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randomfan13 posted on Mar 20, 2010 at 02:53AM
This forum will be used as a RP forum made by me and Jlazlo. It will be based in a new academy for shinigami. The original Bleach characters will not be used in this, however, there will be teachers. There is a maximum of 10 teachers, and they will be decided by the teachers through a set of trials made by principals and teachers. In the beginning of this forum, there will be a contest to decide who will be a teacher.

Anyone can join this forum, just post your zanpakuto and character first, and talk to either me or Jlazlo. Then, you can do whatever you like, as long as it goes by the rules.


1. No using absolutes. What I mean is, you can't say, You got hit by my attack and you died. That is way too cheap.

2. If anyone gets in to a fight, Principles (Me and Jlazlo) can break it up.

3. Follow school assignments. These are actually missions, like hollow hunting, kido practice etc.

4. At any time, you can challenge a teacher for their position. Then, the teacher becomes the student. Also, if someone does very well, they can b promoted to be a principle.

5. If you are going to stop posting, please tell us first, and make a line explaining why they are leaving.

And thats really all it is. Have fun :)

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