The story is:

There was once a young girl named Mary worth, who had no friends and only had 1 sister who was nasty to her. The only companion she had was her teddy, lansalot. One day she had a terrible accident and her face was scratched red raw. From then on she was forbidden to look into a mirror incase she scared herself.
Ever since this happened no one would look at her and all she had, like before, was lansalot. One night she was so depressed she looked in the mirror, saw her face and scared herself to death.

You can, apperently, summer her by saying
Mary worth mary worth
I believe in Mary worth.

In a dark room.

If u do it here is a guide of what to do if you see these things in the mirror or on the lightest wall.

-Mary with lansalot or a candle: your safe, you are now considered her friend and you must not anger her.

-Mary with a blood covered face: turn the light on or it is said that she will take control of you for 25 seconds

-Mary with a knife on a staircase: turn the light on and open the door, wait 10 seconds then blow out the nearest naked flame.


-a scratch on face/back: look away from the mirror and close your eyes and think "I'm your friend"

-a pinch or grab: get out of the room the re-enter 5 minuets later if you want to

- a stab feeling: run, just run.


-a soft wisper: your safe, you should she the picture of Mary with lansalot or a candle if not, say bye and leave

- a gruff wisper: yeah, It has never happened to be but the word GRUFF reminds me of run.