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I was just wondering do you think i am funny and no i dont mean in the clown way but i mean like i try to put things in there that could possible make you laugh. Like in the second time i wrote in the Rp i said-
"Hey cap'n what do you want at this time of night?". "Its always night Kuro...." he said slyly with a grin. "You know what i meant, now just get on with it" she began to get irrated.

This is another one in my 3 respond to the RP-
All of the sudden she heard foot steps they were louder than most "O joy its the old fart Yamamoto...i am going to get no where on my 'research' if this keeps on happening!" and as usually she shunpo-ed off but this time more briskly so that she could here there conversation.

"I fear the accancar are gathering information from us" Yamamoto said
'well no duh old man....what the hell are we supposed to do?' she said irritated yet again.
"Yes captain i fear so. All we can do for now is wait and see if they make a move" chokiro sasakibe said looking around for any sign of a person following them.
'dont worry you wouldnt even know what hit ya....'

another-"well looks like i am off...the soul society...what a joke" hatred filled her voice.

but to me the funniest are always when i have a agruement with aizen like this-
"hey Kuro" he looked at her lazily
"Could i do something less boring next time..." she said in her whining voice.
"what have you brought me" he always ignored her. She walked up to his throne and gave the file to him. He would usually kill anyone who set foot near his throne but he was used to her not obeying rules entriely and didnt care all that much
"this is all you got go back" he said bluntly
"WTF! i am in no way going back there! make gin do it!"
"No now leave"
"bye..bye..kuro" he said slyly ending up behind her and knocking her out.

"where..." looked up at the huge wall 'Seireitei' "I HATE YOU AIZEN!

O yea and lets not forget this moment-

"I was commander over the vasto lordes at the time, i sent one of them on a misson to kill your 'wife' and with that she died, you tried to kill the vasto lorde that did it but you failed......then you went off and killed a bunch of people and forgot your past......STORY TIMES OVER KIDS!" she thought again.

I had to include this even tho i didnt say it-annvie-
Dood, seriously? I look NOTHING like YOU!
Me and Kuro being sisters I can understand a bit... but AIZEN being my FATHER??? Dude, this was like STAR WARS!

Another Aizen moment between Yumiko and Kuro-"Your mother was one of the most beautiful people i had ever meet....beside expect the two beautiful women standing right in front of me." They both looked at him with the 'that was so freaking corny' look on there faces.

You can never get enough of Aizen moments-
Soon you became a shinigami following in my steps, going even as far to turn against the soul society....of course i had no other choice but to find you and have you join the arrcanar." He went back to staring off into space.
"*cough*more like forced*cough*"

This one is really big but if you get my kind of humor you will think its hilarous but i am kinda odd about humor so you may not think its funny-
So there was Aizen in his throne once again watching a girl pace back and froth below him. She kept on ranting and ranting, he thought she was about to kill anyone in sight during some parts of her rant.

"I MEAN WHAT THE HELL AIZEN! ALL THESE YEARS!" She just stopped for a little bit.
Aizen heard the rare break in her words 'maybe she needs to catch her breath any normal person would have suffocated by now from yelling and talking so much.'

"Aizen....I think i need to be myself for a little bit, clear my mind or something." she said deeply in thought.
"If your thinking about leavening las noches for a few days i wont let that happen. The soul society will already be on alert and besides......." Kuro wasn't really listening to him. She knew what she was going to do, she would just disappear for a few days.
"Okay okay" she said. "I am going to my room" and with that she exited via overly giant door way.
"Grimmjow......Stark" Aizen said in a commanding voice.
"Yes" grimmjow
"ugh....*yawn*" Stark.
"Keep an eye on Kuro today. I think she is going to make a break for the soul society." He said thinking.
"Yes sir" Grimmjow said, Stark just nodded.

few hours later-

"I am soooo out of here" Kuro said but she could scene Grimmjow and Stark following her once she was a little outside of Las noches. She quickly thought 'If i turn into my tiger mode they wont be able to track me, my reiatsu complete changes in that form but that takes up a lot of my energy.'

She hide behind a giant rock and transformed. "looks like i am off" There was a huge rip in the sky and the tiger jumped into it.

"WHERE THE HELL IS SHE!" Grimmjow was so pissed they lost her.
"calm down clam down i am sure she is around here somewhere" said stark still tired.
"yea we better find her!" Stark thought of what would happen if Aizen found out.

-soul society

'dam it i dont have any energy to even transform back.' she rested under a huge tree. 'Well i guess i do like this form and this means now none of the soul society will know who i am soooo......i.....think......will......just take.....a little....*yawn* cat nap.....................

This is a newer one so if you havent read all the rp yet you might be a bit lost on this one-
"ugh" She tried to hold the sudden urge to fall to the ground because of the pain back. "I just got in a fight with some wierdo women that didnt have any style to save her life." yea in the short time she had been gone she went right back to hateing the women called yumiko.

also can you belive we started that fight on page 4 and it ended on like page 11 or 12 i think. Also i try to be as funny as i can be considering i am a evil lords daughter and i am part of the arrancar.