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Article by amber_ko posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Jonghyun’s “Juliette” is actually labelmate Jang Ri In?

A noona - dongsaeng couple has been revealed. Last year, SM Entertainment had originally admitted that idol group SHINee’s Jonghyun (22) was in a relationship with actress Shin Sekyung (22).

However due to several of Sekyung’s actions, fans found the relationship to be somewhat suspicious. Not only did Shin Sekyung close down her Cyworld, she continues to dodge press and reject any proposed interviews. What irked fans even more was the fact that the actress did not even attend SHINee’s 1st concert. SHINee held concerts in both Korean and Japan but the young actress was no where to be found.

But to fans’ surprise, a different celebrity was spotted with Jonghyun during the group’s Korea concert: Chinese labelmate Jang Ri In (23). Fans noticed Ri In going in and out of SHINee’s dressing room several times during the concert. It was also rumored that Jonghyun had left the concert arena with a mystery girl, assumably Jang Ri In.