of their battle capabilities
(The blade is made out of multiple roots that are wrapped around one-another)
Decay-Kuchiru(Rot) Decay causes the wilder's attacks to infect/poison the target, making the wounds difficult to heal, but decreases precision
(The blade becomes jagged with small drops of poison dripping of the tips of the jagged parts)
Sound-Hōkō(Roar) Sound completely nullifies the user's physical presence, making it impossible for an enemy to find the user by use of sound through footsteps, speaking, etc. at the cost of the user's own sensing capabilities
(The blade looks normal but there is a constant humming sound emitting from the blade as it vibrates thousands of times a second)

Bankai: Genso no kesshō shihai-sha (Final ruler of the elements)
Release: Detekuru (come forth), Genso no kesshō shihai-sha
Appearance: The user now has two blades instead of one. (This allows them to combine the use of two elements at once, however, the user cannot use the same element on both blades) The user also gains two more elements (Making a grand total of 10)

Shadow-Usureru(Fade) Shadow completely masks the user's spiritual power
(The blade looks like there are black shadows flowing around inside it)
Light-Migaku(Shine, can also mean improve) Light can only be used in combination with one of the 8 shikai elements, this allows the wielder to control and use that element.
(The blade emits a soft white light)

I had nothing to do, so I decided to put some creativity into a new zanpakuto :P
last edited over a year ago
Sinwalker7 commented…
Like how it is not limted to just one or two elements, but has a total of ten. And the seoced blade on the sword can make the attacks even more powerful. This is realy a epic Zanpakuto...can i buy it? LOL. over a year ago
over a year ago Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakuto: Odoru akuma kamujin (Dancing demon god blade)

Sealed: Small twin daggers with silver blades and a gold handles, no hilts.

Release phrase: “Dance for me, Odoru akuma kamujin.”

Shikai: They take the form of twin long swords (double edge.) With black and white ribbons at the end of the handles.

Powers: Speed is 5x faster.

Attacks: Dansu no kage (Dancing shadow) Blades charge sprit energy then move throw shadows to attack. Sen ha no dansu (Thousand blade dance) blades make large bolts of energy (aka blades) and shoot them at target.
over a year ago Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakuto: Hebi kari Urufu (Snake hunting Wolf).

Sealed: Katana with the word Urufu (wolf) on the handle and the word Hebi (Snake) on the blade.

Release phrase: “Hunt form me, Hebi kari Urufu!”

Shikai: Takes the form of a hunting spear with a snake crest on the staff and a “wolf fang” as the blade.

Powers: Human séances are 10x normal with speed and strength.

Attacks: Hebi doku roge (Snake poison Wolf fang) spear get covered in deadly sprit energy that causes all taps of reactions from organ failures to bleeding out.

Human form: A man covered in a wolf fur cloth and a snake skin hood. Five foot three hair and face covered by hood. Does not say much and prefers to fight to talk.
Sinwalker7 commented…
I Add the human form becuse I was thinking about what would the soul-reaper who uses Hebi kari Urufu look like? And so this happened. over a year ago
over a year ago Sinwalker7 said…
All my zanpakuto here a really old, all but Heib kari Urufu. So I'm going tapy one of my new charters.

Name : Akumu (Nightmare)

gender :Male

Tape: Soul-reaper

Body shape and size: He is five five on the dot and is a very slim guy. Not much muscle, but fast.

Fetchers: Short black hair smoothed down. Cool gray eyes. Always has a sad face no matter what.

Cloths: Normal soul-reaper robe. And a small dream-catcher around his neck.

Zanpakuto:Kokoro no kyōfu (Fear of mind)

Sealed: A katana with the words Watashi o osoreru (Fear me) on the blade. The handle is covered with white cloth.

Release phrase: "Share with them my nightmares, Kokoro."

Shikai: The blade becomes a black mist or "Nightmare dust" that can form different shapes and weapons.

Release phase: "Now face your nightmares,Kokoro no hijōshiki kyōfu!"

Bankai: Kokoro no hijoshiki kyofu (Insane fear of mind). The shikai surrounds Akumu and his enemy forming a black sphere of dark energy called the Naitomeagāden (Nightmare garden). Here Akumu can bring his nightmares to life and make his enemy face them. And he has A LOT so if his enemy lives threw one, then he's got ten thousand to go.

Weakness: When in bankai Akumu and his enemy must be inside together. If he is outside the najtomeagaden can't manifest his nightmares. And the najtomeagaden only last for about two-three hours. And fnaily if someone on the outside attacks Akumu, he can't defend, for it takes all his forces in keeping the najtomeagaden form. And when he loses his focus it turns back into shikai.

Human: Kokoro takes the form of a women with long black hair and grey eyes. She wears a black stripper suit and is covered with tattoos of demons, weapons, ect... She, unlike Akumu, always has a smile (evil). And she loves Akumu's nightmares for they give her power...and the more Akumu fears the stronger Kokoro becomes. That is why he only use his bankai when fighting a very powerful enemy.
Aizen07 commented…
OK. to be certain I don't really get the Shikai's special ability. the black mist creates weapons and shapes. does Akumu imagine whatever weapon he wants to use and his Shikai forms it? and your Bankai is kinda underestimated. a zanpakuto that is mainly based on illusions should have more potential. your bankai really reminds me of Tosen's Suzumushi. I think it would be better if everything that is enveloped in the mist cannot escape anymore or something. being in danger of being attacked by a third person is a huge risk. finally a Bankai that uses nightmares as it's weapons is pretty fantastic. finally what I've been wanting to tell you is that almost all of your zanpakuto are based on really weak based ideas. some are exaggerated like Sen no Ken and their powers have many holes. some are weak when a lot more potential could be added to them like Kokoro no kyofu. that's why I asked you to create your ideal Zanpakuto.I just KNOW the result would be interesting and great. over a year ago
over a year ago Sinwalker7 said…
I'm just asking here, but what do you guys think is better? Attack, defense, area, ect...
What do you guy think is the best zanpakuto tape? I prefer Attack.
Now I'm just asking so no need to get rude.
over a year ago ironwolg said…
Zanpakuto: Ragnarok
Release: End this world
Shikai description: The blade becomes an enlarged greatsword, about twice the size of a normal claymore with a traditional european style guard. The blade also becomes blood red as the hilt turns to gold with two sapphires at the ends of the guard and one ruby in the center of the guard. My eyes start to glow white as my hair also turns white with the release of this zanpakuto.

Shikai type: Flame and power based
Increased strength
ability to control and create flames
Special ability: It can use my own blood as a deadly weapon(last resort after being heavily damaged)

Bankai: Ragnarok Sekai sureiyā (Ragnarok, World Slayer)

Description: The blade doubles in size and gains a large hook jutting out from the tip, similar to a scythe, but pointing backwards. The guard also becomes hook-like, with all gems turning blood red and glowing. My hair grows longer and my eyes glow red, my robes become burned around my torso as a pair of bloody flaming wings burst forth from my back

Abilities: Engulfs the enemy into a scorched earth with a wall of flames, trapping him/her in with me. Pools of blood seep up out of the ground to be used by me as a weapon if I so choose.
Vastly increased strength and speed.
It can use my enemy's blood to heal my wounds.

Main weakness: I lose sense of who I am, my goal is only to destroy the enemy, at whatever cost, even the end of the world and the deaths of friends. The bankai takes control of my consciousness. It is possible to control, but it would take centuries of training.

The earth is permanently scorched and scarred from the release of this bankai, making it very dangerous to use near populated areas as the scorched area is about a mile all the way around. Nothing can ever grow from that soil again.

So basically this zanpakuto releases a mile of hell on earth haha
what do you guys think?
I wanted something with seemingly unlimited power yet with moral consequence that could keep me from releasing my bankai and ultimately end up with my defeat. I like power but everything has a weakness, and this is what I think my bankai would be.

Unknown_Count commented…
Controlling and creating flames seems okay for a shikai although i am unsure how would you use your blood as weapon? Perhaps more information about that one, would be a candy :) Bankai seems very cool and powerful, especially when it comes to 1 v 1 fights when u can trade damage and heal yourself. over a year ago
Ryuuikari commented…
Only another vastly overpowered zanpakuto would be able to fight on equal terms with this one; anything less than overpowered and you don't stand a chance in hell. If anything add some more detail into your shikai and bankai abilities, it's a bit too vague at the moment. over a year ago
Sinwalker7 commented…
Over powered and franckly...a bit too large for a sword. Who would you swing it and hit someone? over a year ago
ironwolg commented…
Ginjo didn't have a problem swinging a sword that size haha and neither did Ichigo for that matter. as for how blood would be used as weapons, i kinda left that to the imagination. creating blood puppets to be my warriors, or forcing the blood to solidify itself and fire blood knives as projectiles. lot of cool possibilities. for this zanpakuto, i just wanted to get creative. over a year ago
over a year ago Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakotu: Jnojo (Pure heart)
Sealed: A katana with a white blade with a clover shaped guard.
Release phrase: “Let them become pure, Jnojo.”
Shikai: The guard fly’s off and becomes a shield. The blade becomes a European broad sword.
Powers: The shield can take a energy attack and give it to the sword. The sword then merges my energy with the enemy’s attack to form a hybrid.
Attacks: Yojin (Precaution) Shield forms a light based barrier the surround the user, stoping all weapon based attacks. (Does not stop sprit or mind attacks.) Jako suru (Purify) Place sword (or hold it) on a wounded friend and heals them (or yourself). Osen (Taint) When Jako suru is use, sword can inflict all wounds on to enemy, but must make contact to work.
Bankai: Akuma no junsuina kokoro (Pure heart of Demon) Shield turns to a large holy cross. Sword grows another blade at the other end of the handle. And a sliver chest piece now covers user.
Powers: Same as Shikai but more powerful Osen and Jako suru.
Ryuuikari commented…
This needs more work and more detail. Also space out your writing so it's easier to read. over a year ago
over a year ago Unknown_Count said…
Preview: This un-ordinary zanpakuto brings forth total control over the battlefield against single of multiple individuals. Whenether it would be used against hollows or soul reapers, both sides work just fine for something horrible as this zanpakuto. During Shikai the user may need to move around himself just to finish off stronger opponents while bankai is basically just sit on the throne and watch the massacre.

Name: False Lord.
Bankai Name: False King.
Release Command: Thrive on doubt, feast on fear, for you are the False Lord!

Sealed Appearance: A regural katana with nothing special but its handle and guard which appear to be made of gloomy,- dark bones.

Shikai Appearance: The whole blade becomes somewhat longer and the same bone material once covering the handle and guard is now what the whole blade is made of.

Shikai Abilities:

Raise of Abominations - This ability forces undead-, looking creatures to raise from the ground and fight for their master. These creatures possess same threat to a soul reaper compared to a regular hollow, some of them may also wield various weapons (Swords, Spears, Bows etc.). Limit to this ability is to bring out 25 abominations at once while the true number of how many can a user produce depends on his reiatsu.

Curse - This passive ability lies within the bone- sword as once a victim is cut, he is cursed by "False Lord", allowing him to inflict pain and and fear to his them. More they fear and doubt, more powerful the Abominations become.

Bankai Appearance: The boney blade dissapears as it is replaced by a dark- gloomy bone armor and a jagged crown. The whole area around the user becomes somewhat darker,- gloomy,- a place where undead would hang :) Within the area a large boney throne would appear behind the user.

Bankai Abilities:

Raise of Abominations - Now they just keep coming non-stop and within the abominations newer species join their ranks, although fewer in numbers, these creatures pose a very large threat to those of a captain- level individuals.

Curse - All of abominations apply curse to their victims and they feast from everyones fear and doubts thus becoming stronger. (I mean why wouldnt a regural soul reaper be scared to hell from seeing a vast undead army appearing in Seireitei :D?)
over a year ago Sinwalker7 said…
Ryu I will say that Jnojo is not my beast work and I will take your advice. And I ack that you read my others like this one.

Zanpakuto: Chō (Butterfly)

Sealed: A tanto with a butterfly shaped guard. The blade is sliver and the handle is blue.

Release phrase: “Fly for me, Chō.”

Shikai: Tanto becomes a fan with black butterflies on the paper.

Powers: Controls wind and doubles speed.

Attacks: Toppū (Gust) When swung the fan releases a powerful blast of wind. Taifū (Typhoon) Forms a
tornado around user making a barrier.

Bankai: Nagareru Chō (Flowing Butterflies) Fan turns into a 20 foot butterfly and creates many smaller ones until a large number (100-500) then stops. The large butterfly wraps it’s legs around user and acts as
his/her wings.

Powers: Speed is now 4x. Wind powers are even stronger.

Attacks: Same as shikai and Chō no kabe (Wall of butterflies) Name is self-explanatory.
Sinwalker7 commented…
And i would perpher to use Kokoro over a year ago
Ryuuikari commented…
In relative terms, how strong is each technique in both shikai and bankai ? Also in bankai when not used in the Cho no Kabe technique, what do all the small butterflys do ? over a year ago
Whakamole commented…
Sealed form: a damaged blade that is thoroughly cracked, and has a few holes along the blade, the guard is plain, dull and grey. name: shi (death). release command: end all. shikI: Shi takes the form of an even worse condition blade, it is dull, it can cut nearly nothing and would be useless as a sword, it has one power. when a circle is drawn, anything within that circle, within a pillar shape, is completely destroyed, a huge pit is formed, anything above or in or under the circle, is gone, destroyed, regardless of there power, the destruction happens the instant that the two ends of the drawn circle meet, the circle is called a circuit. Bankai: Shinigami (death god). a million perfect, non damaged versions of the shikai form appear in the air and stab into the opponent. leaving a big gap around the chest. a giant sword appears and slowly stabs the enemy in the heart, this counts as a completed circuit and anything touched by a sword will become destroyed. over a year ago
Sinwalker7 commented…
I see your point. I just could not thnik of a technique for the smaller butterfly yet. But i might give it more thought later and do an updateb on my zanpakotu. over a year ago