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crazieone106 posted on Aug 13, 2009 at 10:33PM
Feel free to generate your own Arrancar that can, of course, rank espada. Describe them, their abilities, skills, personalities, and zanpakuto's. :) They may reflect your own personality or who you wish you could be!

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over a year ago Ploxxon said…
ok... can we post multiple Arrancar?

here is my favorite of the ones if thought of:

Name: Arcelia Arriola

Gender: Female

Ht/Wt: 5"10'/150 lbs.

Eyes: Deep yellow

Hair: Yellow down to her waist wit black streaks running entire length

Skin Tone: lightly tanned

Body Type: Curvacious and thin

Mask Remnant: a sort-of forehead protecter without a headband, with three small orbs imbedded in a triangular formation in the center

Hollow Hole: center cest just above breasts

Abilities: All normal Espada abilities (Excels in Sonido)

Unique Abilities: Gran Riena Cero- her equivilant of gran rey cero, Oro Cero (Gold Cero)- a large and bright cero that has a tendancy to vibrate at high oscilations, Sonido de Roturo (Shattering Sound)- causes a huge blast of high-oscilation rietsu to decimate the area around her when launching into this special sonido

Zanpakuto Description: yellow and black hilt wrapping, yellow guard.

Zanpakuto Command/Name: Venganza y reconstruir, Avispa ("Avenge and rebuild, Wasp")

Ressurection: eyes go full black; mask remnant turns into large wings leaving three small, black eyes to replace the orbs in the center of her forehead; dones large, thick antenna, grows a large stinger organ; thick armor forms over her arms, legs, and torso.

Ressurection Abilities: Wings vibrate at extremely high speeds that can cause rietsu to dissipate in lose proximity, faster oscilation of wings equals large rietsu disspation range; can visualky SEE rietsu, how it flows, and how the user controls it to perform kido or rietsu-based attacks, allowing her to mimic them; can choose to gain complete control over any foe she hits with er stinger, if she stings a hollow it traforms into a wasp-like being that she can command, although she has yet to test this on a shinigami; can gather rietsu via her stinger or her mouth

Personality: She is extremely cautiousin battle and always performsan analysis of the enemy prior to fighting. she is not very talkative and chooses her words carefully. she tends to seem lazy but is actually constantly thinking of new approaches to battles, fighing styles, and even how create a new attack. her only problem is that she has a superiority complex and has evolved into a full range of emotions(although this CAN be a strength). she is exremely possessive and will attack anyone with full force who dares so much as even look at her fraccion in a way she does't like. Tending to corner her "rival" Halibel in constant attempts to fight and beat her so that she may show Aizen-sama (and her long standing crush, Ulquiorra Schiffer) her full potential and that she deserves to be Espada. When pushed to the edge, she has full access to a Segunda Etapa, but does not resort to it as it is capable of "destroying all of Hueco Mundo".

-- sorry its so long... any spelling errors are due to my laptops speed/processing issues--
please give me feed back love constructive critisism.

oh and this pic just inspires me to what her full hollow mask might look like.
ok... can we post multiple Arrancar?
<br />

<br />
here is my favorite of the ones if thought of:
over a year ago darkfang said…
hey my guy is called ryuu AYUMU (ryuu means dragon and ayumu means dream vision) he has a split persanality one thats doesnt care about anything and the other is insane and wants nothing less then to kill everyone hes hole is just near his heart the swords name is HIRAKU Kuro (means expanding darkness) his sword looks into its enermys mind and shows him his darkest fears untill they kill themselves no one knows what he realy looks like because he keeps it covered but his heir thats comes down from the back of the cover is black (try to picture releasted ulquiorra with the guy thats always on the cover of the disturbed albums)his releasted form his face is still covered but his whole body is covered in a black mist armour

this is the best i could find sorry
hey my guy is called ryuu AYUMU (ryuu means dragon and ayumu means dream vision) he has a split persa
over a year ago killerbee21 said…
Name: Castel Delgado
Rank: Primera (took over hueado muendo)
Hair colour: Sliver
Eye Colour: pale (like the byakugan)
Very thin but built at the same time. His name is kindof a joke Castel meaning "of a castle"
and Delgado meanining "thin or slender".His hollow hole is in the palm of his left hand and
his Primera number is on the back of his right hand. His shirt is like anyone elses just with no sleeves.
He is 6'0 and 168 pounds (me :) haha) and he is quite and but has a massive temper and no patience
for anyone who stands in his way. He appears to
be a 16 or 17 year old white kid that never really smiles. Much like Light from deathnote
Cero (Silver) that launches from a
Bala (throws them in a blur like DBZ fast)
Sonido (his favorite techinique)
High speed regeneration
Specializes in hand to hand combat. Using Judo, Taekwondo,and Hapkido to imobilize his enemy
His 1st Resurrecion is Arte de Romper (spanish for art of breaking)
In this form his body is enclosed in armor like that of a exosketaliton on a bug but white and
fited to his body. He has a black under his armor and only his head shows.

His 2nd Resurrecion is Derramar su Sangre (spanish for spill their blood) In this his Armor
is only found on his right arm, left forearm and around his waste, much like a Gladiator. Now
Spikes come out of his right arm much like Frieza's 3rd form does. No black just him and his armor
are left in this form. Along his eyes are now completely white with no pupil and his skin has become
pale similar to Ulquiorra's skin. And has black markings down his eyes similar to the flow of

For the most part he is non-violent until he is challenged by someone stronger than him. Then he becomes
much like Kenpachi or Hollow Ichigo.
Comment Watcha think
Name: Castel Delgado <br />
Male<br />
Rank: Primera (took over hueado muendo)<br />
Hair colour: Sli
over a year ago AzenoKunio said…
Name: Azeno Kunio
Gender: Male
Ht/Wt: 5'4"/135lbs.
Eyes: Steel grey left eye, Blood red right eye
Age: 17 years old
Hair: White, spiky hair, shoulder length in small ponytail
Skin color: Pale
Mask: Rib cage
Hole: in his stomach like Grimmjow
Abilities: Sonido (Excels in this)
cero-black with a small amount of white
and all other basics
Unique abilities:Sonido de destrucción (blasting sound) causes sonicbooms when dashing at full speed.
Bala Typhoon (Bala Tifon- a massive rain of bala and virtually unavoidable.)

Description of Zanpaktou: Sapphire blue blade, black hilt, and white wrapping and a four-sided star for the shape of the handguard. His zanpaktou sits on his back with the hilt facing the ground, the sheath can be seen above his head.

Zanpaktou name and release:
bramar y liberar oscuridad, umbrioendriago!
(roar and unleash darkness,darkdragon)

Acceso de el obscuridad, Umbrioendriago!
(Attack from the darkness, darkdragon)
Ressurection: his body goes completely black and grows a dragon skull on his head like a helmet with its jaw open to show his black face and white eyes, an armour like rib cage, arms and legs also have the bones of a dragon using claws and talons as weapons, also a long bone tail and bony wings and black membranes, he is still humaniod(looks like a human). In this form he can transfer his bone armor to someone by placing his shadow-like hand on this person and saying "Swallow their light"(Golondrina su Lampara).

2) His small Dragon-humaniod form becomes a large dragon almost completely comprized of bone, he can stand on his hind legs or on all four, suprizingly fast, and fires a massive cero from his mouth Darkdragon Zero Nova(Nova Cero de Umbrioendriago )

Ressurection Abilities: claws and talons capable of cutting through diamond, can simueltainously fire two ceros from his mouth and tip of tail. Second Resurection.

Appearance: wears a hoodie that covers his face completely by a zipper on the hood, the hoodie shows his stomach, and pants like Ulquiorra. His Segunda tattoo is on his right cheek of his face.

Personality: Usually lazy and quiet even in life threatening situations, but if he gets serious he will remove his hood and start using his zanpaktou.

History: As an Adjuchas he looked like a giant dragon made completely out of bone, he attacked Emilou Apacci to the extent of Harribel defending her weakened Fraccion, but strangly enough he stopped before she did anything and just started to talk, later he is seen as a teen aged arrancar in Harribel's Fraccion and calling her "Big Sis" dispite being a segunda. Like Ulquiorra Schiffer he can access a second resurection form, that is his old Adjuchas form.

Oddly enough he can read in all languages, and is a really good cook (trust me i wish i could do that).

here is another arrancar in Azeno's Fraccion

Name: Soshito Tokiomi
Gender: Female
Ht/Wt: 5'3"/ 100 lbs.
Eyes: One cyan eye and one violet eye (Heterochroma iridium)
Age: 16
Hair: Long black hair that falls to her waist
Skin color: lightly tanned
MaskRemnant: two cat ear like protrustions on her head
Hole: chest, above where the heart would be
Abilities: all the basics
Unique abilities: Tracking Cero storm (Seguimiento Cero Tormenta) creates thousands of small cero balls that track down opponets by following their spiritual pressure
Description of zanpaktou:golden blade with black hilt and wrapping, handguard is in the shape of a cresent moon
Zanpaktou Release: Feast upon your prey, Leopard!
Ressurection: looks like grimmjow's just with cat-ear-like protrustion on her head and more femine style then grimmjow
Ressurection ablilities: Capable of super strength, and speed
Appearance: wears a short dress with sleeves.
Personality: Clingy when alone with Azeno but quickly becomes sadistic when in the presence of others or in combat.
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over a year ago gensoikari97 said…
Name: Minoru Nakamura
Espada#: 2
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Gray
Looks a lot like Ulquiorra, but with gray hair, his hollow hole is on his torso right where his heart would be, the remains of his hollow mask is a single horn on the left side of his head
Gran Rey Cero
Normally Calm unless in a fierce battle, then he is a destructive force
Zanpakuto: Eikyū tōdo doragon(permafrost dragon)
Sealed description: cane sword with dragon head pommel
Ressurection: Lacerate
Ressurection Description: wielder gains armor that appears to be made of ice, grows large dragon wings, and the weapon turns into a Qiang spear with a black shaft with white dragon designs
Ressurection Attacks:
Shimo bōkō(frost assault)- stabs blade into the ground and a large spike of ice rises from under the opponent
Howaitodoragon no jōmyaku(white dragon veins)- strikes opponent with the bottom of the weapon and white vein-like protrusions sprout out of the opponent and ensnares their body
Kodai ryū no mezame(ancient dragon awakening)- wielder is enshrouded in light and is transformed into a large Ice dragon
Saigo no ryū no mō fubuki(final dragon's blizzard)- releases a large blizzard that freezes all within 3 kilometers
that is all
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
we need arrancars for the new forum Bleach: A New Generation.
over a year ago gensoikari97 said…
you can use my arrancar!
just as long as you dont claim him to be your creation
over a year ago Icewithinfire said…
Name: Kai Shiho
Rank: Espada 4
Cero is Black with a dark purple outline
Wears a Standard espada uniform except for a hood always over his head
Zanpakutō: Hi no tsuki dai akuma no kōri (The great demon ice with in fire)Covers his entire body with ice that can start on fire can create weapons from his hands, has a great control of his sword and cero.

Appearance: 6'2" slightly pale skin, Dark Purple hair covering one eye reaches to shoulders, Eye color is light green, Hollow mask is a helmet with two demon horns but it is covered by his hood.

As a Vaste Lorde he had a full mask that covered all of his face.

He was created by Grimmjow after Ichigo beat him. His personality is slightly like grimmjows, he has great pride, But he has more of an upbeat style and he will not use his zanpakutō unless given permission by grimmjow or if he is about to die. he is currently training to use a second release.
over a year ago Froyoman said…
Name: Imaru Bamakiche
Number: Fraccione under Stark
Appearance: He is tall with a normal build. His white get-up is fashioned with long baggy pants similar to Grimjow's, with a top like Shawlongs only with a trench-coat like bottom. He carries his sword on his belt with a light blue hilt. Long yellow hair that somtimes droops over his purple eyes in small little strands. His skin is a darker shade of peach, so he has a normal tone. His mask sets on his neck like a choker with one small little claw like symbol hanging from it.
More traites: He tends to smile at other's pain, and likes to joke around. But his pure strength with his hand or blade (unreleased) is so immense that most don't live to see his resureccion.
Release: "Poison, Jin'hyu Myrn!" His release gives him two glove like things with claws that stretch four feet each. He grows thin wings and a long sharp-ended tale. His special moves with this are Maaken, a laser like cero, Goryn, a series of fiery claw slashes, and Hogen Myaku, his final attack that uses his entire spiritual energy to send a blast that never misses.
He fought in the battle at fake Karakura town against Byakuya and Kenpachi who arrived late, after they retreated he battle Kisuke and Yamamoto who nearly beat him with the help of a hollowfied Ichigo, so Imaru escaped back to Hueco Mundo and with a barely living Harribel, Ulqiorra, and many other living arrancars rebuilt the palace but instead lived in peace while the war ended.
He was well known as an ability user meaning he knew all of the arrancar's special moves such as bala, cero and countless others
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Name: Raiden Anteras

Rank: 2nd Espada

NB. The Espada I have been creating are not the first generation Espada from current Bleach, these are 2nd generation Espada to fit into my story and RP. Each Espada represents a devastating truth.

Truth: Self-righteousness

Age: 900, but looks about 35.

Gender: Male

Abilities: High-level reiatsu, Sonido, Cero. He never uses Bala, or Pesquisias, and instead of a Gran Rey Cero, in his released form, he has a special Cero, called Cero Staticio (this is powerful Cero, that releases almost as much energy as Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras), which is a yellow blast, with white mixed through it (same colour type as Ichigo's Cero in 'That' form, except yellow and white instead of red and white)

Zanpakuto: Ampliado Cortè ('Extended blades')

Release command: Stretch forth (Sutorecchi nado)

Abilities: In his released form, his arms have extra-hardened Hierro up to his elbows and slits on the top-side of his wrists, where he has a small blade coming out of each arm. These blades can extend up to approximately 100 meters, they have a lag-time of about ten seconds, but extend instantly after the lag-time, and can be brought back instantly, but have a lag-time of five seconds.

Zanpakuto appearance: The tsuba is yellow/white, with a guard that is shaped like an inverted E (capital E).

Height: 5'11

Weight: 75 kgs

Appearance: No distinguishing features in unreleased form, except for his long, brown hair and a small, lower jawpiece, like Yammy's, but smaller with sharper teeth set in the jawbone.

Resurreccion appearance: He has black robes, kind of like Ichigo's Bankai robes, but the same style as Aizen's Arrancar robes, which are cut off just above the elbows, and his jawpiece, becomes wider, to resemble a mixture of Yammy's jawpiece and Grimmjow's jawpiece on the side of his mouth (Raiden's is basically the two put together).

Mannerisms: Serious and loyal to his Truth, Raiden will pursue anyone in battle, who he thinks will try and look down upon Hollows. He especially hates Shinigami, as he sees them as only ever looking down on Hollows, and killing them for no reason. He was designed by Aizen, to have speed and analytical talents similar to Starrk, with reiatsu and speed, close to Ulquiorra's.

Reiatsu: His reiatsu is yellow, but has black tendrils mixed throughout it. It is similar to the appearance of Ichigo's black/red reiatsu, except yellow/black.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
This is what Raiden looks like.
This is what Raiden looks like.
over a year ago Deathclaw98 said…
name:reaper(he dosent know his name) sex:male rank:none apperance: sorta messy black hair that covers some of his eyes and a bang in the middle, he is about 6 foot 1, his mask rewmains are on the right side of his face with one horn and other remains of the mask he also has dark brown eyes. personality: hes quiet, serious, and mostly keeps to himself, but he is kind hearted despite his apperance. abilities: bala(black), cero(black), sonido, garganta, pesquisa, and hierro. zanpaktou: he has a long dark grey katana with a long black chain with no hilt also the chain has a sharp end to it. resurrection: abyss. abilities can run black lighting around his body for protection against blows and can fire it back to hurt his opponet. he can also use shadows to move faster than sonido and can use the shadows to help fight like making a sword out of shadows. he also has to black wings that can obviously allow him to fight in the air. he also in his resurrection has two swords.
name:reaper(he dosent know his name) sex:male rank:none apperance: sorta messy black hair that covers
over a year ago Deathclaw98 said…
oh and his hollow mask turns into like ichigos hollow mask except with two horns
over a year ago onix11 said…
Name: Meravani Delgato aka"The Crimson Death"
Age: Unknown
Heigt: 5'10
Hair: Crimson
Eyes: Crimson
Build: Thin
Hollow Hole: Right shoulder
Rank: Espada number six

Description: One of the few Vasto Lordes that were turned into an espada. He has an incredible mastery over the techniques of sondio and Bolas. He uses his incredible speed to his advantage because of his unfortunat lack in strength. He also has the skill to manipulate his opponents lost blood to create weapons for his own use. Completely cold and heartless to his opponents, he is also borderline insane due to his unique ability to control of blood as a hemomancer. He wears the traditional robes of espade except for a blood red scarf and gloves.

Resureccion: Run Red Vampiric
Espada Zanpakuto: His hilt and hand guard are crimson while the blade is while as snow. To activate his Resureccion, he has to have hit an opponent ten times with his blade. He then bites the sword that is covered in blood and his transformation beomces complete. When in his resureccion, he grows two wings out of his back and hi upper torso, his forearms, and his and his legs are covered in blood red bone armor with two crimson blades extneding from his hadns that are one and a half feet long and half and half a foot wide.

Abilities: Blood pool) This power allows him to submerge himself into a pool of blood that allows him to stay protected for as long as he wishes. It also helps him to stop kidos level 75 and below. This power can last from one to five seconds.

Absorbtion: This power allows him to absorb blood that has been spilled whic allows him to heal minor and some moderate wounds and also replenishes any of his own lost blood supply. Other that that, it does nothing else.

Blade of crimson: He hand blades are covered in blood and gain an additional two feet. This move can be extended like a whip that reaches up to ten feet in distance. This move uses up a good amount of Meravani's health, so he is very catious and precise when using it. If it cause a cut, the wound area is injected with an anti-couagulant to keep the wound from healing for a short time. The couagulant disappears when his resureccion is cancelled.

Elixir of Life: In his armor, he contains two vials full of blood that has been purified over time. they are kept in secret compartments on his armor.
Vial 1:When he drinks the first one, his power is increased by half as well as his bodies ability to create blood and his absorbtions powers are increased by a fourth.
Vial 2:When he drinks the second. His strength is increased 2x its self, as does his bodies powers to regenrate blood(which allows him to use alot more of his blood powers). His speed is increased by a fourth and his absorbtions powers are increased by half.
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over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Hair: Silver and piky towards th front ending in a ponytail.
Eyes: Left eye deep blue, and an eyepath over his right.
Mask remnant: On his left hip in the form og a barbed chain. His hollow hole is in the palm of his left hand. A number 3 is tattooed on his right cheek.

Ignis wears a white vest with a hood a fur lining is predominant on the vest. He wears white shorts as well wh huge pockets on the sides.

Ignis symbolizes boredom reflecting his inabilty to be amused or surprise by anything. He is lo incapabl of performing a stable resurrecion. Ignis instead focuses on mastering his cero and sonido. Creating various forms of each ability.

(Didn't bother with the others)

Wall of Cero: By fusing cero and Sonido Ignis can create mini cero by moving his arm at hyper speeds and blasting multiple cero. Thee blasts are each 1/4 a normal cero blast.

Cero zeus: Charges a cero in the form of a ball and sends it flying. Its speed is slower than normal but when it hits it doesent explode but burns whatever it comes into contact with for a total of 3 seconds at which point it dissipates.

Cero Ignis: a thin cero beam that ban be used as a whip. When the user wishes the whip explodes with the power of 2 cero.

Cero eclipse: A powerul cero that first takes the form of a bubble that has the same defensive capabilities of a danku around the user. Then multiple spikes jetison out of the buble that behave as a normal sword, the bubble begins spinning at 180 miles per hour and charges at the opponent. It first grinds away at them then explodes with the power of a grand rey cero. This cero can only travel in a straight line and the user can leave the bubble at any point.

Sonido burst: Ignis when using sonido in close proximity of another creates a shockwave that knocks them away with the force of a moving truck.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Oy, Gaia, you should add this dude to the RP as a normal Arrancar. I think we need a few more of them.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Name: Alto Matador

Gender: Male

Rank: A mod Espada, created with the specific purpose to kill Captain-Commander Hitsugaya.

Height: 6'0

Weight: 68 kgs

Mask Remnants: No mask remnants visible during Resurreccion, however he has a half mask, which looks like the front view of a condor's face.

Hollow Hole Location: Through the middle of his left bicep.

Zanpakuto Name: Dilatacion ('Expansion')


Cero Tonada: A special Cero, meant for the purpose of shattering ice, particularly Toshiro's Hyorinmaru. Air around Alto gathers into a small, compacted ball, which is charged with his green reiatsu, becoming a green/white Cero blast.

Sonido Huracan: This enhances his Sonido abilities, making much faster when in Resurrecion form.

Normal Hierro.

Other abilities: low-level Bala.

Release Command: Expand and shatter, Dilatacion.

Resurreccion Appearance: He grows wings out of his back, which can navigate any wind-speed and allow him to fly expertly. This essential to his ability of being able to expand air.

Resurreccion Abilities:

Esparcir ('Expand') Thsi allows him to expand air, in order to shatter the ice of Toshiro's Zanpakuto, either when Hyorinmaru is in Shikai or Bankai and can even shatter the ice of Hyoten Hyakkasso.
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Sure ill add him.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
I might add my mod Espada later on, for an epic Toshiro fight.
over a year ago nivlekseruzna said…
Name: Iteza Ite
Rank:7th Espada
Hair color:Red
Eye color: red eyed outside and the iris is gray
Hollow Mask: Red marked under the eye, oned hole in the nose shaped as cross, his jaws has saber toothed-like
flecha de fuego
i can't think anything
over a year ago Azure_Lightning said…
Name: Miogaruna Girzuka

Sex: Male

Rank: 6

Miogaruna was a experiment that captain of the research squad made between a soul reaper and arrancar. He escaped the lab during the night by opening a garganta inside his cell, when he escaped he was only half developed in the lab so he went into the menos forest and devoured the hollows there. By the time he had fully developed he entered the human world to live a peaceful life. Until he met Ulquiorra.

Personality: calm and collected often random

Zanpaktou: His Zanpaktou is called anular la estrella del dragón ( void star dragon) the handle of the blade is shaped like a dragons head, it is White with black star like waves on it

Description: he became the 6th espada after grimmjow died and sits in his room and read. His hollow mask is a dragons skull with the back of it going down his spine ending like a tail with a hooked end. Ulquiorra checks up on him often. During the day in the human world he is in his day form where he has blackish purple lines running up from the fingers between the little finger and index finger on both hands. At night he looks the same but with White lines instead of purple. His hollow hole is smaller than normal and is on his left palm the number is around his eye. He changes form in las noches depending on the time in the real world.

Looks: he has White slitted eyes like a cats and has short black hair he is 5ft 5

Ressurection: his mask cloaks most of him in a dragon skeleton with the rest of the spaces open allowing him to move quickly but also being easily damaged he has claws made from the skeleton like body

2nd ressurection: the dragon skeleton gets black scales on it and protects the vital organs he gets White crystal like wings. He gets claws for his hands and feet made of White scales.

Abilities: same as the other espada but he is able to fire a barrage of ceros one after the other at full power quickly. Using his wings he can shield himself from attacks as create shockwaves to repel enemies and during the day he can charge a attack called "Stardust cannon" after charging it. At night he can create a black sphere which expands around the target then rapidly shrinking then exploding causing huge damage he can also use his shadow to attack enemies from long range.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
arrancar: Jyvan Celtalciox
eye color: Red
Hair: past his ears (think of ten year later belphegor from KHR) hair is black but in one spot on top there is a red hourglass design.
Mask remnant: he has a shoulder guard on his right shoulder on his chin he has a guard that goes up his jaw.
Appearance: Black variation of espada uniform
Rank: 10/0 was banished so is now rouge.
Bio: After Aizens escape from the soul society using his awakened Hogyoku he created a new set of espada, Jyvan was tenth but in his released state he became 0. However, Aizen had created a replacement for him, Dragoneye, Jyvan knew he could have easily killed him but felt he was not strong enough to win so he refused the fight. He was then banished from Las Noches due to Aizens anger, he now just wanders Hueco Mundo and the world of the living trying to find a worthy opponent.
Personality: He is ultimately lazy, and he becomes literally blood thirsty and energetic when faced with a strong opponent. If you are weak he won't bother recognizing that you are near him.

zanpakuto: unreleased) resembles a large saber with holes randomly set in it. he wears like soi-fon and hannibel. The handle has web designs with a red hour glass in the center.
name: Arana saltarina(jumping spider)

1st resureccion: Jyvan will stab Arana saltarina into his right eye it will then phase into his body. He grows 4 more arms two revealed two hidden. His weapon is now 4 chakrams all designed to look like webs branching out with a hole in the middle where he holds. He now has big elongated fangs to resemble spider fangs. His legs have become stronger increasing his speed by 200% and allowing him to jump quickly and very high (60 feet is the highest.)

2nd Resurrecion: La Viuda de negro (black widow) Jyvan throws the chakrams spinning them around with spider threads around himself creating a cocoon about 15 ft around himself in diameter. the web cannot be cut or burned except by someone who's reaitsu is stronger than his. after 15 minutes the cocoon will explode with a red and black colored reaitsu. Jyvan emerges now twelve feet tall with the lower half of his body now a large black widow spider. Also from the cocoon 300 2 ft tall hollow spiders. He can create more by laying eggs which hatch within seconds. He no longer has a weapon. He now can make weapons out web he weaves and lets out from his mouth. Each is soaked in venom that if gets inside someone kills them in ten minutes.

SPIDER HOLLOWS: Each can be easily be killed. They are jumping spider black widow hybrids, they jump around weaving web as they go. They can bite the enemy which leaves a red scar on them. If bitten by five different spiders the scars glow and move to where there heart is and form a black widow hourglass killing them instantly. This can be stopped if the spiders that bit them are killed. The spiders that bite them will have black hour glasses on their abdomens. he calls when this happens cinco veneno de reloj de arena (five venom hourglass)

Mask after resureccion: the jaw guard is gone and he now has two spiked shoulder guards.

hollow hole: Where his belly button would be.
Tattoo: its an outline over his left eye, can really only be noticed when his eye is closed.
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over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
Name: Devak Vintes
Age:(appears to be 13)
Eye color:Emerald Green
Hair color: Blonde shaggy.
Mask Remnant: He has a triple layered trail that goes down his forehead and splits at the top of his nose trailing across his cheeks and ending by his ears.
Hollow hole: in the middle of his throat.
Tattoo: back of neck
Personality: He is carefree and energenic, he formed a close bond with Jyvan because he feels that Jyvan is the only one weaker than him (Jyvan is ranked 10) Devak is accepted by Jyvan because Jyvan couldn't kill him with his poison due to his own poison able to counteract it.After Jyvan was banished Devak left Las Noches in order to find him but he still roams the desert trying to find him.

Zanpakuto unreleased: Is a small saber like Jyvans, he wears it like him because he likes to copy him so can annoy him.
Zanpakuto:sonajero serpiente(rattle snake)
1st resurrecion: He waves his zanpakuto in the air making a rattle sound, it then shatters and envelops him in a green light then explodes after a few seconds. His mask remnant now covers his eyes, he has scales all over his body, and a tail with a rattle at the end. he know has three small knives, two that hook to his teeth like snake fangs and one in his hand.
ability1:tectonicas agitador (tectonic shaker) shaking his tail violently he creates a shockwave within a 20 meter circle.
ability2:veneno de tiro (venom shot) Allows him to spit balls of venom at a speed of 45 mph.

2nd resurrecion:el infierno hidra (hell hydra) an explosion of green reaitsu occurs and he now has no arms, rather he now has eleven snake heads plus his own, and his legs have now became a serpents tail, his fangs are real now. His tectonic shaker is now three times as strong but he moves very slow. His strongest attack is when his snake heads all cluster together and fire from each mouth his special cero, the SERPIENTES HUELGA which has each mouth fire a cero that combine together to form one 12 times as strong.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
sorta like this for Jyvan
sorta like this for Jyvan
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and this for Devak
and this for Devak