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Opinion by silverexorcist posted over a year ago
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“This has to be a mistake!” Lieutenant Renji Abarai insisted furiously, standing with his hands clenched it fury that he had no one to direct it at. Captain Retsu Unohana just regarded him sadly. “There has to be a way to help him!”

“I’m afraid not.” Unohana sighed regretfully. “I may be famed for being able to perform miracles, but it would take nothing short of the impossible to help him now. The disease as spread through his entire body already. I expect that his heart will stop beating within twenty-four hours.”

“He can’t die!” Renji shouted. “Of all people, not him!”

“Renji, sit down!” Rukia Kuchiki shouted angrily. She had her eyes shut as she struggled to keep the tears beading under her eyelids from spilling over. “Captain Unohana has been doing her best all this time, despite being called to join the Zero Squad. If there was something she knew that could be done, she would have done it.”

Renji struggled to find a way to argue with her, but found no. So he fell back into his seat and hung his head in angry silence.
Opinion by blackpanther666 posted over a year ago
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Name: Momo Hinamori

Zanpakuto: Tobiume (Flying plum tree')

Bankai: Okibibanda ('Blazing fire branches')


Okibibanda: Shoukyaku ('Blazing fire branches: Destroy by fire') When the branches of Okibibanda are extended and have trapped the enemy, this incantation causes the target and the branches around it to catch fire and explode.

Okibibanda: Kansei ('Blazing fire branches: Trap') This incantation traps the opponent in the branches of Okibibanda. This can be used if the opponent is at least within a 100 meter radius and can only be broken by Kido. The Kido used for this technique is highly reiatsu resistant.

Okibibanda: Shuuban ('Blazing fire branches: Final stage') If the opponent has been caught in the branches AND has survived Shoukyaku, then this attack will ignite the opponent in fire and burn them to ashes. This won't work if Shoukyaku has done extensive damage. The fire burns for five minutes and the levels of damage done are dependant on the reiatsu of the opponent.
Opinion by blackpanther666 posted over a year ago
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And here it is! The 500th post!

Bp: Holy shit guys, its beginning to get good and I've certainly enjoyed working you all and appreciated the hard-work! Arigatou! :)

Raijin: What about me? Aren't I YOUR counterpart?

Bp: Huh, you? You always try and hurt me, why should I mention you?! *Ducks as Raijin raises Ajisukita in irritation*

Raijin: Don't make me do this, Bp. I'll beat the crap out of you, until you mention me as your counterpart. Don't forget I saved your butt last time you got in trouble.

Bp: *Pokes tongue out* See ya! *Runs*

*Funny moment where Raijin is seen chasing furiously after Bp, trying to trip him up*

Bp: Ahhhh!

Raijin: Bastard!

Bp: Well, Raijin, here's your acknowledgement. I acknowledge that you were a bastard and you tried to hurt me on several occasions...

*Laughter erupts, as Shunsui, Momo and Kogase appear by shunpo*