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randomfan13 posted on Mar 20, 2010 at 02:53AM
This forum will be used as a RP forum made by me and Jlazlo. It will be based in a new academy for shinigami. The original Bleach characters will not be used in this, however, there will be teachers. There is a maximum of 10 teachers, and they will be decided by the teachers through a set of trials made by principals and teachers. In the beginning of this forum, there will be a contest to decide who will be a teacher.

Anyone can join this forum, just post your zanpakuto and character first, and talk to either me or Jlazlo. Then, you can do whatever you like, as long as it goes by the rules.


1. No using absolutes. What I mean is, you can't say, You got hit by my attack and you died. That is way too cheap.

2. If anyone gets in to a fight, Principles (Me and Jlazlo) can break it up.

3. Follow school assignments. These are actually missions, like hollow hunting, kido practice etc.

4. At any time, you can challenge a teacher for their position. Then, the teacher becomes the student. Also, if someone does very well, they can b promoted to be a principle.

5. If you are going to stop posting, please tell us first, and make a line explaining why they are leaving.

And thats really all it is. Have fun :)

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over a year ago randomfan13 said…
fine. I was thinking about that. How about you fight Maurz, and Ken fights Eva?
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over a year ago montoch said…
no probs

no probs
<br />

<br />

<br />
over a year ago randomfan13 said…
Due to a change in plans, here are some new rules.
1. Each person may only enter one character for the position of teacher. This eliminates the problem of having 2 teachers for one person, and letting them have more power than the other posters. It also makes sure that no one has to fight their own character.

OK so now that that is taken care of, anyone with 2 characters trying for the teacher position, please just choose one to compete.
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over a year ago montoch said…

did u read the comic? how was it
over a year ago randomfan13 said…
uhhh it was interesting....
over a year ago crazieone106 said…
Sekhmet: (inside her palace, she waits) I expected your here much sooner.

???: Well, we would have if it hadn't been for 13 court guard squad.

Sekhmet: I'm well-aware. Good afternoon, Soifon and Shunsui.It has been such a long time.

Soifon: Could you control your royal court, so we don't have to visit again.

Shunsui: Now, now, calm down. You know they were seen as intruders, so we had to escort them here.

Zalbeseal: Intruders? How insulting.

Galgalzzi: Indeed. We are the royal court, and we demand respect. You may be "warriors," but you still bow to royalty.

Sekhmet: Silence (waving her hand). Allow me to apologize for my assembly. I was unaware they needed a hall pass in order to enter my palace.

Soifon: What?! How dare you!

Shunsui: (puts hand in front of soifon) She is a highly-esteemed guest of our commander and of the royal house. (whispers-Show some restraint). We are glad to have you here. I heard you refused a squard captain position in the past. This must be nostalgic, returning here.

Sekhmet: Yes, of course, nostalgic (walk down the stairs from her throne). I wouldn't want to keep you important figureheads, so you may leave at your convenience.

Soifon: (grinds teeth) Ordering us around....!!!

Shunsui: The captain commander would also appreciate if you would find your way to the academy. It is close to the qualification and assessment tournament.

Sekhmet: I plan to leave very shortly (the two vanish). Now, did you bring what I asked of you?

Yashnamiesh: Of course, Sekhmet-sama. (she places a small golden box in her hands).

Sekhmet: Delightful.

Veznesel: We're expected to accompany you to this charade, aren't we?

Sekhmet: Why, but of course. I want you to see just where you'll be staying. These new recruits are quite unique.

Zalbeseal: You sound intrigued?

Sekhmet: (she chuckles). Some seem too good to be true. Rare jewels that just need a slight polishing. (stares at her court and smiles).

(they vanish).

Sekhmet: Oh, but of course.

Sekhmet: (stares at them) Giving you trouble.

over a year ago crazieone106 said…
Randomfan decided this would be the new roster:

Kaoru vs Ryu

Jin vs Blaze

Sekhmet vs Maurz

We can begin fighting.

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over a year ago randomfan13 said…
'Kaoru is taking a nap in the exam room as Ryu walks in and looks at the room, and looks at the sign'

Ryu: Lets see, my opponent is Kaoru Itou.

'Kaoru wakes up when she hears her name'

Kaoru: Who called my name?

Ryu: You can't be my opponent, your just a little girl.

'Kaoru laughes': Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm weak. A few people have already learned that lesson?

Ryu: I guess....

Kaoru: Now lets go! The exams will start soon!

'They both run over to the arena, and Ryu pulls out his sword'

Ryu: Where is your sword?

Kaoru: Don't have one, all I need are these.'She taps her bracelets'

Tashigi: Now, BEGIN!!

'Kaoru and Ryu both shunpo away, and when they appear, Kaoru blocks Ryu's sword with a bracelet. Then, with the other bracelet, she punches Ryu, knocking him back'

Kaoru: You can't hold back with me just because I'm a girl. Or else...'She disappears, and appears right behind him' you'll die!

'Ryu trys to slice her, but she jumps up and lands on his sword'

Kaoru: Nice sword. Very nice perch for me.

'Ryu shakes her off, and manages to slice her arm a little'

Kaoru: Hmmmm. Good job. But you'll need to do better than that!

'She flips over him'

Kaoru: Bakudo 4, Hainawa!

'The rope wraps around his waist, and she whips it around to slam him in to the floor'

Kaoru: Now, Hado 11, Tsuzuri Raiden!

'The electric current flows down the rope of energy, and shocks Ryu'

Kaoru: You can't beat me with this kind of power. Show me what else you can do.

k Bleacher1001, bring it on
over a year ago crazieone106 said…
(The battles are announced) **PLAY VIDEO**

Sekhet: (is seen entering the gates from a distance. Accompanied by her royal court. She is slowly walking past the gates, with her long white and silver kamono. She she looks up and her and Maurz lock eyes).

Maurz: (he freezes in place as he watches her get closer).

Sekhmet: (she removes her silvery kamono and places it in her guards hand. Behind her, Galgalzzi, Zalbeseal, Yashnamiesh, and Veznesel walk with an eerie presence).

Tashigi: I see she brought her fan club...

Akeno: Ah, yes, the famous royal court of Sekhmet. They certainly demand attention.

Tashigi: It is not just their presence that is bizarre, but their aura is eerie.

Akeno: I can sense it, too. The spiritual pressure they weild, even when masked, is immense. Do you think it is simply coming from Sekhmet?

Tashigi: No, but her spiritual pressure is an overwhelming presence. I believe it is supressing the other's spiritual pressure.

Akeno: Interesting. Why do I get the feeling you don't trust her?

Tashigi: I don't know much about her ever since she left.

Akeno: Left?

Tashigi: Yes, it was before you. She was offered a captain level position, but refused to occupy such a role. She claimed it was, 'beneath her royal title and subjecting her to senseless violence.'

Akeno: So she thinks highly of herself...I have heard such rumors. I also heard she was one of Yamamoto's favorite and most prized students. That title isn't earned easily.

Tashigi: Yes, she is strong, there is no doubt. We will see just how strong, however. She may have lost her touch since leaving the soul society.

Akeno: Rumor has it, she has occupied her old palace. And she plans to remain her even after the tournament.

Tashigi: She likely thinks she'll win.

Akeno: Look at her...she is walking with such confidence, but something about her...

Tashigi: I'm telling you this now, beware of her. Beyond her beauty, graceful words, and polite portrayal is a heartless woman.

Akeno: You're being much too harsh. She's likely very pleasent (he walks toward her and greets her) Good afternoon, Madam. It is a pleasure to...(he is interupted by her disregard of him. She merely passes by without a glance). Ugh...(stares at her while her court walks by never acknowleding him).

Tashigi: I told him.

Sekhmet: (she stops in front of Maurz and looks him up and down) This is my opponent?

Tashigi: (nods). Yes, yes it is Sekhmet.

Sekhmet: (she scoffs at the idea) I know you think ill of me, Tashigi, but matching me with a child. Truly spiteful.

Tashigi: I'll have you know, this was randomized and I do not dislike you (face looks as though he ate something sour).

Sekhmet: (she chuckles) Of course, I must be over reacting. (she looks at Maurz) Shall we move along?

Maurz: Calling me a disrespectful! I will demonstrate my power soon enough.

Sekhmet: Your injured ego is quite funny. (she enter the arena area).

Tashigi: Please, don't be too brutal.

Sekhmet: (does not acknowledge his comment).

Maurz: I'll try and be quick with this, woman.

Sekhmet: Arrognace has been many shinigami's akiles heel. Will you have it be yours?

Maurz: (he rushes at her and vanishes)

Sekhmet: (she places her hand behind her, and blocks a kick) Predictable. (she grabs his leg and throws him to her right).

(Poeira, Nuvem, Traea, and Farfalla watch in the distance as do Sekhmet's royal court).

Maurz: (he appears in the distance and does several vanishing and appearing tricks).

Sekhmet: Trying to confuse me? That is your tactic? (suddenly dust is scatters in a trail heading her way. She lifts her hand and maurz fist smashes into the back of her hand. It causes a shockwave and a surprised maurz, which stares at her. She smiles and grabs his arm and smashes him into the ground causing the ground to shatter, sending a plume of dust around the arena). Need I remind you, little boys acting tough is not a battle strategy.

Maurz: (removes himself from the rubble and stands up. His arm arm he is covered in dirt, dust and his body has blood on it) A couple scrapes and bruises won't deter me...

Sekhmet: Oh, I'm not suggesting that should. However, if you continue, it will only end badly. I can certainly toss you much harder, which will likely result in a broken limb (she smiles).

(In the distance).

Nuvem: I enjoy her style of combat.

Traea: She is highly skilled. Her opponent has not acknowledged his opponent. Such a shame.

Farfalla: (grins). We may see some violent fights after all...

It is your move, Armo. However, do not underestimate her.
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over a year ago onix11 said…
I have to fight montochs character. Son of a bitch. by the way the comic... WTF. LOL, changes made to character description on page 4.
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over a year ago Armogohma said…
Alright then, Crazione.

Also, I won't underestimate your characters.
From what I've read so far, your characters are always overpowered as hell :D

That's what I like about you.
You're a formidable opponent.
over a year ago onix11 said…
Jin walks to the arena to view the fight.

Jin: I heard this Sekhmet was strong, but she is still an insect.

Transporting behind him blaze starts a conversation.

Blaze: Yeah she is really something with that body of hers.

Jin: Who are you you disrespectful child.

Blaze: Well, I'm Blaze, and I'll be your opponent.

your turn montoch.
over a year ago crazieone106 said…
Haha, Oh armo. They may seem overpowered to you, but that is just because you're comparing them to your well-underdeveloped characters. My characters are just uniquely well-rounded, which makes them so formidable. Now, you just need to post something, but be careful.

Sekhmet, an insect? Oh, no you did not!
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over a year ago montoch said…
jin: my opponent huh... what a pain

blaze just smiles

blaze: this is a very intresting fight.. but its only the begining

jin: is that so

blaze: you better learn a few moves because its our turn next and im not gonna go easy on you.

jin: huh... i see. how about we take this outside the school just you and me

blaze(smiling) as much as i would love that, you know full well that when we unsheath our zanpacktou the battle will be stopped

jin: i think i can handle that one

blaze: even if you can mask our spiritual presure wich i highly doubt you can. the fight will be for nothing. this is an exam..

jin: the only reason i'm fighting is the joy of battle. nothing else matters to me and if your a good little boy and provide me a good fight, ill show you my bankai...

blaze smiles and the two watch the fight
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over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
(While writhing in pain on the ground, Ryu is able to increase his spiritual pressure and break the rope.)

Kaoru: Wow, I guess I didn't realize that you had a good bit of fight left in you.

Ryu: Well, to be honest, I never thought that I would have to use this much power to even be a match for you. I now see my error and will increase my strength, starting with a new technique that I learned before our match.

(With a surprised look on here face) Kaoru: A new technique?! What is it and how can you use it without releasing you shikai?

(Grinning) Ryu: You're about to find out. Bāningutatchi (Burning Touch)

(Kaoru begins to feel a burning sensation where Ryu had cut her on the arm.)

Kaoru: So you're new technique is to make my arm warm? Kind of a waste isn't it?

Ryu: Actually, it is not a waste. Within two minutes your arm will feel like it is on fire. In fact, it will feel so painful that you might just have to cut your arm off to make the pain stop.

(Thirty seconds have passed and Kaoru can already feel the burning increase.)

Kaoru: really does hurt but I can still fight!

Ryu: I admire your conviction but as soon as the two minute mark is reached, your arm will feel like it is in the middle of a wildfire. But look on the bright side, if you are able to survive thirty minutes with your arm that way the effect will wear off and you might be able to beat me.

(The two minute mark is reached and Kaoru is now down on one knee in pain.)

Kaoru: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It hurts so much! (she is gasping for breath now)

Ryu: Well guess it is time to end this. (He shunpos over to her and places his sword at here throat.) I guess the match is over.

Kaoru: Not yet. (She shunpos away to a rooftop.) This arm (left arm) may be in pain and unusable but I can still kick you ass with my right arm.

(In his seat) Jin: Maybe I should have faced this girl. She has the determination to give me a good fight.

(Smiling) Ryu: Sorry Jin, but she's my opponent.

Jin: You should concentrate on your match more than you should me you damn idiot.

Ryu: What?

(Ryu turns his head around and is sent flying by a punch from Kaoru.)

Kaoru: See I told ya that I could still kick your ass with my other arm.

(Getting up, Ryu starts to let his temper get the best of him.)

(Eyes closed) Ryu: Alright you little brat, you're gonna get it now! Burn into the Sky, Kasai Fenikkusu.

Kaoru: So he finally released his shikai.

(Thinking to himself) Blaze: I had heard about his first match with Jin and how this guy was hesitant to bring out his shikai. (He says to Jin.) I think you're gonna see a different side to your former opponent.


(Ryu opens his eyes and reveals his former blue eyes to now be red.)

Ryu: Alright, time to DIE!!!

Kaoru: What do ya mean time to die?! We're only supposed to be dueling for a position, not killing each other.

(She now sees that Ryu has shunpoed behind her.)

(To herself) Kaoru: I should have sensed him, but I didn't.

Ryu: Take this! Boukaheki Surasshu

(Ryu does not use that Double Effect of Boukaheki Surasshu. Instead, he uses the entire slash and send all of the spiritual pressure in Kasai Fenikkusu at Kaoru. Fortunately, she was able to dodge it.)

For those that need a definition, the Double Effect of Boukaheki Surasshu can only take effect if the user has locked swords with his enemy. It basically sends a first wave of spiritual pressure against the opponent at the time of impact, then the Double Effect sends a second wave against the opponent while they have locked swords. By not using the Double Effect, Ryu sent both waves against Kaoru at once.

Kaoru: If I had not dodged that attack I could have been seriously hurt! This guy seemed like he was pretty nice before, but when his eyes turned red he started acting like he was possessed by a demon or something. Could it have been that when he activated his shikai that this happened? But if that was the case then he would have been this way in his fight with Jin.

(Ryu then comes at her again.)

Ryu: You talk to much! Boukaheki Surasshu!

(Kaoru dodges it again.)

Kaoru: I've got to find a way to end this quick or I might be defeated...or worse!

Bring it on Randomdan13.
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over a year ago onix11 said…
Blaze starting a conversation with Jin

Blaze: Damn, he's determined to win the match but dosen't want to kill her or cause permenent damage. If he would of done this fighting you he would of kicked your ass.

Jin: Shut up. You think you have a chance against me. You don't even have a shikai or any real power for that matter.

Blaze: I can't wait for our match, your over confidence in your abilities and my lack of seriousness in battle. We'll be two oppisites you and I.

(Thinking to himself) Jin: I'll Finish you before you move.
over a year ago crazieone106 said…
What do you mean, " you can't wait for our match...?" Your battle has already started, well, it should have. You two just simply talk about and forth. You're free to begin, unless you want to continue your charade.

Me, however, I think i'll just post something killing Maurz sense armo go on and didn't post. He obviously doesn't know how to react.
over a year ago onix11 said…
Wow easy there man, if you do that and armo comes back he is going to be pissed. Look I'll contact montoch and tell him that we're going to start the match.
over a year ago jlazlo said…
Im finally back from my trip to the Philippines. Sorry i was gone for soo long. Dont worry though i still read the posts, i just didnt have enough time to reply, until now of course haha.

Ace walks through the entrance of the school.

Secretary of the school notices him

Secretary: 'stands' Oh, my Principle Ace you're back! How was your trip?

Ace: Good, i guess. 'scratches his head' wow it seems i missed alot.

Secretary: why yes you did, sir. They are much more students now and they are actually in the middle of teacher exams and entrance exams.

Ace: I see, well thank you ill go the arena right now. 'walks towards the bathroom'

Secretary: thats the bathroom sir.

Ace: i know, i just have to really POTTY.

Secretary: you still act your self i see. haha.

over a year ago crazieone106 said…
Onix, that would imply I care if he was angry. Thankfully, I couldn't care less. I'll wait, though. I was simply joking about killing his character. We're not allowed to kill characters anyway, that wouldn't be condusive to this forum.
over a year ago randomfan13 said…
' Kaoru dodges another attack from Ryu, and then straightens up'

Kaoru: Thats it! You've pissed me off! If you wanna die, be my guest! Drift, Yume Tama!

'Her bracelets become a headband, and she becomes covered in a slippery substance. She then blows a bubble with her hands, and keeps them there like boxing gloves'

Ryu: Bubbles!? They won't help you! Boukaheki Surasshu!

'The wave of heat comes at Kaoru, but she blocks it with a bubble'

Ryu: What?! How!?

Kaoru: You don't need to know, but sorry. This match is finished.

'With one hand, Kaoru blows enough bubbles to fill the arena, and with her other and, she fires shakkahos, soukatsuis, and Byakurais which get swallowed by the bubbles. Then, they start to spiral in to a huge vortex of bubbles'

Kaoru:Well, hope you don't die! hehe! 'as she puts a protective bubble around her'

Ryu: Crap!

'All of a sudden, the bubbles explode, releasing all of the captured Kido and spirit energy through the entire arena. Ryu tried to escape, but he wasn't fast enough, and got hit by the explosion'

Kaoru: Well, thats probably over. 'She steps out of her bubble. She looks over to where a big hole in the ground is' Sorry about that! Now, where is my new room?

Well, if Ryu is still alive, have fun Bleacher1001
over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
(As Kaoru turns away, a loud noise can be heard from the bottom of the hole.)

Ryu: Kyah!!!!!!!!!!! (breaks out of the rubble and staggers to stand up)

Kaoru: Wow, I didn't expect him to live through that. I wonder how he did it.

(Up in the stands) Blaze: He survived be sheer determination. There could be no other way.

(Back down in the arena) Ryu: I can't believe that I let myself be controlled by my anger. What makes it even worse is that by doing so, I allowed myself to be left wide open for an attack like that.

Kaoru: Are you trying to say that my attack wasn't worthy of you?!

Ryu: No, I am just saying that I should have been able to dodge an attack like that. (He bows) Please accept my apology for not fighting you as myself.

Kaoru: Ok??? Does this mean that you forfeit the match?

Ryu: No, it means that I am just going to have to redeem myself and beat you with everything I've got.

Kaoru: And how are you going to do that? You can barely stand, much less fight.

(Smiling) Ryu: Who said that I was going to be standing.

Kaoru: Huh???

Ryu: Bankai! (A cloud of smoke appears around Ryu and a giant flame erupts into the sky where he is standing. As the smoke clears, Ryu can be seen still standing at the bottom of the hole.) Kuukichuu Kasai Fenikkusu.

(In shock) Kaoru: Ban...kai?!!!

(Having just arrived at the arena, Wukong and Hideyoshi are happy to see that they have not missed the end of the battle.)

Wukong: Good we didn't miss it. Hey what's going on.

Hideyoshi: I looks like Ryu just confirmed the last of the rumors. Look, he's released his bankai.

Wukong: Wow, I can't wait to see what it does.

(Ryu hears them from down in the arena.)

Ryu: Maybe if you two would shut up for just a second, you might find out.

Kaoru: Can we get back to the match so that I can kick your ass?! I don't have all day you know.

Ryu: Don't worry, this won't take to long.

(Kuukichuu Kasai Fenikkusu then reveals its wings and Ryu flies up into the air.)

Ryu: Like I told you before, Kaoru. Who ever said that I would be standing.

Kaoru: I can still shunpo up to you. (she shunpos up to Ryu)

(Ryu however is able to fly away before Kaoru gets to him.)

Ryu: And I can fly away before you even get close to me. Time to knock some sense into you. Usui Honoo Surasshu.

(Kaoru then sees a small line of flame move through part of her right leg.

(Thinking to herself) Kaoru: How did he cut me so fast? I didn't even see him. How can I fight him if I can't even see him move? If I can't find a way to beat him soon, he really WILL kill me!

(After shunpoing behind her) Ryu: Don't worry, I won't kill you. In fact, I won't cut you again throughout the duration of this match.

What do you think of that huh? :D
over a year ago Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Hideyoshi(thinking to himself): Ryu are you really prepared for the responsibility. Will you be able to guide and teach effectivly. Oh well nothing i can do now.

Wukong: GO RYU!!!!!
over a year ago onix11 said…
Tashigi looks down at the arena. Astonished that someone actually released their bankai in an examine battle.

Tashigi: I can't belive he did this.

Yamamoto: The boy is hot headed and has begun to fall away from reason.

Tashigi: Yes but he could kill that girl if he keeps it up.

Yamamoto: I believe that she has a few more tricks up her sleeve.

Tashigi: What about those two over there, Blaze and Jin.

Yamamoto: They have become impatient. At the conclusion of one of the matches we will send them to fight.

Tashigi: It should be interesting, Blaze is lazy and not very serious while Jin is overconfident and will not use his full strength.

Yamamoto: It will be fun to watch.
(turing their attention back to the fights at hand.)
over a year ago bleacher1001 said…
New character! Please allow me to introduce the character into the story.


Name: Senna Misame

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Height: 5'9"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color/Style: Dark Brown/Shoulder-length

Occupation: New Student

Description: Senna is a kind person with a strong sense of justice. She will help anyone in need, and will put her life on the line to protect those that she loves. She grew up during the time that Ryu was thrown out of Runkongai and felt sorry for him. When she was ten she wondered in the forests and found Ryu there alone. She decided to stay with him and train with him, as her soul reaper powers had manifested as well. When they were sixteen, Ryu left her for a reason that has yet to be revealed and she has been looking for him ever since.

Abilities: She is a kido expert but lacks in her swordsmanship, though she isn't very bad at it. She is also brutally strong.

ZANPAKUTO (Please note that I used this zapakuto for another character in a different forum.)

Release Command: Protect Mankind

Shikai: Tenshi (Angel)

Shikai Appearance: After its release, Tenshi become a golden double-bladed zanpakuto. The shikai is basically two katanas, one facing one way and the other facing the other, that are combined at the base of their hilts. There are no crossguards on either side of the blade. The grip of the zanpakuto is white in color with red insets.

Shikai Attack: (Tengoku Hikari: Heaven's Light) Tengoku Hikari charges Tenshi with the user's spiritual pressure. The user then begins to spin the sword continuously until the blades are moving so fast that they cannot be see (takes a total of 2-4 seconds). The user then points the spinning sword at their opponent and then the sword fires the spiritual pressure at the enemy. The combination of the gathered spiritual pressure and the spinning of the sword create a powerful "drill" that could seriously damage most opponents. Unfortunately, if the opponent is able to get out of the way of the blast or is able to disrupt the preparation, then the attack is useless. Otherwise, look out.

Bankai: Kamisama Tenshi (God's Angel)

Bankai Appearance: Kamisama Tenshi is a giant double-edged sword. The hilt of the sword is 12 inches long and is gold with white insets. The crossguard, which is 10 inches long, is completely consumed by the blade. The blade is 55 inches long and has a two tone color. The color of one side of the blade is white and the other is gold. This Bankai does have a weakness. If the opponent is able to slash off the bottom of the hilt, the Bankai will disentigrate and cannot be reformed unitl 24 hours have passed.

Bankai Ability: (Hijiri Kyuushuu: Holy Absorption) This a defensive technique. The blade splits right down the middle and then opens up like a crocodile's mouth. With it open, Hijiri Kyuushuu absorbs all of the spiritual pressure of the opponent and then adds it to the spiritual pressure of Kamisama Tenshi's user. It can also be used to absorb active attacks, such as Cero and Kido. THIS ABILITY IS ABLE TO LAST FOR UP TO 30 SECONDS. IF THE USER DOES NOT STOP THE TECHNIQUE, THE SWORD WILL BEGIN TO ABSORB HIS OWN SPIRITUAL PRESSURE. THE RANGE OF THE ATTACK IS A 100 FOOT RADIUS AROUND THE USER (THIS INCLUDES ANY ENEMIES IN THE AIR). THIS MOVE CAN BE DODGED IF THE OPPONENT IS ABLE TO GET OUT OF THE 100 FOOT RADIUS BEFORE THE ATTACK STARTS. THEY CAN GET OUT DURING THE ATTACK IF THEY HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY LEFT.

Bankai Attack: (Kamisama Shinpan Sutoraiku: God's Judgment Strike) This is Kamisama Tenshi's offensive technique. THE TECHNIQUE BEGINS BY POINTING THE SWORD AT THE OPPONENT, WHICH SENDS A BEAM OF LIGHT AT HIM THAT WILL PARALYZE HIM AND SHINE AROUND HIM FOR THE DURATION OF THE PARALYSIS. The user then converges almost all of his spiritual pressure into the blade and then jumps high into the air. After getting as high as he can (which is usually between 150-300 feet), the user swings Kamisama Tenshi over their head. AT THIS TIME THE OPPONENT IS STILL PARALYZED. AS YOU COME DOWN FOR THE FINAL SLASH, THERE IS A 7 SECOND WINDOW OF TIME FOR THE OPPONENT TO GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THE ATTACK, AS THEY ARE NO LONGER PARALYZED. The impact can be so great that, if it does not kill the opponent (which is not likely), it will most likely cripple him. The attack can be sped up by using Shunpo and can be charged up even more by using Kamisama Tenshi's Hijiri Kyuushuu.
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