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randomfan13 posted on Mar 20, 2010 at 02:53AM
This forum will be used as a RP forum made by me and Jlazlo. It will be based in a new academy for shinigami. The original Bleach characters will not be used in this, however, there will be teachers. There is a maximum of 10 teachers, and they will be decided by the teachers through a set of trials made by principals and teachers. In the beginning of this forum, there will be a contest to decide who will be a teacher.

Anyone can join this forum, just post your zanpakuto and character first, and talk to either me or Jlazlo. Then, you can do whatever you like, as long as it goes by the rules.


1. No using absolutes. What I mean is, you can't say, You got hit by my attack and you died. That is way too cheap.

2. If anyone gets in to a fight, Principles (Me and Jlazlo) can break it up.

3. Follow school assignments. These are actually missions, like hollow hunting, kido practice etc.

4. At any time, you can challenge a teacher for their position. Then, the teacher becomes the student. Also, if someone does very well, they can b promoted to be a principle.

5. If you are going to stop posting, please tell us first, and make a line explaining why they are leaving.

And thats really all it is. Have fun :)

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over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
(Panting) Ryu: You still think that I am going to give up, just because I am bloodied up. You know how I am. I'm not gonna give up just because someone who is being used like a puppet is telling me to quit. (He is now standing)

(Amaya sonidos over to Ryu and punches him in the jaw. He is sent flying but amazingly lands on his feet.)

Amaya: I am no one's puppet! I gained these powers because I wanted them, no because I craved them. You say to fully control my hollow I have to kill an innocent. Then I guess I'll kill Kaoru or Wukong after I am done, if they are not already dead.

Ryu: Did you know that when you were abducted that Wukong nearly went insane. He threatened to kill me, but he knew that you would not want that. He grew to care for you the way that I care for Senna. Kaoru was your friend.

Amaya: Keyword being "was". I never cared for them, I only cared for the power that I could obtain. It just took some convincing of Sekhmet-sama's part to get me to realize it.

Ryu: Then you leave me with no choice. I only hope that Wukong can forgive me for what I am about to do.

Amaya: You still think that you can kill me? Try this on for size!

(Amaya sonidos over to Ryu again and is about to draw something else around Ryu, but she hesitates. She sees a tear come to his eyes, as he says something in a hushed tone.)

Ryu: Gekido

(All of a sudden, Ryu's wings become hands of pure flame and grab and restrain her. Ryu then throws many fast, flaming punches at her. When he finishes, he sees her burned and bruised form before him. As he takes the hilt at his waist, Ryu hears a voice in the back of his head saying "Save her". Somehow, Ryu is able to locate the point of her currently unrevealed hollow hole and stabs his sword directly through it. The hollow within her is then forced out of her body due to the overwhelming power of the attack. Ryu then shunpos over to the hollow and slices it to bits by using the final energies of the Gekido.)

Ryu: That should kill it once and for all (He says this as he takes five final strikes at the hollow's mask. He then runs over to Amaya who has fallen to the ground.)

Amaya: Ryu.....(and she passes out)

Ryu: Now you can rest peacefully. (He turns over to Zabeseal who has been watching the whole time.) This is the fate that awaits shinigami that try to gain the power of a hollow for the sake of gaining the power. If this is what you have done to yourself, I will show no mercy.

Zabeseal: She did it to herself as well. Why did you show her mercy just then, Ryu?

Ryu: Because she didn't do this of her own free will. That is why I will kill you, the Royal Court, Sekhmet, and Wiseman for all of the pain and suffering that has been caused.

Zabeseal: We will see about that, Ryu Shikiro!
over a year ago ouchi said…
*In Soul Society*

Ryouji: ok, now that im here in seretei, where will i start to find that shinigami.. And... Who is that shinigami anyway?? I forgot to ask Captain what is the name of that shinigami.. such a pain..

Ryouji: oh well, better start walking around..
over a year ago songoku1112 said…
looks like fun, i guess ill join.

as Tagashi contemplated using his shikai and was about to say his release phrase before a small figure appeared right inbetween the two shinigami. the figure was in a black cloak. he looked at both the shinigami and merely sighed, than smiled.

???:you guys have taken this a little bit too far dont you think? Anyhow i have been intructed to stop this fight as of now. you guys are getting a little crazed.

Tagashi: what the hell are you doing?! this isn't your fight!

???: now now, you shouldn't be fighting for vengance anyhow, so in such circumstances, this fight has no real purpose, making this an false fight......dang i need to work on my grammer and sentance structure.

Ace: who are you again...kid.

Djay in a childish tone: call me Djay, Djay payne.

Tagashi: enough of this crap! you dead!

before tagashi could move, Djay said two kido spells that had no incantation and no number, he merely said them and activated them with ease.

Djay: silver feather bonding chains, dreaming land.

in the small time he said that, silver chains bursted from the ground and wrapped themselves around tagashi. than, a purple aura formed around tagashi and hsi eyes grew heavy. in a minute or two, tagashi was sleeping like a baby. Djay smiled as the chains sunk back into the ground, and he walked and picked up tagashi, than walked back to Ace.

Djay: well kid, i think you will now more about what to do about this guy than i would. anyhow im Djay Payne the new teacher at the academy. i master in kido, close range combat, and music. its nice to meet you mister principle.

Ace was speachless, the mastering of those certain kido made him struck in awe. was this kid really as good as he he seemed? and judging from his reaction time and speed, this guy was Captain level.

Djay: you ok?

Djay sat there waiting for an answer from Ace. he wanted to get a proper greeting as well as hand over tagashi to him.

over a year ago crazieone106 said…
Zalbeseal: (Chuckling to himself) Oh, Ryu. You truly think you're more powerful than all others. It's so humorous.

Ryu: I will kill you for using, Amaya.

Zalbeseal: Do you believe she's dead?

Ryu: What? (suddenly a cero slams him in the back with such force and slams him in the wall)

Amaya: (breathing heavily, with a deep voice). Ryyyyuu....

Zalbeseal: How absolutely fantastic. (she fires a cero at Zalbeseal, but he stops it with his bare hand) Silly girl, don't allow it to completely control your judgement.

Ryu: (charges from the corner, but is stopped by Zalbeseal's hand and slammed on the floor).

Zalbeseal: (he grabs him and with lightning speed begins thrashing him around. Suddenly his figer puncture his neck and blood pours out. With massive force he slams him into the ground, sending a shockwave cracking the area around him). Even in your bankai you stand no chance against me. Do you not understand? We're on a completely different level. You'd have to train for a century to reach our power.

Ryu: (barely able to move with a broken arm and dislocated hip). I need to save senna...(suddenly Amaya, now completely hollowfied, punches Ryu, her hand slamming straight through his stomache. He coughs up a heavy amount of blood. ).

Amaya: Ryyyu...

Zalbeseal: She has taking a liking to you. (Amaya suddenly attacks Zalbeseal, but her hand smashes into his swomach and ricochets off, showing him completely unharmed). Silly, girl. (he grabs her hand and breaks her arm with ease and throws her to the side).

Ryu: You use her as a test subject and then harm her...

Zalbeseal: That filth needs to realize who she is trying to harm. (he turns to her and points his finger) You will refrain from attack (a barrier forms around her, completely holding her back).

Ryu: ...asshole (begins to get up)

Zalbeseal: You're so persistent, Ryu. Cosmic Radiance! (suddenly the beams of golden and purple energy strike Ryu, ripping his body apart. He walks over and picks Ryu up by his hair and they walk through the wall and throws him on the floor). Pathetic creature...(he leaves, revealing no way out).

Wiseman: You're alone in here Ryu...all alone.

Ryu: (barely conscious) Fuck you....
over a year ago jlazlo said…
Ace's reaction quickly dissipates and he goes back to his usual self.

Ace: 'coughs' Why thank you Djay. How nice of you to drop by, its actually great timing for you to drop by. Of course you know im the principle, and the man you took down was the other principle.

Djay: 'stands up and dusts off quickly' wait i took down a principle that quick? Dude thats either good for me or bad that a teacher took him down.

Ace: 'expressionless' He was weak anyway. Well since you're here, why dont you do me a great favor.

Djay: yea, of course. You're the boss man.

Ace: oh splendid, would you be so kind to watch the students? i have some other things to do. is that okay?

Djay: yea, that'll be cool. I get to run-

Ace: watch.

Djay: yea "watch" the school. Thanks...

Ace: Ace.

Djay, reluctantly shunpos away. He actually wanted to chat longer, but the vibe he was getting from Ace wasn't as expected.

Ace stands over Tashigi's body.

Ace: hmm, still asleep. We can't let him go away so... Hado 67: Serpent Keeper.

As tashigi's body lay on the ground unconsious jade snakes wrap around his body keeping him in place.

Ace: see you later. Maybe. 'turns and shunpos away'
over a year ago onix11 said…
Blaze is on the ground still alive and awake

Yang: damn that bitch I will kill her my self.

Yin: Not now, i need to heal his wounds.

Yang: Fine then we go after her.

Blazes wounds heal and he stands up.

Blaze: Damn that was a weird zanpakuto. If only I could figure out its ability.

Yin: No Time We need to help Ryu.

Blaze: Right.

In His inner world Yin Once we heal Ryu we will need to help the others.

???: What's the rush for

Yang: Who are you.

???: My real name is to diffucult to pronunce, so you can call me Rain.

Yang: Your a hollow, what are you doing here.

Rain: I'm here to give your boy power.

Back in the Real World Blaze finds Ryu and begins to heal him.

Blaze: Ryu If you can hear me, once your awake we need to find the others and heal them.

He awaits for Ryu to awake.
over a year ago crazieone106 said…
Dude, Ryu isn't anywhere near you. Onix stop writing nonsense. And people, stop becoming half hollow and half shinigami. It's so typical.
over a year ago onix11 said…
Ok read my post carefully, I find Ryu, Find him!!!! Alright. Anyway your bullshit powerful characters are making me a little frustrated. And people would agree with me on this.
over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
In Ryu's mind

Wiseman: It is like I told you, Ryu. You are all alone. No family, no Senna. You are completely alone.

Ryu: I am NEVER alone, Wiseman! My power may not be enough to stop Sekhmet or her court, but I will continue to fight them until it is.

Wiseman: It is that determination that will assure your coming demise. Senna is happy here; she told you that herself.

Ryu: That was not Senna. That was her body, but not her true mind. You have twisted her mind so that she could lure me here. So why don't you do it, Wiseman? Why don't you just take my life, if you think you can?

Wiseman: Boy, I could have taken your life whenever you wish, but I want to watch you suffer the sight of Senna killing an innocent being. After all, that is the final test of joining Sekhmet's royal court.

Ryu: Bastard!

Wiseman: I will now exit your mind, Ryu. But I want you to remember what I have told you. Goodbye.

(Wiseman leaves Ryu's mind, but another being enters. It is Hollow Ryu.)

Hollow Ryu: I can't believe that you were beaten so easily. You have more power than this, Ryu. Kasai Fenikkusu must be ashamed to have such a weak partner like you.

Ryu: What do you mean?

Hollow Ryu: You have already forgotten what Kisim taught you! A zanpakuto can only be strong if it's wielder is strong. It is time that I taught you something that only us hollows can use. The art of regeneration. I am only doing this to keep you alive because if you die, I die. This technique takes a good chunk of reiatsu for hollows, but it should not deplete you to much because of you dual powers. (He teaches Ryu the technique and then exits his mind.)

Ryu is now waking up.

Ryu: I'm healed, but how?

(Ryu looks around and sees Blaze sitting next him.)

Blaze: You ok, Ryu? You look like you have been through hell.

Ryu: It sure does feel like it. (He looks around and sees Amaya.) Oh no, Amaya!

(Ryu gets up and runs over to her and is followed by Blaze.)

Blaze: I already tried to heal her, but there was nothing that I could do. I'm sorry.

Ryu: Then maybe a hollow power might help. (He extends his hands over Amaya) Curar! (heal in Spanish)

(As Ryu does this Amaya's mask disappears and some of the energy from it flows into Ryu, but he does not notice it.)

Blaze: Ok, now that was a pretty neat trick.

Ryu: Thank my hollow for it. (He turns back to Amaya) Amaya, are you ok?

(She begins to come to) Amaya: Ryu, I'm ok but you won't be if you continue to fight Sekhmet. She has a vendetta and won't stop until she has accomplished it. They used me as a guinea pig for Senna. She'll kill you if you fight her.

Ryu: Don't worry about Senna, I'll take of everything. (He turns to Blaze) Blaze get her out of here. Take her to the Squad 4 barracks.

Blaze: Ryu, I am not leaving you alone here. You were nearly dead when I found you and if Amaya is right, you don't stand a chance alone.

Ryu: Don't worry about that. I can sense that Jin, Urahara, Wukong, and Tessai have just reached the main gate. They will be along shortly. Now get Amaya out of here.

Blaze: Alright, but I still don't like it. (He grabs Amaya and shunpos out of the palace.)

Ryu: Now all I need to do is find Kaoru.
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over a year ago onix11 said…
Blaze moves quickly through the Area to the Squad four barracks

Amaya: Blaze Why are you doing this, you had a teacher position and you gave it up. Why?

Blaze: Because, there are people i care for people i want to protect, But for some reason I can't even protect myself from these bitches of sekhmets court.

Amaya: Won't you be captured if you drop me off at the Barracks.

Blaze: No I'm to quick, but i am going to stay beside you until everyone knows what Sekhmet is doing. She'll get hers.

Thinking to himself/Blaze: Kaoru, I'll come back I swear.

He continues onward

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over a year ago crazieone106 said…
Thankfully, I don't care. :) Hopefully that doesn't elicit additional e-mails.
over a year ago crazieone106 said…
Zalbeseal: (glances at Sekhmet) And now?

Sekhmet: Let them have their moment, Zalbeseal. Trust me, it's all falling apart.

Yashnamiesh: They're quick to claim victory.

Sekhmet: (smiles) Their as clueless as the slumbering mouse. Until that fateful day when the cobra slithers silently, and collects its prey.

Azriel: They're captivated by this woman, especially Ryu.

Senna: (looks up at Azriel) If only he'd follow instructions and leave. However, I am not the only one who is captivating a man's attention.

Yashnamiesh: Yes, that little brute boy. He's quite fiesty, but terribly weak.

Sekhmet: He certainly does have an active imagination. I believe he'll meet his demise soon. Stupidity and ignorance can only carry you so far. And his poor skill coupled with his immature zanpakuto will ultimately unravel him.

Yashnamiesh: I believe at that point he'll likely try and become completely hollow, desperate for more power.

Azriel: The boy who cannot learn from his mistakes...I would be glad to cure him of his ignorance with death. I'm surprised he's still alive, actually. You did quite a number on him.

Yashnamiesh: I barely even tried. He made it much too easy for me to defeat him. Even if he was capable of bankai, he would still not have enough momentum or power to secure victory. Weak, boy.

Azriel: I recognized early on that he uses work to avoid facing the ultimate reality. His whole existence is a failure. I cannot sense him any longer, it's as if he disapeared from the entire soul society.

Yashnamiesh: Is he in the world of the living?

Azriel: No, I do not believe so. He must have died. I'm sure he won't be missed.

Yashnamiesh: Weakness is never missed, Azriel.

Sekhmet: I see the groups are finding one another. Oh, and Ryu is accompanied by Tessai, Urahara, Wukong, and Jin. How rude...breaking into my palace and trying to find me...

Veznesel: Should we greet them?

Sekhmet: Look at those esteemed companions...Tessai,

Azriel: How did he manage that.

Sekhmet: One must wonder (smiles).

Kaoru: Ryu!

Ryu: You're here, Kaoru. I'm glad you're okay.

Kaoru: look half dead. If you don't heal those wounds you're going to die.

Ryu: I know...I can barely move. I think i've lost too much blood, too. (Kaoru touches Ryu's body and begins to heal his wounds)

Kaoru: They will leave scars, I am afraid. These wounds are much too deep for me to completely heal, so I will likely only be able to heal a portion while the rest heals naturally. Alright...

Ryu: Do your best, Kaoru.

Kaoru: I'm so glad you're okay (she rubs her hands across his back trying to heal his wounds). Alright...I've done the best I can, Ryu.

Ryu: Thank you so much, Kaoru (hugs hers). You feel cold?

Kaoru: I've expelled a lot of energy...

Ryu: Healing my wounds...?

Kaoru: No. I almost had to exert energy where is senna? I sense her in the main palace corridors...

Ryu: We'll go there then...

Kaoru: They'll all be waiting for us, Ryu.

Ryu: It's fine. Is everyone ready?

Tessai: Let me put up a barrier around the palace, so they won't be able to escape...

Jin: Let's go already...

Ryu: ...let's find Senna.

Kaoru: (puts her hand on Ryu's shoulder) We'll find her, I promise.
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over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
(They are running through the palace corridors.)

Kaoru: Ryu, how did you end up with those injuries? I never did ask.

Ryu: I got them in a fight with Zalbeseal and Amaya.

Wukong: Amaya was here?!

Tessai: So they did bring her here.

Ryu: They also forced her into hollowfication, but I think that I was able to get rid of her hollow powers.

Jin: And how do you think that you were able to do that?

Ryu: I don't know if I was able to or not. Hopefully it worked.

Urahara: You don't want to rely on your hollow to heavily, Ryu. It can influence you if you let it.

Ryu: That won't happen, I can assure you of that.

(He comes close to Ryu) Wukong: What happened to Amaya after the battle?

Ryu: I sent her with Blaze to the Squad 4 barracks. She will be fine. Now, let us continue on.

(They arrive at a tall door after running for another ten minutes.)

Tessai: I sense a lot of dark energy in that room.....Ryu do you sense anything?

Ryu: I sense Senna.....and Sekhmet.

Urahara: Ryu, don't do anything foolish. If you do it might cost you everything.

Ryu: I will try to isolate her and Wiseman. Jin, this is where I will fulfill my promise of a good fight. Just don't fall for any of their tricks.

Jin: All I want is to fight strong opponents. I won't waste time listening to them.

Urahara: That's good to hear. Now, let's go.

(They open the door and see Sekhmet and her royal court strewn about the room.)

Sekhmet: Well if it isn't the now infamous Phoenix Squad. I am surprised that you made it this far, Ryu.

Ryu: Sekhmet, you and your royal court are done. You are going to pay for what you did to Amaya and Wiseman is going to pay for everything that he has done to me and to Senna.

Senna: Ryu, Wiseman has helped me to become stronger, stronger than you or anyone with you. You only wanted me as your prize. You are nothing to me anymore. (Her eyes begin to turn red.)

Ryu: No, not you Senna. This is a curse; you shouldn't want this! Do you really want to be responsible for the death of an innocent person just to gain power?!

Senna: It is better to be strong than weak.

Ryu: Then I guess that leaves me with no choice. First I will KILL Sekhmet, then....(his own eyes turn red)....I will fight you.
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over a year ago onix11 said…
At the Squad four barracks.

Amaya: Blaze You need to leave now.

Blaze: I can't, not without Kaoru.

Amaya: Well in that case, take something with you.

Blaze: What is it?

Amaya grabs Blazes hand and a massive amount of energy is transfered into him.

Amaya: This is the power of that hollow. It was changed after Ryu healed me. Making it into a power boost not a curse. Now you should have the strength of a Captain.

Blaze: Thank you, now time to go help the others.

With New Power and speed he never expected, he rushes off to fight the warriors of Sekhmet.
over a year ago randomfan13 said…
umm Bleacher, Amaya wasn't dead, it just said that she broke Amaya's arm, not killed her
over a year ago onix11 said…
Well, it did say ryu screwed her up pretty bad thoughb right?
over a year ago randomfan13 said…
not enough to require a healing
over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
I would think that stabbing her would require healing.
over a year ago randomfan13 said…
And I would think that being hit by 5 cero beams head on would require healing as well. Not to mention all of the other fights hes been in with Crazione's characters.
over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
crazieone had Kaoru heal Ryu after she found him.
over a year ago randomfan13 said…
I meant during the fight with Amaya
over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
Oh sorry.
over a year ago crazieone106 said…
Sekhmet: Welcome, Ryu.

Ryu: Sekhmet...(eyes glow).

Sekhmet: You've come along quite well in these past months.

Ryu: What?!

Sekhmet: Don't tell me you haven't realized, Ryu.

Wukong: Ignore her, Ryu. She's trying to psych you out.

Sekhmet: Oh, don't believe you're beyond it either, boy. This entire operation has been flawed from the beginning. However, before we go into details...

(from the shadows everyone gathers).

Ryu: You captured their minds, too?

Sekhmet: They were never coerced. They willingly joined as junior royal court members. Ladies, I believe you should help introduce yourselves to our guests.

With blazing speed, Traea and Farfalla ensnare Urahara within a binding spell and Poeira and Nuvem immobolize Tessai.

Ryu: Urahra, Tessai! Release them now! (he rushes toward the sisters, but before he can get a couple feet from his location)

Azriel: Bakudo 62: Hyapporankan. (Ryu is completely pinned against the wall). You will listen, boy. It's important you hear what Sekhmet-sama has to say.

Sekhmet: Look how cooperative he becomes when cornered.(smiling).

Azriel: (wukong suddenly barrels past Ryu heading for Azriel, but his sword clashes with one of the sisters).

Traea: (holding her giant axe against his blade) Not very wise (she releases a massive spiritual pressure. Wukong's eyes widen as he stares into hers).

Wukong: Why do you cover your face?

Traea: Why must you ask such nonsense? You are barely able to keep my blade from severing your neck and you ask such trivial questions? (her eyes express distain as she pushes wukong back. She comes at it and swings her axe, but dissapears before their blades clash. Instantaneously she appears behind him and he suffers a severe blow to the back with her axe. His body is flung across the royal ballroom. He smashes through several walls and lays amongst rubble).

Jin: What a strong bitch...(he unsheathes his sword and begins smashing it into her axe. Completely unphased, she continues to defend his attacks. Suddenly she vanishes and her blade swings from above him, he narrowly misses the blade, it passing cenimeters away from his head, slicing off his hair). have some well-defined skills, girl.

Traea: Well-defined? Their is an intonation within that statement implying you're disregard for my swordmanship.

Jin: it's good, but...(before he finishes his sentence he is defending himself against a mighty swing from her axe. The shear force causes him to slide back on the ground, but he returns it with similar force)'re fast!

Traea: I will not engage in compliments. I will simply say you're underestimating me, which will ultimately cost you your life.

Jin: (surprised that she concluded such an ending)'re negative.

Traea: (softly) Gaki...Rekko (As she says the words, she twirls her axe and then swings it, releasing the numerous beams of potent energy. The strike the ground with tremendous force, pummeling through the concrete floors. They leave gigantic craters upon impact. Jin dodges the attacks when suddenly Traea appears to his side and kicks him in the stomach and slams her sword across his face. He quikcly recovers and he brings his sword to block, what he believes to be a downward blade, but she slides her blade down the shaft of his sword. Luckily, he leans back and avoids the blade from severing his neck, but it grazes his forehead, skinning it to some degree.)

Jin: (he holds his head, while blood rolls down his face). You coniving, wench.

Traea: (emotionless and calm). I believe that is was I spoke of earlier. You will lose your life if you continue to disregard your opponents strength.

Ryu: Jin! STOP! Urahara...Tessai...(they are silent).

Wukong: (stumbles in from the rubble, covers dust, clothes tattered and bloody). ...Jin, try and avoid that axe.

Jin: I KNOW!

Wukong:'s not that...(Traea appears behind him)


Wukong: (notices Traea is no longer in front of Jin. Upon this realization..)

Traea: (her the worlds roll from her mouth with a sinister intent)Consume the soul, devour the flesh, torment the mind, bury the heart. Black silk slither, coil, bind, and leave your mark. Hado 93: Necrose Lesion.

(Black and Blue energy eminate from wukong and illuminate his skin. Suddenly, his clothing is shredded the energy centers its self blasting him forward, charring his back side. He smashes in a wall and slides to the ground).

Traea: Success.


Kaoru: (she looks down) Wukong...

Jin: What the hell?

Sekhmet: I think it's time I explain all that has transpired...
over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
(Before Sekhmet can say anything further Ryu goes ballistic. He begins to thrash about, trying to break the kido spell.)

Ryu: RAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (His eyes are still red, but there is no black pupil) I'll kill you, Sekhmet! I swear it!

Azriel: How dare you show such insolence to Sekhmet-sama. (He shunpos over to Ryu and punches him in the stomach) That should keep you quiet.

(Azriel was wrong, that strike just made Ryu roar even more.)

Jin: I thought he was able to tame his hollow.

Kaoru: He did. I think that this is his genuine anger.

Jin: Well, he needs to stop. If he doesn't Azriel is just going to keep hitting him in the stomach until he finally kills him. And plus that it's getting on my nerves.

Kaoru: There is only one person that could get Ryu to stop. (She looks over at Senna) You are the only person here that can calm him down, Senna. Just tell him to stop!

(Senna turns to Sekhmet) Senna: Should I, Sekhmet-sama?

Sekhmet: I would not mind telling him in a quiet environment.

Senna: Very well. (She turns to Ryu) Ryu, stop your roaring! You might want to hear what she has to say.

(As Kaoru had said, Ryu stopped as soon as Senna told him to.)

Wiseman: Your level of self-serving devotion never ceases to amaze me.

Ryu: QUIET!!! If I am going to have to listen, the last voice that I want to hear is yours!

Sekhmet: Now, as I was about to explain.....
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over a year ago jlazlo said…
isnt that kinda of....impossible? I mean, you guys were originally just STUDENTS. Who didnt even pass,yet. lol. Just saying. Oh FYI i dont think any of Crazieones other chracter are hollows, are they? anyways, isnt some of the "good guys" hollows
over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
Sorry Onix, but jlazlo is right. The only "bad guy" to gain hollow abilities so far is Amaya, even though she is turned "good" in the end. But jlazlo I also have to contest you in this situation. Not once, but twice, Ryu has said that they each could defeat lieutenants and be a good match for a captain. In fact, Ryu proved that when he was able to block Soifon's attack with this WRIST.

Hope I don't sound like and ass in saying this. :)
over a year ago onix11 said…
Already deleted it.
over a year ago onix11 said…
Moving onward to Sekhmets palace Blaze is met with heavy resistance lead by lieutant Kira.

Kira: You will stop at once or be killed.

Blaze: Out of my way!

With quick movements, Blaze draws one of his swords and uses the blunt end to take out everyone in a matter of seconds except for one shinigami.

Shinigami: Why are you doing this?

Blaze: To defeat Sekhmet andprotect the soul society from her plans to destroy it. Now move or you're next.

The Shingami moves aside and Blaze moves onward to Sekhmets palace.
over a year ago crazieone106 said…
To clarify, none of my characters are hollows or hybrids, I prefer to steer away from that. That idea is becoming so exhausted on this forum. Every single character is now a hybrid or possessing the power of a hollow. I don't really care to comment on much more. I believe there are underdeveloped characters trying so diligently to prove their characters are strong, and failing. And well-developed characters who transcend above their skill level in effort to prove they are more powerful than all the rest. It's an endless cycle, but this is how forums become when you're competing for characters to win. That's all.
over a year ago onix11 said…
You're one to talk. You make your characters seem so powerful they are indestructible almost.
over a year ago randomfan13 said…
I wouldn't call them indestructible. Just that they have really unique zanpakutos and powers
over a year ago onix11 said…
Okay the powers are cool, but most of the time they don't even activate them unless they have to which seems like almost never.
over a year ago randomfan13 said…
So can't you make more characters with even better powers instead of continuously revising your current one?
over a year ago crazieone106 said…
Haha. Onix, Onix, Onix, I realize you're incapable of defeating my characters, but trust me they do have weaknesses. I am not going to just create a character with obvious weaknesses, it is dumb. I like to keep my opponent in suspense. I release my shikai with other characters when I feel threatened. Your character is threatening, he is easily thwarted. Create some better characters and then we'll see what happens. :) The end.
over a year ago onix11 said…
I don't really care, i like my character, and making another character right now won't matter. Were to deep into this storyline and i just don't feel like it. And also, you think that my character has to many obvious weaknesses.
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over a year ago crazieone106 said…
Music attached. :)

Sekhmet: (she laughs, glances at her royal court and then Ryu) You have certainly come along quite well, Ryu. It's been such a journey for you.

Ryu: ...

Sekhmet: You and your friends have fought so diligently to secure Senna's freedom. Unfortunately, you can't take all the credit.

Wukong: (stands up, a giant symbol on his back). What?

Sekhmet: I do not know how to explain it any clearer. You are unable to recieve full credit for your progress. It has been a collaboration between many forces, pushing and pulling you in either direction. Some may say it was divine fate...(sits upon her throne and leans on the arm of her throne chair. She gazes into Ryu's eyes and smiles). have blossomed into something quite spectacular. And you have me to thank.

Ryu: BULLSHIT! You've done nothing but...(suddenly he stops talking. He noticed a figure in the shadows. The figure speaks to him).

???: You should display some respect and keep quite for just a while longer, Ryu. Once everything is explained you can then resume behaving like an out of control brute.

Ryu: That voice! ...

Sekhmet: (she continues to smile as she stares at Ryu). To see one's subject progress and reach fruition is completely gratifying. I've watched you grow and improve into what you are today. Despite the improvements, you're not quite as intelligent as I would prefer. I researched your file and you demonstrate a wealth of power and skill, but mental aptitude is fairly low. Considerably low, in fact.

Ryu: (in awe of her words) Wh...wh...what?

Sekhmet: Don't tell me you're already surprised? How did you think you got this far, Ryu? Did you truly believe that all these victories were self-succeeding? Didn't it seem that many of your encounters were much too convenient? Of course not...with your level of cognition, it probably seemed familiar. You were groomed from the very beginning.

Ryu: Groomed? What the hell are yout alking about? I completed...

Sekhmet: ...(she gradually lifts herself from her throne) What you are today is a direct result of me, Ryu. Don't fool yourself into believing that you arrived at this exact point in your existence because you drove yourself there. I had to push you, I had insert the appropriate variables to elicit the desired response. For some time I could not imagine how I would continue to watch and explore your inner-workings. It dawned on me (her face becomes excited)....what better way to influence you than removing the one aspect of your existence which would provoke absolutel irrationality.

Ryu: What...wait...

Sekhmet: Yes...Senna. She was the perfect platform for me to implement my influence upon you, the vessel that is so peculiar. So I freed Senna from your dirty mind-control, right senna?

Senna: (she smiles at Sekhmet and then turns and scowls at Ryu).

Sekhmet: I have been pulling the strings since the very beginning, Ryu. Do you really believe you arrive her, today, because of skill alone? No! No, only by my intervention would these events ever have transpired. The next piece to the puzzle was how can I convince the mouse to seek out the right block of cheese. Oh, that was actually the easiest component. Once I established those precepts, all I had to do was wait. Of course, I had to keep a close eye on you. A very, very close eye. I needed some one loyal and committed.

Ryu: what the hell?!

Sekhmet: Keep up, Ryu. Think about it! Didn't you ever find it at least slightly bizarre that I seemed to know everything you had been planning. No matter what sanctuary you pursued, I was listening and watching. I needed to find the perfect subject to spy on you, but then I discovered I could practically be there myself without you knowing. I had the tools to practically physically be there without my corporeal presence necessary. It was so simple, it was just a matter of connecting the dots. I was there every step of the way Ryu, or my loyal subject was. I knew I couldn't have one of my royal court members follow you around, So I had someone so ususpecting earnestly become a member of your trusted inner circle.

Ryu: WHAT?!

Sekhmet: Did you think Guzobacai was feeding you ficticuous information? It did seem that way, didn't it? After all, he's a hollow and they can't be trusted. Even those who possess the power of a hollow as a shinigami.

(Amaya walks through a door and nods at Ryu)

Sekhmet: She is the perfect example of what I speak. You can't trust someone who is capable of such a transformation. Guzobacai was quite astute, actually.

Guzobacai: (steps beside Amaya) You should have taken me seriously, Ryu.

Ryu: but...

Sekhmet: It wasn't very difficult convincing Guzobacai to surrender allegiance to me. After all, he seeks the same subtance you do, Ryu. Power! Power is the ultimate bargaining tool and the corrosive feature of all beings. That still doesn't explain how I knew eveything, though. Well, I had someone that you put a great deal of trust in. You're earlier hypothesis regarding how I recieved specific details was so predictable. How convenient for you to arrive as such a ludacris conclusion. It was the the distraction I needed.

Ryu: ...

Wukong: ....

Jin: ....

Sekhmet: (she laughs and walks towards the center of the room with her followers beside her). The entire time I was close to you, I was nudging you in the right directions Ryu. I used this person to be my eyes and ears...even my voice.

Ryu: ...What?

Sekhmet: Think about it Ryu? Who was with you the whole time. They were with you during the examinations, when you Senna was turned, when you sought the help of Kisuke, as you journeyed to Heuco mundo, while you fought off hollows, guzobacai, as you developed your renegade faction. They were with you the whole entire time! They were convincing you to do all of these behaviors, by my command. Whenever I needed a result, I simply whispered to you through them.

Ryu: What? So...

Sekhmet: I designed your path, Ryu. And when I needed to convince you of something particuarly strong, I had them give you a loving embrace, a helping hand, using them as a crutch, to lean on.

Ryu: !!! (he begins to turn his head).

Sekhmet: If the individual was within a hundred or so feet of you, I could control your consciousness. I implanted thoughts, beneath the surface, so you could do what I desired. All while keeping you convinced that these events were truly happening. I implanted memories, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings within your consciousness so you truly believes it was happene. All the while, you may have been doing something completely different. Do you really think you had the support of three loyal and comendable captains? (she begins laughing). I made you believe that. You never really spoke to them about your events. It was simply a false memory. You never trained with Kisuke, I needed you to believe you did. There were no answers in Hueco Mundo and you knew that, so I whispered some confidence into the idea. There was no support from the captains, or kisuke, or tessai. All a figment of your imagination...(she snaps her finger. The echo from her finger shatters the fabric of reality around Ryu).

Ryu: (he watches reality shatter like glass. Revealing that he was no accompanied by Kisuke or Tessai. There is no barrier around her Palace. He suddenly knows all his false memories. There was no treaty with Unohana or Ukitake. He never trained with Urhara and was not wearing the special rogue outfit. The captains were never immobilized. He never fought Soi Fon or had fake heads designed for Guzobacai. He never defeated vasto lorde hollows. He was never attacked by the wiseman.) You did all of this to bring me here?

Sekhmet: I told you. Its a kido spell i've been working on for decades. Once I designed it, I knew it would be considered a forbidden spell, so I never told a soul. Aside from my royal court. It must be cast upon a user or a vessel. If cast upon a vessel, that vessel must be able to stay within a specific radius beside the designated target. Otherwise, the risidual effects will not continue. Therefore, I had my vessel become a close member of your inner circle.

Ryu: ...

Sekhmet: Yes, Ryu. They were there the entire time. Actually, they were quite helpful for both of us. They kept you going when you were at your worst...


Kaoru: (she is standing in the distance, staring at the floor).

Sekhmet: Well, congratulations are in order. A job well-done Kaoru. You no longer have to befriend Ryu, the hybrid mess.

Kaoru: (she vanishes and appears behind Sekhmet). I'm glad I was able to serve you so well, Sekhmet-sama.

Sekhmet: There you have it. The entire time she followed you around, healing you, I was able to have update information on yout whereabouts and plans. I could even install the appropriate information in your consciousness. You were mine, Ryu. You have always been mine. You were bread for this exact moment. All your experiences, triumphs, and missions were designed and dicated by me. I control everything at this point, Ryu. It's not looking good for you either.

Ryu: everything was fake...

Sekhmet: No everything. You're still an outcast, and I have Senna. DID YOU REALLY THINK YOU WERE WERE IN CONTROL?! DID YOU REALLY THINK YOU COULD SAVE SENNA? (she laughs loudly). You're an anigma, not a gift. You can't turn the minds of captains or students.

Ryu: everytime she touched me, she was able to put a stronger hold on me...everytime she healed me...pulled me up...(gets flash backs of all the times Kaoru healed him or helped him).

Sekhmet: That's right. Oh, by the way. The 13 court guard squard is seconds from arriving. They will not appreciate how you ruined my palace and tried to assassinate me...(she snaps her finger and reality smashes again and her palace is in ruins. Dead guards lay all over. They lay dead beside Jin, Ryu, and Wukong. Their swords covered in the blood of the innocent).

Sekhmet: How could you kill such innocent brute! You DEGENERATE (smiles when suddenly the entire list of squards shunpo in surrounding Ryu.). It's a good thing you're here, Yamamoto-sama. As you can see...he's wreaked quite a bit of havoc. I felt it was necessary to leave this up to you...

Yamamoto: It appears there are some renegade students who need to be severely punished for their treachery against the soul society.

Ryu: NO! IT WAS HER (he is suddenly slammed across the face by Soi Fon)

Zaraki: It's time we kill some renegades....

Mayuri: I could use them as test subjects!

Ukitake: ryu...

Yamamoto: SILENCE! I want them secured and taken into custody! NOW!

Sekhmet: rightfully so...(smiles).
over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
Man I posted something earlier, but it sounded stupid so I deleted it. I am honestly not sure how to counter this post. I think you might have to post again Crazieone.
over a year ago DaxLo34 said…
Name: Daisuke Dobashi
Gender: male
Age: 16
Colour hair: White with balck
Hair Style: spiked up
Eye Colour: Blue with white in them

Position: Student

Name cames from the street in Japan he wishes to become powerful along side his new parnter ekki Sartumbo and his bankai fijiwara niwa(heaven on earth) they make a good team Daisuke also want to became a Captain in the Gokei 13.

Zanpakuto: Tropaeum Koker(Forest of darkness)

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over a year ago onix11 said…
Blaze Watching from a Distance.

Blaze: Damn, Kaoru. I should of known, well I need to wait to make my move, this will not go well.

He uses a soul pager he stole and calls someone.

Blaze: Hey, yeah things have turned for the worst. I need to keep quiet and wait. Is it still in the place that you put it, I'll go pick it up.

over a year ago Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Hideyoshi standing on top of one of the buildings.

Hideyoshi: Looks like its time we make our move Shiro.

Shiro: Ae call on me.

Hideyoshi: Be wild and free Hawaito Urufu!

Hideyoshi smashes into the centre of everyone. With a smirk he grabs Ryu, Wukong and Jin.

Hideyoshi: Time to go fellas!

Ryu, Wukong, Jin: HIDYOSHI!?!?!?!?!

Hideyoshi shunpos away faster then any of the captains with all three of the boys.

Hideyoshi: No time to talk just yet we keep going for awhile.

Ryu: Why now?

Hideyoshi: Me and 3rd seat Takeshi have looked after Wukong for so long now its become a habit. Now no more talk we need to get to Yoruichi.

With this anouncment Hidyoshi silences the others.
over a year ago onix11 said…
What the hell, this was unexpected?
over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
Alright, I finally got all my ideas together. Here goes nothing

(Ryu immediately gets up after being slammed by Soifon. He looks around and is finally able to see things clearly. He sees that Jin and Wukong have already been taken into custody by members of the punishment force and that he is next.)

Yamamoto: Remain where you are, Ryu Shikiro. There is no place for you to run!

(He looks over at Yamamoto) Ryu: I am not going to run Captain-Commander and I'm not going to abandon my friends. I know you plan to execute is after you arrest us. But you see, I need them to help me kill Sekhmet and return Senna to how she was before.

(The Squad 6 Captain shunpos next to him) Byakuya: Do you honestly believe that we will stay back and allow to murder someone of a royal house? No mere student could do such a thing; he could also never match a Captain in combat. (He draws his sword.)

Ryu: There is some truth to what you say Captain Kuchiki. (He quickly picks up his blade and locks swords with Byakuya, with his head down.) But there is one problem with your assessment.

Byakuya: What is wrong with it?

(He looks up, his eyes now red) Ryu: I am no mere student.

(All of a sudden, Ryu releases an enormous amount of reiatsu that begins to shake the palace.)

Yamamoto: Captain Soifon, restain Ryu immediately!

Soifon: Yes, sir!

(Soifon shunpos over to Ryu and Byakuya. She takes out blade and attempts to strike him in the back, but Ryu shunpos away and her blade collides with Byakuya's)

Byakuya: Perhaps he isn't a mere student.

Soifon: Were did he go?!

(A figure appears behind here and blade comes across her throat) Ryu: I'm right here.

(Many of the captains are shocked that a student could have done this. Not even many captains could catch Soifon.)

Mayuri: He would make an interesting test subject. Not many people can match captains in shunpo, much less put a blade to their throat.

Soifon: How is it that you are so fast?! (In her mind) There are only two people that could catch me. Captain Kuchiki and Yoruichi-sama.

(He looks up at Sekhmet) Ryu: Many of the things that I saw may not have been real, Sekhmet. But I still trained and got stronger, my zanpakuto DID evolve, and I am still a Vasto Vizard.

Byakuya: What are you blathering about? You came into this palace and attempted to murder a member of a royal house. What do you mean when you say that many of the things that you have seen are not real?

(He looks back at Byakuya) Ryu: I know you won't believe this, none of you will, but I have been under the influence of a powerful kido that was placed on me by Sekhmet.

Yamamoto: Of course we cannot believe you, Ryu. You are a traitor to the Soul Society. You have violated a long list of laws that have been put in place to keep peace.....Now release Captain Soifon, now!

Ryu: I knew it was a long shot. But I am no traitor. The only traitor I see in this room is standing on that platform above us (He glares at Sekhmet)......Captain-Commander Yamamoto, I remember hearing of a saying from the world of the living that was brought here centuries ago, "If the law tells you to do something that you know is wrong, you must do everything in your power to do what is truly right." The law told me to respect the person that kidnapped Senna and turned her against everything that she used to be. I could never do that. So I went against the law so that I could control my hollow and save her.

Ukitake: What should we do now? Should we still arrest him, Captain-Commander?

Kyoraku: It sounds like he is pretty determined to do what he thinks is right.

Yamamoto: SILENCE! No matter what YOU believe is right, Ryu. The facts still remain. Now release Captain Soifon!

Ryu: You didn't need to worry about her, Captain-Commander. I never had any intention of striking down a Captain. (He removes his sword from Soifon's neck and summons his hollow mask.) You can arrest me later, Captains. Right now there is someone in this room that I think needs to die.

(Ryu sonidos over to Sekhmet and releases his Vasto Vizard form. Her royal court surrounds him, minus Kaoru, Amaya, and Senna.)

Sekhmet: You have improved greatly, Ryu. I am truly impressed. However, do you think that you can kill those in my royal court?

Ryu: You may know a lot about me Sekhmet, but I was still able to keep some secrets. Like the one that this form has its own zanpakuto. (As he says this, the hilt of a sword protrudes through the forehead of his mask. He, of course, grabs the hilt and pulls it out. The hilt of the sword is black and the blade is a regular white-colored katana. It has no crossguard.) To tell you the truth, I don't even know much about this sword. I don't even know its name yet, but I do know that it contains a vast amount of power.

(Just like he said, a strong reiatsu can be felt coming from the blade. Ryu then looks around at the royal court members that have surrounded him.)

Zalbeseal: You could not defeat any of us before. Though you never fight Yashnamiesh, you fought both Azriel and myself and you barely escaped with your life.

Azriel: Give it up, Ryu. There is no where else for you to go. You either die by our swords or by the Captains' swords. Your choice.

Ryu: I have only two things to say in reaction to that. One, I chose to live and two.....(He sonidos behind Yashnamiesh and slashes his sword over her right shoulder and down) only those that are ready to strike should go into battle. (Instantly her right arm falls off.)

Yashnamiesh: AAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Sekhmet: I must say that it took you longer that I expected. But you should know that she is the weakest member of the royal court.

Ukitake: Amazing! He was able to get behind her and strike her before she even had a chance to retaliate. He truly is no ordinary student.

Kyoraku: But that isn't the weirdest thing that is going on here. Am I right, Old Man Yama?

Yamamoto: You are correct, Shunsui. The entire time that Ryu has been explaining his actions, Sekhmet has not once denied them.

Unohona: In fact, it would appear that she has supported his claims.

Yamamoto: Sekhmet, is it true that you have used a kido on this boy in order to control him? And is he correct in saying that you have kidnapped Senna Misame and then brainwashed her?

(She looks at Ryu) Sekhmet: I guess there is no point in hiding it anymore. You would only escape prison and come here again to try and kill me, so I might as well tell them. (She turns to Yamamoto) I neither agree nor do I disagree with the accusations. Yes, I did use a mind controlling kido on this boy and yes I did brainwash Senna into my royal court. But I did not kidnap her. She came here after I had brainwashed her.

Byakuya: That is splitting hairs, Sekhmet. It is a shame that someone of a noble house could do such a thing to STUDENTS. This goes beyond anything that has been done in the Soul Society.

Yamamoto: Since you have admitted to these crimes, you will be placed under arrest. Punishment Force, arrest.....(Ryu interupts him by putting up his hand.)

(He turns his head to Yamamoto) Ryu: Captain-Commander Yamamoto, this is my fight. I implore you to not intervene.....I vowed to stop this whole thing and when I make a vow I never go back on it. So please, stay out of this.

Ukitake: You can't be serious. Captain-Commander, I strongly disagree with him. I.....

Yamamoto: Very well, but we shall step in if it becomes necessary.

(He turns his head back toward Sekhmet and her court) Ryu: It won't be!
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over a year ago onix11 said…
Ryu Begins to charge Sekhmet but Poiera, Nuvem, Traea, and Farfalla stand in his way.

Farfalla: We will not let you kill our master.

With that they all attack but are all four blocked By Blaze, who was presumed dead. Ryu Continues on to Sekhmet.

Blaze: No, you won't do anything( With a glazed look in his eyes he Strikes Traea Twice, and she falls to the ground) Shikai, Arise Yin and Yang(His blades form into their shikai forms) I never liked Her, she never told me why she covered, and now that i severed her soul chain and soul sleep, she won't bother me any more. Now which one of you three is next.
over a year ago jlazlo said…
Thats an interesting comeback, but i thought hideoshi took you away? Im just confused not mad
over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
I am sorry Takeshi. I didn't see the post you had made. I scrolled down too quick. hehe
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over a year ago Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh -cries in corner-
over a year ago onix11 said…
Don't worry, just make another cooler post now that you have all your ideas together
over a year ago ouchi said…
(Soul Society)

Ryouji: ive searched the entire place but i cant sense the vizard shinigami here..

Ryouji: if that shinigami is not here, *jikan no hizumi* then the next place to search is the human world..
over a year ago gokuluigifan333 said…
big smile
Personility: he is playful, he if he wants to can do everything fast, has a bankai, and in secret is a vizard
Abilities: Shikai:Sumizomeaisu: dark ice
Is made of black ice ,can’t melt, can’t shatter
Release command: hyouketsu “freeze”

Sumizomeaisubakuha- dark ice blast is an attack that sends a wave of dark energy stunning the opponent and then sending black ice crystals stabbing the opponent

Sumizomeaisusuishou- dark ice cryrstal attacks the opponent the same way senbuzakura shikia does

Sumizomeaisuseishounami- dark ice energy wave the strongest shikia attack that if used wont let you use bankai for 12 hrs it sends an energy blast of darkness with ice particle inside freezing the opponent and poisoning them thanks to the dark energy shorter killing them

Sumizomeaisumira-shashou- dark ice mirror image is a defensive technique that makes clones of the user and can shatter any time if the user wants it to and become Sumizomeaisusuishou

Sumizomeaisushougekinami- dark ice shockwave this attack is a crowd clearer, it sends black ice blades around the user sending the opponents flying

Bankai:Sumizomeaisuburiza-do: dark ice blizzard
Is made of black ice, can’t melt, can’t shatter, increases speed, can use shikai attacks

Sumizomeaisushinsei-dark ice nova is an explosion of pure dark energy stunning the opponents nerve cells

Sumizomeaisukontanbakudan- dark ice soul bomb this is like sumizomeaisuseishounami exept in a sphere shape and spreads in a 5 mile radius does not let you use bankai for 3 days if used

Gisei-Sumizomeaisuraishuu- sacrifice dark ice attack , kills anybody the user thinks of but kills the user too hence the name

Sumizomeaisushouheki- dark ice barrier the first defense technique in bankai guards any side user thinks of

Sumizomeaisuhitodebure-ka- dark ice crowd breaker this attack sends a wave of dark energy around the user blasting the opponent(s) covers all sides up,down,left,right,diagonal sides,under second defense technique

Sumizomeaisusuishousuto-mu- dark ice crystal storm attacks by sending giant crystals of ice in a circle trapping you then a blizzard of dark ice occurs inside doing heavy damage

Hollow mask power and speed increase: 20x

Is the strongest ice type*

Karurosu: hi i'm a new student
over a year ago randomfan13 said…
Hey, good to see a new poster. Welcome! :)