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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago jadzter18 said…
here's an example (but this is really my ideal zanpakuto!)^^

zanpakuto/shikai: Kazerokumaru "six wind circles"
release command: hireki "reveal"

description: which means "six wind circles", its hilt is black with red details and below it has a bleck ring holding six golden rings.The guard is a small square with a "T" like form in each of side of the square(looks somewhat like tensa zangetsu's guard)and it's blade is as of a normal black katana(like the zangetsu)

bankai name: Kazerokumaru Hatsugen "revelation of the six wind circles"

description: The form of the katana still retains its shikai form but the entire blade turns to black.(same as tensa zangetsu)

shikai abilities:

>nirokujuushin "six doppelgangers" - The user duplicates himself into six mirror images. the strenght and the mind of the images is as same as the original form, thus its just the same as fighting the six persons with just the same power as the original form.

>kudakero kaze "shattered wind" - the edge of the blade releases a powerful wind force which could cut anything that it encounters.(this ability is more likely of zangetsu's getsuga tenshou)

bankai abilities:

>muteki ken "the invincible blade" - since wind is invincible the user gains the ability to be invincible while attacking. But he can only be invincible only while attacking, thus making it almost impossible to counter.

>kuritikaru kougeki "critical strike" - because of the enhance force of wind when the blade is use,the user's attack doubles its normal damage, thus as the user attacks the opponent takes the damage twice or the opponent feels that the attack feels heavy. Normally the attack only doubles, but this also depends on how much spiritual pressure the user uses to his zanpakuto, so when the user puts more spiritual power to his zanpakuto the attack will be more powerful thus triples the damage the opponent receives.

= actually I had already this idea of zanpakuto long after ichigo's fight with byakuya. I was then started to imagining things like this. anyway, i got the idea of a wind base zanpakuto in senna's mirokumaru and kariya jin's doll. I got it so impressed that I base my ideal zanpkuto to be a wind base. The abilities was also planned out, each ability is base from wind,example the first ability is made from the wind, since the user moves as fast as the wind he is able to leave copies of himself and same goes to the other abilities. I made it fair and square.That's all i could say.

If you think that those japanese name are just made up, well your wrong I actually base it from a english to japanese dictionary in the net.If you wanna know the site just feel free to ask me.

please share your ideal zanpakuto, if you don't mind.
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aradffomisabjr commented…
i will beat you easily. look at mine. last page over a year ago
dug94 commented…
cool, if i could make my perfect zanpakto it would be called "Ryū no shita"(the dragon's tongue), the release command would be "chant" it would be a broadsword that could control fire, but when i use bankai, which would be called "Shin ryū no koe"(voice of the divine dragon) it would give me a mirrored gauntlet and dagger, the gauntlet could create data cards with the info of any foe caught in its reflection, and if i slice the card with the dagger i can clone their shikai, but bankai would massively tax my body making it impossible to use bankai clones often or for too long. over a year ago
hollowbrine commented…
I have another zanpakuto called Senshi and it transforms into any weapon or shikai, but I have to take a little bit to master other abilities. over a year ago
over a year ago shortynme said…
lol wow. . . I can't come up with anything but you're so creative! lol
over a year ago jadzter18 said…
Yeah i guess!,. I wrote it down in a piece of paper before i type it here...LOL!
over a year ago shortynme said…
Do you also have a Bleach character that you made up?
goku19 commented…
yup 5 months ago
over a year ago jadzter18 said…
nope... but, im thinking about one that will wield my own made-up zanpkuto! [lol]
over a year ago kofisius29 said…
hey jadzter18. im new here but i was intrigued by your bleach zanpakuto.(its really cool by da way)
anyways, what website did you get the traslations from?(english-japanese)
TensoDrago commented…
u can just search translator on google u know 9 months ago
over a year ago jadzter18 said…
er.. sorry, just search it in yahoo!,.. just type there japanese translator or something
over a year ago kofisius29 said…
big smile
thanks i found da website!
anyways i made my own check it out!
kenjitakashi commented…
what's the website? over a year ago
blackpanther666 commented…
^ Lol, kofisius posted this about 4 years ago... I don't think he's answering back any time soon. over a year ago
over a year ago hime_sama said…
wow... what a idea ...i really liked someone ask me " If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be? "great idea ...but how can i find a suitable name?....
over a year ago hime_sama said…
how can i get the correct name and the meaning and it's ability 4 my zanpakuto?somebody help....
over a year ago kofisius29 said…
well i will
try this one...­/
if this doesnt help sorry cus this is where i got my names
over a year ago kofisius29 said…
big smile
i made my own character too but i made an image on paint!
check it out!!!
over a year ago kofisius29 said…
if any of you want to see it i uploaded it on deviantart.­en-­chr­ono­jen­...­519
pleez tell me wat u think
over a year ago hime_sama said…
big smile
first thanx 4 the dic, but it doesn't work 4 me....and this: i sew ur bleach char.... it's good ...but shouldn't the spiritual pressure be light blue?...and one more thing the hollow mask is a little well .....err...emn...strange... and of course u didn't explain how u made it,
over a year ago hime_sama said…
jadzter18_san u explained wind element can u plz explaine fire element too?
over a year ago hime_sama said…
arigato gozaimasu!!!!
over a year ago kofisius29 said…
well all i basically did was think of any different shaped msk that tha otha vizards had..and i thought..and thought... and thought until finally i thought it would look cool if it had spikes and a 3/4 face mask
and eventually...viola!!!!!
over a year ago kofisius29 said…
and about the spiritual pressure evryone has their own unique colour... mine just happend 2 be orangey-yellow with red lightning...
over a year ago annvie9 said…
kofisius, you piccy is pretty neat, considering how crappy paint is <.<
I'd love to post a zanpakuto, but it's really late, and I need to do my big project due tomorrow xD
So I'll post my zanpakuto later... xP
over a year ago annvie9 said…
Oh and what I'm *trying* to do to find a name for my zanpakuto is to translate english to japanese, then that to romanji. It's pretty simple, now that I think about it. You can find your own suitable English>Japanese translator, and I found a pretty neat romanji translator ^-^

Is it linking? *pokepoke*
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over a year ago annvie9 said…
OKai! I will make mee sort-of realistic zanpakutoh, now that I'm home xP

Zanapakuto/Shikai name: Samazamahi (Varying Fire)
Release command: Hibana (Spark)

Shikai Description: When released, Samazamahi instantly sets fire. The true owner (mee!) is immune to the flames. To ignite, it needs reiatsu to burn up, so it takes some from the air, a bit from the wielder, and a portion of the opponent's reiatsu, when the opponent is cut/burned. It also stores 75% of the reiatsu it takes in and can submit them into the wielder if it's too full or if the wielder feels like it. Generally, Samazamahi takes the form of a sword when released into shikai, but Samazamahi can then change it's form, from weapons to defensive shields. The flames are red, and can evaporate water. They also can never stop (unless I call it off), as long as there is reiatsu to burn.

Shikai abilities:

-->Shiroi Honoo (White Flame)
Samazamahi's fire turns white, which is, of course, really hot. It's also slightly bigger. It will melt a zanpakuto on contact. Yes, it can still change form, and I, the wielder/owner, am still immune to it.

-->Reiatsu Kogeru (Reiatsu Burn)
The selected reiatsu will instantly get set on fire by Samazamahi's RED flames.

-->Kiesaru (to vanish)
All the flames caused by Samazamahi will disappear, and Samazamahi's shikai will turn into it's sealed form. I know it seems useless, but I feel like putting it on there xP

Bankai name: Kemono no Honoo (Beast of Flame)
Description: Part of Samazamahi disconnects from it and quickly evolves into a big, white fire lion that can change it's form into another animal, legendary or real. It can also morph into mixes of animals, e.g. A tiger with big bat wings and a dragon's tail. Kemono no Honoo slowly feeds off the opponent's reiatsu. And yes, I've got Kemono no Honoo and also a weakened form of Samazamahi.

Bankai abilities:

-->Bakuhatsu (Explosion)
Kemono no Honoo explodes giganto-ly with white fire, and the explosion will destroy only the selected reiatsu.

-->Kyouka (Enchance)
Kemono no Honoo defense and offense is huger, once it saps a ton of reiatsu from the opponent(s).

-->Kuro^n (Clone)
Kemono no Honoo splits itself into equal portions of its reiatsu

Shew, finally done! Whoa! That took two hours! T_T I'm so happy I'm finished, though ^-^

OooOO! I even made a character to go with Samazamahi! Once I get it all done in mah head...
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AceM150 commented…
Sounds a lot like Ryuujin Jakka but not quite as strong with the added ability of Ishida's Seele Schnieder. I like it :) over a year ago
chiga09 commented…
this is so cooooool over a year ago
over a year ago kofisius29 said…
Zanpakuto name: shiroi denkou
Release: furasshu (flash)
Appearance: transformed into gauntlets with claws which are one metre long, can extend up to 200 metres. White in appearance with yellow lightning patterns .Great for ranged and close combat.

Shikai abilities:

Raiu (thunderstorm): lightning bolts rain down on opponent, opponent is trapped in a sphere and can’t get out. Eventually with a thought from bakuen the thunder bolts fall and they explode on contact.

Jigoku hibana(hells spark):a big ball of kinetic, electrical energy in a form of a cheetah is unleashed upon the opponent which also explodes with force.

kanzen seigyo(complete control)any conductive object (skin or metal)will either be paralyzed or manipulated with electric reiatsu .(zanpakutos real ability)

silver metal armour like this one(­our­_23­.jp­g)but with white crackling lightning wings and a cheetah tail..
also there is a massive axe with a spear head at the bottom of the handle...

axe=1.5 metres wide
axe=2 metres high.
Bottom spear =0.5 metre long
Handle 1 metre long

Bankai abilities:

Masuta raiu(master thunderstorm):countless weapons manipulated in the past are being called again today ,hundreds of thousands of weapons full of reiatsu.with one word “rakka”(fall) they fall down and explode.

kemono yobidashi(beast call) shiroi denkou is called out as a crackling lightning cheetah .it is sent to bite ,slash and claw the opponent .when the opponent lets his guard down bakuen says”katsu”(explode)and the opponent is left shellshocked...

denkou fukushuu(lightnings revenge) the opponent is trapped in a jail-like cage which is made of lightning and will explode if touched.the more the opponent moves the tighter the jail becomes until the fateful touch and then...BOOOM!!! the adversary is defeated...

note*=my zanpakuto is the strongest electric zanpakuto in the whole of soul society and can resist and absorb any electrical reiatsu or attack fired at him...

finally my ideal zanpakuto s finished i kept accidentally deleting my work so it finally makes me joyful now that i’ve finished...
i kept it simple to speed things up but at least its finished!
pleeeeez comment thanx!!! ^-^ ^_^
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chiga09 commented…
i love it over a year ago
over a year ago annvie9 said…
Nice zanpakuto xP
But it could never beat my Samazamahi! xPP
My fictional Bleach character that represents myself is a very young shinigami with red hair like Renji's and yellow and orange highlights. xP Her name is Yumiko Mizuni.
After she had died, her soul irregularly became into a shinigami. For days at a time, Yumiko just wandered around the town, not knowing what to do with her new zanpakuto. Then she met another shinigami, and he took her to Soul Society to enroll in the Shinigami Academy. She very quickly progressed. It only took her 2 years to pass the academy and go on and join the Gotei 13.
In one try, she became the lieutenant of the 13th Division. In about 2 years time, she had mastered bankai. Finally, Yumiko became 9th Division Captain.
Captain Mizuni facial expression always looked depressing no matter how much she laughed and smiled, but she was very cheery and playful. She also likes to give people nicknames that she thinks is cute. Yumiko is rather short. Actually, she's a bit bigger than half the size of Renji.

Yeah... that's all I could think of for now... xP
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kenjitakashi commented…
lol. everyone wants to be their zanpakuto is the strongest. hahaha peace bro. I'm Kenji Takashi btw. :D over a year ago
over a year ago kofisius29 said…
hmph, your flame samazamahi wouldnt stand a chance against my shiroi denkou annvie9!!!cus i am superior 2 u!!!!!
bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!! LOL!
over a year ago ShadowCodie1234 said…
Mine Is This

Zanpakuto-Kumoriyaiba (Shadow-Blade)
Release Command-Bakushin Zenpou (Rush Forward)
Bankai-Kokuei Zetsubou (Dark Shadows of Despair)

Zanpakuto Ability 1-Controls all shadow and is able to produce swords out of shadow.
Zanpakuto Ability 2-Produces illusion of the oppenent beating me with shadows while i kill them.
Zanpakuto Ability 3-Shadows can heal cuts on anybody and become anything if i will them too.
Zanpakuto Apearance-Curved blade with ridges in it. Pull apart to make two of them. Black blade with white edge.

Bankai Ability 3-Shadows swarm engulfing area. Unescapable. Also allows me to become shadow. This would enable me to be my own blade.
Bankai Ability 2-Shadows become an armor around me and can change weight to make me faster or slower.
Bankai Blade Apearance-Same as Zanpakuto

My apearance-Hair like Sephiroths, but black. I'm a captain in the 13 squads. I have Blue-Grey eyes. I am a loner and don't talk a lot. All the new soulreapers think I'm weak, but the captains fear me for my power. I am married to another captain. She is about as strong as me. I also have a hollow mask. You can see I would be a formidable opponent. He cannot go back to his first blade. Nobody else knows that he is a vizard. He does his best to hide this from the Soul Society. His best friend is Kenpachi. Kenpachi is also the one who trained him.
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FelipeTheGreat commented…
Shikai- Tamashi (Soul) Release command- Gaido (Guide) similar to Ichigo's Shikai during most of the manga email for a sketch of the shikai and bankai. First Ability- Soru namida (Soul tear) Very similar to getsuga tenshou but travels a lot more quickly. Second ability- Hōchiminrirīsu (Chi release) like a cero but much weaker and a lot more quick. It can become more powerful theblonger its charged. in is released at the tip of the sword. Bankai- Futago no tamashi ( Twin soul) very similar to tensa zangetsu but the the blade is jagged. has the same abilities as my shikai but gains a third ability. Third ability-Kuroi kukan (Black void) it engulfs the entire sky in darkness and black rain begins to fall slowly draining anyones reiatsu that has contact with the rain. then me and my zanpakuto absorbs the reiatsu and releases a final attack that appears to be a huge wave of darkness destroying anything in its path. over a year ago