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crazieone106 posted on Aug 13, 2009 at 10:33PM
Feel free to generate your own Arrancar that can, of course, rank espada. Describe them, their abilities, skills, personalities, and zanpakuto's. :) They may reflect your own personality or who you wish you could be!

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over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
I can't help but post more... enjoy !

Name: Buibui Arraneo
Rank: Tercera (3rd) Espada

Menos class: Vasto Lorde
Height: 177cm
Weight: 63 kg
Hair colour: Deep purple
Eye colour: Rose
Hollow hole location: Left thigh
Appearance: She took the form of a near-humanoid spider-like Menos covered mostly in white Hollow-bones leaving only her midsection, neck and her short hair exposed. She also had six long white ‘arms’ that resembled spider legs that ended in sharp points. Her white Hollow mask was spiked at the top and covered her whole face; she had no visible mouth. Her mask had eight red lines that diverged from the centre of her mask, similar to a spider-web, that were interrupted by her eyes.

Powers and abilities:
Even as a Menos she was extremely quick and very agile, allowing her to perform incredible feats and overwhelm other Hollows with ease.
She was capable of firing an unusually large, potent crimson Cero; she would perform this by charging at the tips of each ‘arm’ and then putting the tips of her ‘arms’ together in front of her body and then firing from that point.
She was capable of firing organic webbing from the tips of her ‘arms’. She could fire the webbing a distance of thirty metres and the webbing itself was quite strong rivalling steel in strength. By stabbing her victim with her ‘arms’ she would implant webbing in the victim’s body. Then by sending her spiritual energy through the webbing and into the victim’s body she could actively control their body, like a puppet, against their will.
She could also instantly regenerate from all injuries (excluding ones to vital organs), providing she had sufficient spiritual energy.

Height: 175cm
Weight: 63 kg
Hair colour: Deep purple
Eye colour: Rose
Espada tattoo location: Just above her right thigh
Hollow hole location: Left thigh
Hollow mask fragment: A large spider-like hair clip that sits on the top of her head
Appearance: She is now a dark-skinned Arrancar with straight hair that reaches down her back, alluring eyes, full lips and a very curvaceous figure highlighted by her large bust. She wears a variation of the normal Arrancar outfit: she wears a short sleeve jacket which she always wears wide open revealing her white bra, the normal black sash, white hakama which are shortened to just below the knees, a pair of white gloves that end halfway up her forearms and black coloured, white outlined footwear that strongly resemble stilettos.

Powers and abilities:
Although she prefers not to engage in hand-to-hand combat, she is extremely proficient in it, allowing her to perform repetitively quick, lethal strikes without any wasted movements. She is most well-versed in the arts of blocking, trapping and counter-attacking. However her preferred method of combat is with the sword; she excels in the use of her zanpakutō’s sealed form being capable of using her immense speed to perform lethal strikes effortlessly. She is one of the fastest users of sonído in Hueco Mundo capable of completely overwhelming and dominating most opponents using her masterfully skilful speed work alone.
Her Hierro is extremely durable allowing her to withstand most attacks without so much as flinching and enabling her to combat similar attacks unharmed.
She is gifted with great insight and understanding of situations at hand. With her calm and collected nature, she can be highly perceptive and analytical, allowing her to easily deduce the basic idea of her opponent's skills to figure out their strengths, weaknesses and how their abilities work.
She can fire a very potent crimson Cero from her lips by ‘blowing a kiss’ at her opponent. Her Ceros can be fired at maximum power almost instantaneously. She is also capable of firing crimson Bala from her hands and feet which are strong enough to severely injure a Gillian-class Menos.
She can use Pesquisa up to the level of an Espada and can use the ability ‘Descorrer’ to open Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo.
She has extremely high levels of spiritual power, easily surpassing that of a Gotei 13 captain and befitting of her position as Tercera Espada, with powerful reiatsu to match. Her spiritual energy is violet in colour.
She has the ability to seduce people through even the slightest of touch; she achieves this by forcing her spiritual energy into their bodies. Seduced victims can be subliminally forced to have much lowered physical and mental capabilities when in her presence. Her power does not work if the victim is abstinent, is not attracted to females, if they have an indomitable will or if they have overwhelming reiatsu in comparison to her.

Zanpakutō name: Araña Viuda (Spanish for "Widow Spider")
Release command: Entangle
Sealed appearance: When sealed it takes the form of a regular kodachi with a vaguely spider-shaped guard with black hilt-wrapping. It is held in a black sheathe.

Resurrección appearance: Upon its release most of her clothes are gone and she now wears a white mini-skirt (that has a strong spider motif) and a pair of white thigh-length boots with stiletto heels; her breasts are covered by Hollow-bones that resemble spider webbing. The remnant of her Hollow mask now covers the entirety of her head with her hair flowing down beautifully from in between the ‘spider legs’. Her gloves now cover to halfway up her upper arm and the fingers are now tipped with short white claws. Her upper canines are more pronounced as they are slightly visible when her mouth is closed. Her Hollow hole remains on her left thigh.

Resurrección powers and abilities: Her physical capabilities are enhanced drastically as a result of her release. She can also grow up to two extra sets of very long black spider legs from the sides of her torso almost identical in appearance to her ‘arms’ in her Menos appearance; she keeps both sets hidden but can instantly grow them for surprise attacks. The limbs are quite strong and their tips are very sharp, capable of impaling opponents. The limbs are also able to adhere to most if not all vertical and horizontal surfaces, enabling her to wall crawl.
She is also capable of quickly regenerating from most injuries that she sustains in her released form. However she cannot heal from injuries to her internal organs or her brain and this ability will cease working once either scenario happens.

Resurrección techniques:

Telaraña (Spanish for "Spider's Web"): A technique that allows her to fire an unimaginably strong organic webbing from either her fingertips, the tips of her spider legs or from her mouth; she can fire the webbing a maximum distance of eighty metres. The webbing is highly susceptible to her reiatsu. It is difficult to cut through if you do not possess reiatsu equal or higher than her.

Araña Orquesta (Spanish for "Spider Orchestra"): By stabbing her victim with either her fingers or her spider legs she implants her webbing in the victim’s body. Then by sending her spiritual energy through the webbing and into the victim’s body she can actively control their body, like a puppet, by overtaking their neural control. She is a highly capable puppeteer able to perfectly execute a victim’s abilities and powers as if it were of their own volition; she can effectively puppet and control up to seven people simultaneously. Opponents with more powerful reiatsu or with an indomitable will can overcome this technique and break free from it.
over a year ago Sinwalker7 said…
This is one I made because I saw that some hallows looked alike and though what if their wear hallow twins.

Name: Ken Shaw

Sex: Females

Menos rank: Adjuchas

Size: Nine feet long

Weight: 150

Eye color: Blue on one side red on the other.

Hallow hole: Center of chest

Appearance: As a adjuchas they took the form of a wolf and a tiger like hallows. They as a menos spilt into two hallows when they evolved into adjuchas. Ken is the wolf like hallow and Shaw is the tiger. Because they are the same hallow, only with two bodies, they share a life force. If one is badly injured the other can heal her with ease. They have used this rare power in the past to quickly take down enemies that wear far larger. Ken’s wolf like body is cover in hallow bones, her mask has to vertical strips that cross her eyes and go down her body to her tail. Shaw’s tiger like body is similar to Ken’s only she has two side ways strips that cross her eyes and go down her body. Other then that and the fact that one is a wolf the other a tiger they look very much alike. They both are nine feet long and four feet high on all fours.

Power & Skills: Because they are twins they each have the same powers. First the both can shot a black and white cero from their mouths. Also they have a “twin cero” this is when the use both their ceros and they merge together. This form of cero is over three times as powerful as normal one.

Arrancar: Ken Shaw

Height: Each are Five ten.

Weight: They both are around 125 pounds.

Hair color: Ken’s hair is blue and Shaw’s hair is red.

Eye color: Ken has a pair of red eye and Shaw has a pair of blue ones.

Espada rank and tattoo: The are rank second and the each have one half of the tattoo on their hands. Ken’s left and Shaw’s right.

Hallow hole: Funny enough the both only have half a hole in the center of their chest.

Hallow masks: Ken’s mask covers the top of her head and looks like the top of a wolf skull. Shaw’s mask covers her bottom jaw and looks like tiger fangs.

Appearance: The both wear white gloves. Ken’s wears more of a teen’s set of cloths and Shaw wears a more elegant dress. Ken has her sword on the right side of her body, hanging over her shoulder. Shaw keeps her sword hanging form her left side. Both swords look like a katana with a mix of blue and red. Ken is the more active sister who rather walk around and do thing. Shaw is the more sierras sister you prefers to read and enjoys quit talks over loud games.

Powers & Skill: Both are very skill sword fighters. Ken uses a aggressive forward hand fighting style, while her sister uses a more defense backhand style. The both block and pervade opening for each other. This combined style is very effective to catch an enemy off guard. This also allows them to attack from different sides, at different times. Their powers include a black and white cero from their plumes and mouth, a blue and red bala from their fists, their sonido is average and is not used often. Both of their hierros are very strong and can reflect rank 50 kido attacks. Because of they are twins the share a form of telepathy and can talk to each from a great distance. The use this power to plan their attacks before the fight even begins. They are also physically as powerful as a captain. This strength makes up for their lack of speed. They also have their twin cero from when the wear a adjuchas. The also have a healing ability. Ken’s is called bendición lunar (Luner blessing) and Shaw’s is called soler bendición (Soler blessing) they use this power to comptely heal each other. Also if one of them dies, the other can use their power to bring them back, however they have to be in a six feet range for this to work.

Zanpakotu: Funny enough they carry each other’s zanpakotu. “Roar, Tigre!” Ken takes out her sword and throws it to Shaw. “Howl, Lodo!” Shaw at the same time takes out her sword and throws it to Ken. The both take their hands and garb the blade. There is now a flash of light and they take their new forms. Ken now has the top half of a wolf skull for her mask. Her arms and legs are covered in hallow bones and she has her tail. Her claws are around an inch and a half long. Shaw now has the full lower jaw of a tiger skull as her mask. Her arms and legs are covered in hallow bones and she has her tail. The both look fairly similar and both are now seven feet tall.

Power & Skills: Ken and Shaw now have some different powers that still work together.
Lobo fang, Tigre claw (Wolf fang, Tiger claw) First Ken and Shaw run at the target on diferent sides. Ken uses her fort claws to relaese a thin blade like attack. Shaw flips and user her back claws to attack in a similar way. This is used to attack the enemy from both below and above. Makeing it very hard to block or doge.

Twin cero: This is when the both use a creo from thier hands and fire it at the enemy. The power of this cero is over three time as stronge as it was in their sealed forms. Also the both can perform a doublé cero.

Peludo Doble (Twin ferry) They both use a new form of creo that takes the form of calws. The uses this cero to cover their claws and can relase small amouts of it to move faster and make their attacks stronger. And when it’s at full power they throw it at an enemy. As it flys it turns into a Wolf and tiger shaped cero. This is their strongest attack. Every tiem the used this on an emey so far, they have won.
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Name: Agonis Ravvenou
Rank: Fraccion

Height: 582cm
Weight: 879kg
Hair colour: None
Eye colour: None
Hollow hole location: Centre of chest
Appearance: Apart from his unique Hollow mask (which had two very slanted eye sockets and a very wide mouth lined with teeth) he looked like a regular Gillian.

Powers and abilities:
The only difference in power between him and other Gillian Menos is that he had retained some sort of sapience so he could more dangerously use his strength. He could fire a crimson Cero from his mouth and would rapidly regenerate from most injuries provided he had sufficient spiritual energy. He also had the ability to eat and rapidly digest any and all inorganic matter; doing so restored his spiritual energy and allowed him to use his personal special Cero.

Cero Vómitos (Spanish for “Vomiting Zero”): After digesting a sufficient amount of inorganic matter and subsequently converting it into spiritual energy, he could fire a brown-yellow coloured Cero that had much higher disintegrative power than his normal Ceros; the more matter that he had ingested, the more powerful the Cero.

Height: 176cm
Weight: 267kg
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Brown
Hollow hole location: Middle of his chest
Hollow mask fragment: Wide mouth, complete with a set of visible teeth, that are fused to the bottom of his face
Appearance: He is a large rotund, fair skinned Arrancar with a plump face and unstyled hair. He wears the regular Arrancar outfit.

Powers and abilities:
He is not the greatest swordsman but is well versed in the art to be able to challenge weaker opponents. He is also decent enough in unarmed combat and can use his large frame to his advantage and is capable of launching decent attacks despite his size. He can use Sonído and Pesquisa up to the level of a Números and his Hierro is quite durable, being at the level of a more powerful Números. He can fire a crimson Cero from his mouth.
He has spiritual power that rivals that of an average lieutenant and his spiritual energy is crimson in colour. He can also use the ability Gonzui (the ability used by Yammy Llargo to suck up souls).

Zanpakutō name: Bocota (Spanish for “Big Mouth”)
Sealed appearance: It takes the form of a regular katana with an ovular shaped tsuba, dark green hilt-wrapping and a slightly darker green sheathe.
Release process: Bocota released by clasping the hands in grace, with the hilt of the zanpakutō in between, and saying the release command.
Release command: Let’s eat! (Itadakimasu!)

Resurrección appearance: In his Resurrección, Hollow-bone bracelets form around his upper arms and wrists and he gains a Hollow-bone chest plate. His Hollow mask remnants become larger and more ornate in appearance; six thin upside-down triangles line the bottom of the mask and his teeth become razor sharp fangs.

Resurrección powers and abilities:
His general physical capabilities increase as a result of his release. He can also open his mouth incredibly wide and has immense jaw power complimented by his extremely sharp and strong teeth. His teeth are stronger and more durable than his Hierro. He also gains a vastly enhanced lung capacity and can inhale with great suction. He also gains access to two personalised Cero.

Estómago de Hierro (Spanish for “Iron Stomach”):
He regains his ability to be able to eat and rapidly digest any and all inorganic matter; doing so replenishes his spiritual power, temporarily increases the strength of his Hierro, temporarily increases his physical strength and enables him to use his Vómitos Cero.

Cero Inhalando (Spanish for “Inhaling Zero”):
This version of the Cero violently sucks inwards anything within a metre radius of it; it is performed by inhaling deeply whilst simultaneously firing a Cero. It is much lighter coloured than his regular Cero.

Cero Vómitos (Spanish for “Vomiting Zero”):
After digesting a sufficient amount of inorganic matter, and subsequently converting it into spiritual energy, he could fire a brown-yellow coloured Cero that had much higher disintegrative power than his normal Cero; the more matter that he had ingested, the more powerful the Cero.
over a year ago Sinwalker7 said…
Name: Tensha

Menos Rank: Adjuchas

Size: 7 feet.

Weight: 120 pounds

Gender: Female

Eye color: Black

Hallow hole: Right eye

Appearance: A week dragon like hallow with four spicks on her back. She has four claws on each foot and a tail with a hook spick on the end. She has one horn on the center of her head and a spick on all her elbows. Most of her body is covered by white hallow bones but there are spaces where you can see her dark grey skin. This spaces are on her back, upper legs, and her tail.

Powers: She like allows had a cero but it was only as strong as the average hallow. When she fought she used a hit and run style.

Story: Even throw she made it in Adjuchas form, she is a very week hallow. She spent most of her life starving and running from more powerful hallows. Whenever she had a chance she stole the scraps of other hallows’s kills. She carried on like this till one day she was ambushed by a group of six hallows. Not having a way to escape she fought them all and lost. As the group of hallows closed in to kill her Sinphen appered (At this time he is in his esapada form). He killed the hallows and then turned to Tensha. Out of pitty he offered to take her to his master Aizen so she could become stronger. Out of fear Tensha accepted.

Name: Tensha

Rank: 78

Hight: 5’3

Weight: 98 pounds

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Black

Hallow hole: Right eye.

Appearance: She takes the form of a seventeen year old. She wears a long dress that hides most of her body. Her hallow mask covers the right side of her face and is in the shape of a skull with a horn on the center that arches to the left. She tens to avoid all the others and tens to stay away from battles. At times she stalks Sinphen. Whenever Sinphen calls she comes, but Sinphen does not consider her as his underling. Even threw she does everything he asks. Some of the others even start thinking that Sinphen and Tensha are related.

Powers & abilities: She has a weak grey cero that fires from her right eye. She also has a slightly more powerful blue bala from her hands. She also has the power to open rifts in between Los Notchas and the world of the living. Which is a surprise because she is so weak.

Zanpakotu: Dragón recién nacido (Newborn Dragon) Her sword is a small danger she carries on her left arm. Her blade has a weak poison which helps with her fighting style, which is still hit and run. When she releases her zanpakotu she pulls it out and places it up to eye level and calls its name.

Release form: Her arms and legs turn into her adjuchas claws. Her mask covers the top of her head but her hallow hold stays on her right eye. She also gains her tail and her elbow spicks.

Powers & Skills: In this form her powers are three times stronger and she becomes far more aggressive. Her claws have a venom that burns into the flesh and destroys the red blood cells. In this form she fires a twisting red and green cero. She also fires her bala from her feet and hands. Now when she fights in this form she first attacks up close with her claws and then back off for a bit for her venom to take effect. Then she uses her bala to force her target into a corner the finish it with her cero.
over a year ago harlequin97 said…
Name: Baltazar Trone
Gender: Male
Rank: 3rd espada
Hair Colour: Dull bronze
Eye Colour: Gunmetal grey
Description: He is tall and thin with bob cut dull bronze hair. His facial features are incredibly sharp and angular giving him a cold appearance. He wears tight fitting clothes in a military style including a double breasted coat, this is contrasted by the long ruffled cloak he wears over the outfit. He wears gloves and standard enclosed shoes.
Hollow Mask: A gorget over his throat, it points up in the centre consequentially covering his mouth and making it difficult to read his emotions.
Zanpakuto: A long, thin, double edged that narrows to a fine tip at the end. It is unusual because its hilt is in the shaped of a hilt with a squared C on either side - looks like a wind up key.
Hollow Hole: Sternum
Abilities: Cero, Bala, Gran Rey Cero, Sonido (with quasi clones), garganta, pesquitas, hiero.
Personality: Usually quite and reserved, appears cold due to his willingness to sacrifice everything for his mission. Callous but highly intelligent. When in battle he is cold and calculating taking taking every advantage he can get.
Ressurecion: Wind - Mecanisme (French for mechanism) Baltazar pushes his zanpakuto through his hollow hole from behind. Mask fragment changes to a visor with rectangular holes for his eyes and a long bone fragment down the centre of his face with an overall look of a cross. His sword remains sticking out of his back as a winding mechanism and his feet disappear replaced with legs that narrow to points at the ankle. His body is covered in pistons and cogs which are linked to a pair of long smoke stacks, one on each shoulder. He has two wrist mounted short swords which extend out over his hands as well as long razors on the end of each finger. His lower forelegs also have blades mounted on them. Dramatically increases the strength of his hierro and the speed of his sonido.
Resurecion Abilities:
Gear up - Winds his sword one rotation (maximum number of gear ups are 3) dramatically increases speed and strength but also increases the amount of damage he takes when hit.
Pressure - Increases the amount of steam in his pistons again increasing strength, speed and damage taken.
Valve release - Drops pressure to zero and expels boiling hot steam from pistons under his wrists.
Smog - Indiscriminately releases a toxic smog from his smoke stacks blinding and poisoning friend and foe.
over a year ago Sinwalker7 said…
Name: Mono (Monkey)

Menos rank : Ajnudas

Size: 6 feet.

Gender: Male

Hallow hole: Center of body(stomach)

Appearance: He was a monkey like hallow. Because of his hallow bones he look like a walking monkey
skeleton. His mask was a fierce looking howler monkey face, his arms and legs wear covered with bone, but some small patches of red hair can be found on his elbows and knees. The only part of him that is fully covered with fur is his tail. He also has a long snake like hallow that he carries with him. This snake hallow does not have a name and stays stretched out in full length. Mono uses this hallow like a staff and together they made a new hallow relationship.

Powers and Skills: Mono and the snake have individual ceros and together they have a synchronized cero. Mono’s cero (red) is the more powerful one and he used it to down large enemies. The snakes cero (orange) is weaker but fast and can be used much more often the Mono’s.

Arrancar: Mono

Arrancar rank: 5

Height: 5’11

Wight: 130 pounds.

Hair color: Fiery red.

Eye color: brown.

Age: Looks 16, acts like his 6.

Espada tattoo: on his chest, right side.

Hallow mask: A monkey’s up skull on the top of his head.

Appearance: He has a similar look to Grimmjow, only his pants are on tight and the vest is fully open. He also still carries his snake hallow around over on shoulder.

Personality: He is always smiling and acting like everything around him is either a game or a toy. He does not seem to care for anyone else thoughts or opinions. At times he goes to the human world to cause trouble. This habit of his makes him very unpopular with the others.

Powers & Skills: He never draws a sword and fights with his snake hallow like a staff. He uses a playful fighting style that involves mostly dodges and flips. When he attacks he either uses his staff or blasts one of his ceros. His powers include…Cero (red), Bala (orange), synchronized cero (red & orange mix). His speed is makes him one of the fasted Arrancar.

Zanpakotu: “Clime higher…Saru!” (Monkey). Surprisingly enough his sword comes out of the mouth of his snake staff forming more of a spear now. He takes free hand( can be either left or right) and just grabs the blade calling the release. His arms and legs are replace with red monkey arms. Hallow bones cover his chest and his mask covers the top of his face, just above his bottom lip. He also gains his tail.

Powers & Skills: All his past powers and skill plus the fallowing.

Un ladrón de cuatro (Monkey Trouble) Using his speed and flexibility, he attacks is foe head-on. He fights
by using counter attacks and grappling while his staff charges a cero. Once his staff is charged he lets it go and wholes his enemy in place while his staff fires. This gives Mono time to move and attack with his

Mono rabia cero (Monkey rage cero) This attack is his last resort. He actually eats his staff. This gives him a huge boost in spirit energy. Also he form becomes large and he looks more like a ape. Also his mask now covers his full face. In this form he first makes it so his enemy is trapped. Then he builds up a huge cero ball around 75 feet in circumference. He takes this ball and throws it up into the air about fifty feet from where he’s at. Then it explodes into hundreds of smaller ceros. This ceros are equal to his cero in his first form. If the ball is attacked it still explodes. After this attack is used he vomits up his staff and reverts back to his sealed form. Normaly he speads the next few days rest to regain his spirit energy.
over a year ago gigamyte said…
Name: Akira Masterson
Gender: Male
Rank: 3rd
Hair colour: dark brown/ black
Eye colour: Grey
Appearance: Like a young Starrk, but hair tied back and without the goatie. His mask fragment is unusual, it is like a monocle that is connected to an ear cuff on the left of his face.
Location of Hollow hole: unknown
Abilities: Cero, Bala, Gran Rey Cero, Garganta, Hierro
Personality: He is juvinial, excitable, and often hyper active, verging on manic.
Resurrection release: Dream ReiKai.
Resurrection form: basically him but his mask is full, it is very plain, but has lots of chains hanging from the sides and around the back of his head.
In his resurrection form his sword is like Tesra, if he looks through the hole he and his opponent are moved into his personal dimension, all the colours are turned negative, he can drain reishi from his opponent and use it to attack and he is far stronger and faster as he stores his reishi in this dimension.
Extra information: He is the most vizard like arrancar and as such gets bullied by some of the arrancar, but gains favor with Aizen, Starrk and Neliel (since she was still around when he was an espada)
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Name: Roślinna Verslind
Rank: Octava (8th) Espada

Menos level: Adjuchas
Height: 175cm
Weight: 64kg
Hollow hole location: Right shoulder
Appearance: As a Menos she appeared similar to a humanoid plant. Most of her upper body was covered by a white covering that left her arms exposed revealing light green skin underneath. She didn’t have legs or feet; instead white vine-like extensions/appendages covered and made up the bottom half of her body, similar to a dress. She used these vines for locomotion. Instead of hands she had broad maw-like appendages that very closely resembled the heads of Venus flytrap plants. Her white Hollow mask resembled a sycamore leaf with a bilateral green line going down the middle. The mask had no visible mouth but had normal-shaped eye sockets.

Powers and abilities:
The maws she has on the ends of her arms had an extremely high bite force and she could fire crimson Ceros from either one. She could control the vine-shaped extensions covering her lower body and utilize them in different ways. They were quite strong and could lift and squeeze powerfully. The skill that kept her from being devoured and devouring others instead, she could release a sweet smelling aroma from her mouth that when inhaled would soothe an opponent and reduce their fighting spirit allowing her to counterattack without much resistance. It wouldn’t work very well on opponents that were equal or higher in spiritual power. She also possessed the ability to rapidly regenerate from most injuries provided she had sufficient spiritual energy.

Height: 173cm
Weight: 59kg
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Green
Espada tattoo location: Top of her right arm
Hollow hole location: Right shoulder
Hollow mask fragment: A stinging nettle leaf-shaped eye patch (with an eye socket) that covers her left eye
Appearance: She is a dark-skinned Arrancar, with short spiked hair. Her Arrancar attire consists of a long white dress that has large cuffs on the sleeves and is cut and designed in such a way that it reveals her right leg. She also wears a thick black belt positioned diagonally around her waist.

Powers and abilities:
As her preferred style of combat, she is a capable swordswoman and can dominate most opponents. She has an extremely strong telepathic link to her zanpakutō and can telekinetically summon it back to her should she ever become separated from it. However her hand-to-hand prowess pales in comparison. Her Hierro is befitting of her rank as 8th Espada and she is quite quick in the art of sonído, although she is not the fastest. She can fire potent crimson Cero from her mouth and crimson Bala from her hands. She is also possesses the ability of Pesquisa and can use Descorrer, allowing her to open up Garganta.
She has quite a strong level of spiritual power, befitting of her rank. Her spiritual energy is red.

Zanpakutō name: Devorando (Spanish for “Devouring”)
Release command: Trap
Sealed appearance: In its sealed form it takes the form of a regular katana with a leaf-shaped tsuba, light green hilt-wrapping and a light green sheathe. A green tassel hangs from the base of the hilt.

Resurrección appearance: In her release form she becomes very plant-like in appearance. She now wears what appears to be a long white figure-hugging sleeveless dress that has a hood resembling a Venus flytrap (which can close around her head); the ‘dress’ melds into six long vine-like appendages that are smoothly attached to her waist and replace her legs. She has a large maw embedded in the centre of her torso that opens sideways and has two rows of sharp fangs. Her hands are replaced by large bulbous ferocious looking Venus flytrap-like growths (very similar in appearance to link) that are filled with rows of razor-like fangs and seemingly have minds of their own. Her leaf-like Hollow mask fragment now obscures most of her face similar to a mask leaving only her right eye exposed; her mouth is no longer visible as a result. Her Hollow hole remains on her right shoulder.

Resurrección powers and abilities: Her combat abilities, including her speed and agility, increase greatly as a result of her release. Her flytrap hands and the maw on her torso have immense jaw power and have incredibly sturdy teeth allowing them to easily chomp through most materials; her flytrap hands can open their mouths quite wide. She also has the ability to elastically stretch and retract her various limbs with ease and has the ability to produce up to six additional vine-like appendages from her back for offensive use. She has a habit of eating opponents that she has defeated with either her torso maw or her flytrap hands. The only part of her body capable of high-speed regeneration is her vine-like appendages. She can also completely manipulate and control all forms of available plant life and can cause plants to rapidly grow from the ground to ensnare opponents.
She can use two special techniques:

Aromaterapia (Spanish for “Aromatherapy”): She can emit a sweet smelling fragrance from her various mouths that induces a strong sense of tranquillity in an opponent that has inhaled the fragrance. Longer exposure to the fragrance will lead to the opponent losing their fighting spirit and becoming numb and totally still from the sheer feeling of serenity. Opponents with greater spiritual power and/or reiatsu than her can resist and overcome its effects.

Consumo (Spanish for “Consumption”): When she devours an opponent it restores her spiritual energy and she also gains all their knowledge and memories as a result.
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over a year ago KibouKuchiki1 said…
Name:Kibou Kuchiki
Rank:2nd espada
Hair color:black
Eye color:blue (changes when in hollow form)
Before becoming an Espada, he had black hair like his adoptive brother and sister and bright blue eyes. A slight tan and he's as tall as his former Lieutenant. He's been claimed to sound like his older brother as well as his Captain.
Cero Oscuras
Lanza del Relámpago

Here's a treat... A shorter version of Kibou's journey to becoming an Espada

After the battle with Aizen, he was requested to join the Soul Reaper Academy by Lieutenant Hinamori because of his large amount of spiritual energy. He joined the Academy a few short months later, excelling in all of his advanced classes. Eventually, it was brought by the attention of his future brother, Byakuya Kuchiki. During one of his training sessions with dummy hollows one year later, he met Lieutenant Matsumoto, whom was ordered to observe his skills. What he didn't realize, was that the "dummy" hollows, were real ones, and when he defeated them, Byakuya immediately took interest in him, and decided to adopt him.

Automatically graduating from the Academy, thanks to the adoption, he was assigned to Squad 10. He became close friends with his Captain, Toshiro Hitsugaya, and he was later assigned by both his Captain and his brother to look after Karakura Town. He was congratulated by Momo and Rangiku about going to meet his new sister. The celebration was cut short when he was about to go through the Senkaimon, to everyone's surprise and horror, an Arrancar who had disguised his spiritual pressure, appeared in front of him and stabbed him with a long, jagged Zanpakuto. He was thrown into the Senkaimon and was gone.

3 months later

Ichigo Kurosaki wakes up one morning to find out that his dad, Isshin, is on the news. They watch to find out that there is a movie being made by the same people who made the Ghost Hunters show. As footage of the futuristic film plays, one of the actor's name grabs his attention. Kibou Kuchiki.

Later it is discovered that Kibou somehow lost all of his memories about the Soul Society and believes his zanpakuto was a gift from a friend long ago. Looking for answers, Ichigo goes to the Soul Society. He demands Byakuya to explain the situation to him, and that's when everything goes out of control. In a hair-brained scheme to bring Kibou back, Rangiku and Kibou clash swords. The contact between zanpakuto and Kibou erupts a large black energy that envelops both of them.

Rangiku wakes up to see a woman and Kibou standing in front of each other. Kibou's eyes are closed as the woman touches his forehead with a single finger. Rangiku, not knowing what is happening, tries to help Kibou, but is stopped by her Zanpakuto's spirit : Haineko. She then realizes that the woman must be his zanpakuto's spirit. Once the spirit steps away from Kibou, he opens his eyes and his memory is restored. Before they leave his inner world, Kibou senses four strong spiritual beings. They are Arrancar.

Momo is heading to where she sensed Kibou and she is suddenly surrounded by Arrancars. One leaps at her. She stands in horror as she recognizes the face and sword of the Arrancar who stabbed Kibou. Kibou appears and tells her to get Toshiro. When she leaves, he is badly injured. When everyone else arrives, a Getsuga Tenshou destroys Arrancar after another until there are to beings left. At first, they assumed Ichigo had come to help, but when he appears beside them, they realize that the Soul Reaper is not Ichigo, but Kibou. He brutally kills the Arrancar and then starts to attack Ichigo. To their surprise, a Hollow mask starts to form on Kibou's face, and the familiar mocking tone of Ichigo's once Inner Hollow sends chills down their spines. Kibou sends the distracted Ichigo into a building and growls at the others, preparing to use another Getsuga Tenshou.

To Be Continued....

Zanpakuto: Genseitsuki which translates to "Silver Moon" in Japanese.
Zanpakuto ability: As a similar ability to Sosuke Aizen's Kyōka Suigetsu, but instead of a 'mirage' of something, it has the ability to turn into any form of Zanpakuto and use their abilities at will.
Example: The reason why Kibou's hollowfied form was able to use Getsuga Tenshou was because it mimicked Tensa Zangetsu's abilities.

Resurreccion: Not known

Here is a picture of when he was a Shinigami
Name:Kibou Kuchiki
Rank:2nd espada 
Hair color:black 
Eye color:blue (changes when in hollo
Ryuuikari commented…
What...? No seriously, what...? First, this is the "Create your own Arrancar" forum not "Create your own Shinigami" forum. Second, this is one of the most unoriginal characters I've read. Hollow powers for no reason, the ability to use an unknown Resurreccion for no reason and the ability to use techniques that are exclusive to other characters (I mean both Cascada and Lanza del Relámpago ? Really ?? They're not even similar techniques !). Not to mention the zanpakuto is majorly overpowered and under-detailed. If this is your first try, then you've got an excuse. If it isn't, quit making characters. over a year ago
KibouKuchiki1 commented…
by the way smart ass it is my first try, so back off over a year ago
Ryuuikari commented…
I'll let you off, but you've got a lot of work to do to make it good. over a year ago
over a year ago BloodEyeDragon said…
Name: Michiru Umino
Age: looks 17
Race: arrancar
Rank: 3
Hair: Black
eyes: Bright Silver
Hole: in stomach
Zanpakuto: Hikari Hino/ half-hammer half-blade

Name: Michiru Umino
Age: looks 17 
Race: arrancar
Rank: 3
Hair: Black
eyes: Bright Silver
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Name: Simon Vernufft II
Rank: Quinto (5th) Espada

Menos level: Vasto Lorde
Height: 183cm
Weight: 145kg
Hair colour: None
Eye colour: None
Hollow hole location: Centre of chest
Appearance: In his Menos form he resembled a bulky hairless gorilla. He was completely dark grey except for white Hollow-bones that covered his chest, torso, forelimbs and a line of thin white spikes that ran down his back. His Hollow mask resembled a gorilla skull with a prominent eyebrow ridge, empty eye sockets and pronounced lower canines. He had human-like hands and feet however.

Powers and abilities:
He was a very proficient combatant and was extremely dextrous with both his hands and feet, which allowed him to be a very dangerous unarmed adversary. Due to his large frame and musculature he employed a brawler style of combat. He could fire potent violet Ceros from his mouth and was capable of regenerating from injuries provided he had sufficient spiritual energy.

Height: 167cm
Weight: 92kg
Hair colour: Silver
Eye colour: Violet
Espada tattoo location: Palm of right hand
Hollow hole location: Centre of chest
Hollow mask fragment: A line of ten sharp teeth above his upper lip that resembles a moustache
Appearance: After becoming an Arrancar, he is a relatively old looking and fair-skinned with a muscular frame and thinning. He wears a white jacket that is reminiscent of a lab coat that falls below his knees; it has black linings and has two vertical black lines on each breast-pocket. Underneath he wears the normal black sash and white hakama. Oddly he never wears any shoes revealing his feet.

Powers and abilities:
He is a meticulous intellectual and can process large amounts of information very quickly. As such he is a master strategist. His swordsmanship skills aren’t great but he is an extremely proficient hand-to-hand combatant and combined with his immense strength, makes him a dangerous unarmed fighter. He can fire potent violet-coloured Ceros from his mouth or left eye and is adept at firing violet-coloured Bala from his fists. His Hierro is befitting of his position as the Quinto Espada and he possesses very powerful spiritual power and reiatsu. His spiritual energy is violet.

Zanpakutō name: Simio (Spanish for “Ape”)
Release command: Think
Sealed appearance: In its sealed state it takes the form of a regular katana with a tsuba shaped like a brain, violet hilt-wrapping and a violet sheathe.

Resurrección appearance: After the release he becomes very bulky and quite muscular and a very fine silver fur covers every inch of his skin leaving only his face, hands and feet exposed. He also gains a hunched gait (like a gorilla) and a line of three inch long Hollow-bone spines protrude from his back; a thick crimson line also runs down his back. In his release he wears only the black sash and white hakama. Hollow-like skulls sit on each shoulder and on the middle of each pectoral. His forehead ridge becomes more pronounced and his lower canines become visible from his mouth. His Hollow mask fragment has now grown a row of teeth around his chin (now resembling a Van Dyke beard).

Resurrección powers and abilities:
His physical capabilities increase greatly as a result of his release and his proficiency with the Pesquisa technique increases drastically. His mental capacity also increases largely, endowing greater intellectual abilities.

Mente Sobre la Materia (Spanish for “Mind Over Matter”): By sitting in the Lotus position and channelling large quantities of spiritual energy through his brain he gains the ability of telekinesis; his telekinetic strength far exceeds his physical strength. Although able to manipulate objects with his mind alone, it is much easier to do when using his hands as a focus. He is rendered immobile while this technique is in effect however he does float several centimetres off of the ground. Lifting heavy objects and using this technique for continuous periods of time is extremely fatiguing both mentally and physically. His eyes turn violet and glow radiantly while he is using this technique.
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over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Making these Arrancar help me to write...

Name: Antonella Liggian
Rank: -

Menos level: Vasto Lorde
Height: 186cm (6’01”)
Weight: 143Ibs (65kg)
Hair colour: None
Eye colour: None
Hollow hole location: Centre of torso
Appearance: As a Vasto Lorde Menos she had a feminine looking frame with an above average-sized bosom and her body was covered from head to feet with a black covering reminiscent of a cloak. Around her neck was a row of thin white spikes and under her 'cloak' she had pointed feet wrapped in a white bandage-like covering. Her white hands were tipped with long, sharp, white nails, but she usually hid them within her ‘cloak’ unless she wanted (or needed) to use them. She had a relatively large Hollow hole and her white Hollow mask was simplistic, with an elongated nose that had a crimson band around it, empty eye sockets and a set of Gillian-like teeth. She could protrude a long tongue out of her mouth that was capable of breaking a fellow Hollow's mask.

Powers and abilities:
She was a surprisingly adept hand-to-hand combatant and could ruthlessly take down multiple opponents of a slightly lower level without too much effort. Her fighting style was very bestial. She could also fire a potent crimson Cero from her mouth and possessed the ability to rapidly regenerate from injuries provided she had sufficient spiritual energy and her vital organs weren’t damaged.

Hollow techniques:
Kūmon (Air Gate): A Gillian-level Menos ability. By tearing through the barriers between Hueco Mundo and others realms, thus creating a spatial distortion which opens a pathway, she could open up a Garganta and travel to other realms.

Negación (Spanish for "Negation"): Although she rarely ever performed the technique, she was capable of generating the beam used by Gillian-class Menos used to rescue their comrades.

Height: 178cm (5’10”)
Weight: 126Ibs (57kg)
Eye colour: Hazel
Hair colour: Black
Hollow hole location: Centre of torso
Hollow mask fragment: A Gillian-like left jawbone and a part that covers her upper right side of her face, including her right eye (eye socket-style); the two pieces are connected by a strip of Hollow bone that runs across her nose
Appearance: Antonella is a Hispanic-looking Arrancar with long hair that falls halfway down her back and thin bangs that frame her face; she retained her feminine figure and ample bust from her time as a Menos. She also has full lips and fang-like canines. Antonella wears a variation of the Arrancar uniform that consists of a white robe, which is bisected vertically by a black line and does not possess sleeves (or any kind of hole for arms), that goes over her white hakama and falls to her feet. Underneath her robe, her bust is bound by a white sarashi and her hakama is bound by a black sash. She generally goes around barefoot.

Powers and abilities:
Antonella has no real skill in swordplay and generally fights using an instinctive, rudimental hack-n-slash method; she holds her zanpakutō through her robe. However she is a master unarmed fighter, capable of mixing it up with the best of them and coming out on top. Her bestial, instinctive fighting style mixed with her insane reflexes, great physical strength and quick reaction times allows her to overwhelm most opponents. This is matched by her impressive stamina and immense physical speed, the latter of which allows her to keep up with high-speed movement users. Antonella is capable of using sonído, but she rarely uses it. Her Hierro is Espada-level and, while she knows how to use Pesquisa, Her level of skill with the technique is poor and so she rarely uses it. Antonella can fire an incredibly potent crimson Cero from her mouth and is also capable of firing crimson-coloured Bala from her feet, but she rarely chooses to do so. Unlike most Arrancar, she can rapidly regenerate from serious injuries but cannot regenerate damage to vital organs; if the latter occurs, regeneration fails. She can use Descorrer to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo but much prefers to use Kūmon, a technique she retained from her days as a Menos.
Antonella possesses extremely high levels of spiritual power with stifling reiatsu to match. Her spiritual energy is crimson coloured.

Zanpakutō name: Compuesto (Spanish for "Composite")
Release: She releases by saying the command, "Return". Immediately after releasing Antonella is engulfed by a vortex of dark crimson spiritual energy before it dissipates, revealing her released form.
Sealed appearance: It resembles a regular katana with a simple heptagonal guard, crimson-coloured hilt-wrapping and a crimson-coloured sheathe.

Resurrección appearance: In her Resurrección Antonella now wears a black cloak that covers from the top of her neck all the way down to her feet and also past her wrists. The cloak is form-fitting and figure-hugging around her upper body, shrinking and stretching with her body, and opens up ever so slightly just below the waist barely revealing her white hakama and bandaged feet underneath. A ring of thin white spikes runs around her neck, wrists and ankles and her Hollow hole is now visible as part of her cloak. Her hands are tipped by long, sharp nails that resemble Gillian Hollow masks. The remnants of her Hollow mask now grow to completely cover her face, leaving only an area around her left eye exposed. The mask has Gillian-like teeth and an elongated Gillian-like nose with three crimson bands around it.

Resurrección powers and abilities:
Antonella’s physical capabilities increase drastically due to her Resurrección but her mentality also becomes more primal as a result. Also the strength and density of her Hierro increases greatly and she can combat similar attacks without receiving damage. As a result of her release the power, speed and force of her Ceros increases and are immensely powerful, capable of causing large-scale damage and destruction. She can fire them at maximum power near instantaneously.

Negación (Spanish for "Negation"): Antonella regains the ability to perform the Gillian-class Menos technique.

Gyakūmon (Reverse Air Gate): She can summon Gillian-level Menos from the Forest of Menos by tearing through the barriers between the Forest of Menos, and the realm she is in, opening up a Garganta between the two dimensions.

• Kūmonō (Air Gate King): She has complete dominion over Gillian-class Menos and they will follow her commands regardless of all else. Only people with much greater reiatsu than hers are capable of superseding control of any Gillian-class Menos she is controlling.

Cero Oscuras (Spanish for “Dark Zero”): Her version of the Cero Oscuras is black with a crimson outline. The Cero Oscuras is much more powerful than the regular Ceros she fires and she is able to fire them at maximum power near instantaneously.

Cero Última (Spanish for “Final Zero”): This is the most powerful Cero that an Arrancar can achieve. Its maximum power dwarfs the power of a normal Cero in all respects; however it requires a minimum charge time of six seconds to reach this maximal power. The Cero’s power comes from the subconscious pain of not having a heart and wanting to fill the void it left (due to previously being a Hollow); thus the Cero Última is always fired from the Arrancar’s Hollow hole. Her version of the Cero Última is dark crimson with a thick black outline.
over a year ago hollowbrine said…
My espada is a secret leader of negative team,
His name is Zekkyō oni
His reserection is: tear them apart, kinzoku doragon
hollowbrine commented…
He is -20 espada over a year ago
hollowbrine commented…
Remember ice dragon kusaka, well imagine a metal one, and zekkyo oni can summon metal pilers and spikes and would drop a piece of metal in your wound and then it transforms into tons of blades ripping you apart from the inside over a year ago
hollowbrine commented…
He is also from a parallel universe and a freaking genius over a year ago
over a year ago hollowbrine said…
Zekkyo oni's ally is hikage and can dublacate himself and summon shadow creatures and disappear and reappear in and from shadows, he can also stab several people on the inside or outside with his sword by having your shadow on the inside or out make a copy of his blade and then stab you
over a year ago Ericue said…
Name: Ericue Bullee.
Gender: Male.
Hollow hole: mid chest.
Espada rank: 0.
Tattoo place: between abs and mid chest, right under the hollow hole.
Hollow Mask: Wolf jaws on jaw.
Reiatsu color: Red.
Eyes: Red.
Hair: blonde and short mohawk.
Cero. (releases from flat open hand)
Cero oscuras. (releases from flat open hand)
Gran Rey Cero. (releases from chest)
Bala. (can also shoot using a kick)

very laid back and never shows much attention for the outside world, used to be a 16 year old boy who died and turned into a hollow, later evolving into a vasto lorde. lazy but still finds joy in a fight.
Arrancar uniform:
A jacket a bit longer then Grimmjow's but half closed and with a hood he always wears halfway his head and soggy but straight trousers. trousers.
Run, Lobo relayado (laid back wolf).
gets a wolf head like hood without his mask, two blades from the back of his hands longer then Ggio Vega's with armor similar to Grimmjow's but looks thicker, lower legs are like a wolf's back legs.
can shoot blade like cero shots from dual blades, and releases gran rey cero using both.
Special ability: Lámina alfa (Alpha blade).
charges his blades and lower legs for even bigger strength and more destructive kicks and punches, becomes able to perform cero-kicks.
over a year ago Coro said…
name: Akira Zephyrus
Gender: Male
Hollow Hole: Centre Chest
Type: Vasto Lorde (formerly Shinigami)
Rank: unranked
Tattoo: left shoulder
Mask Remnant: none (forcibly removed)
Reietsu color: Violet
aspect of death: sacrifice
eyes: blue
hair: black, extends to mid back
zanpakuto: Serpiente
realease command: constrict
Abilities: Cero, Gran Rey Cero, Bala, Sonido, Pesquisa, Hierro, High Speed Regeneration, Luz de la Luna, Lanza del Relampago
Age: visibly 20, true 500+
Friends: Saiph Nekoda (mate)
Personality: (away from Saiph)Lonely, Apathetic, Uncaring, visibly emotionless, (around Saiph) joyful, happy, Loving

Release form: gains black Dragon like lower body including Tail and Wings
over a year ago Skyler136 said…
Name: Skyler Walker
Rank: 8th though he is strong enough to be in the top 3, he’s just lazy, very secretive, sly, and doesn’t like the idea of being so close to Aizen.
Age: He looks to be sixteen and acts like it though he is actually 613
Eyes: Light blue inner Irises with light grey outer irises
Gender: Male
Appearance: Skyler is short and looks very feminine, he has long medium white straight hair, he is surprisingly fit for his girlish frame, he wears a white and black hoodie with sleeves longer than his arms and the standard
Remains of hollow mask: A choker on his neck
Hollow hole: On his chest
Espada tattoo: In the middle of his back
Zanpakuto: Kokugatsu - Black Month
Cero (Black with light blue highlight)
High-Speed Regeneration
Enhanced Pesquisa (Pesquisa X 10)
Enhanced Sonído (Sonido X 10)
Sonido delirante - A loud, high pitched sound that sends those who hear it into a delirious state.
Cero Garras - Ceros molded over Skyler’s fingers to form claws while in his sealed state.
Resurrección - Skyler becomes covered with the mask material looking like the skeletal system of a humanoid wolf. He has sharp claws and sharp teeth with a long tail that looks like a spine
Resurrección abilities:
Cero Sangre - An ability that allows Skyler to absorb any cero that is as powerful or less powerful than Skyler’s most powerful cero. This also makes him impervious to ceros which is why he is the perfect opponent for Ulquiorra. Can be done in his sealed state with his Zanpakuto.
Enhanced Hierro (Hierro X 10)
Enhanced Sonído (Sonido X 20)
Enhanced Pesquisa (Pesquisa X 20)
Resurrección: Segunda Etapa - Skyler was able to attain his second resurrección by “Hunting” hollows, soul reapers, and other arrancar. The only other people who know about it are Ulquiorra and Skyler’s Fraccion. The Skeletal mask material breaks away and the wolf is revealed. Skyler has the half of the mask with the teeth, black fur on Skyler’s canine legs with clawed feet and sharp clawed arms. His tail is now completely covered in fur
Resurrección: Segunda Etapa abilities:
Physically the fastest and strongest of all the espada.
Cero Aullido - A cero in the form of a howl similar in power to Ulquiorra's Lanza del Relámpago .
Bestia de la destrucción - Skyler’s body is filled with spiritual energy and the destructive power of his cero is activated through toch with a delayed reaction.
Nikoyaka Kirā - a female arrancar whose very nice and sweat. She enjoys teaching the other arrancar how to fight but can be very merciless when fighting. She looses herself while sparring and almost kills her opponent until either Skyler and/or Kaika step in and stop her. She has a rocky relationship with Grimmjow ever since she cut off his arm when he tried to kill her.
Zanpaktou - it has a yellow sheath and a white hilt with a guard that looks like a four point star with one set of endpoints being farther than the other.
Resurrección - Ángel de la muerte : She gains a set of bird like wings which can be used offensively and defensively similarly to Ulquiorra’s wings while gaining a long tail with a fan like blade at the end.
Resurrección abilities:
Shooting feathers infused with energy
Pesquisa increases in power ten fold
Kaika Horā - A female arrancar who is a glutton for fighting, and food. She is tough but very smart contrary to what people believe. Her physical strength and speed rivals that of an espada though her cero is standard for a fraccion.
Zanpaktou - has a green sheath with a very dark red flower shaped hilt.
Resurrección - Rosa Severa (Grim Rose) : A white rose appears on her back with twelve vine like tentacles with dagger like thorns at the ends of the tentacles.
Resurrección abilities:
Poison daggers that drain reiatsu with each sting.
Cero de mil pétalos, a thousand tiny cero beams protruding from the flower on her back.