There was a village, a woman lived there. She and her children were, like all other villagers, were as normal as a family could be. One day the villages took the womans children and hung them. The woman named Mary Worth was upset and left to her home. One day, one villager watched Mary and accused her for 'Black Magic' and turned her in. They lashed her and scard her and gave her a mirror to look at her ugly scard face. And then, before they hung Mary she cursed the village and was then dead.

Years now, there are children mocking her, saying her name in the mirror. But Mary never forgets that day the villagers killed her children infront of her. Mary vowed she would kill anybody who spoke her name. A group of kids played truth or dare, one dared to go to the grave of Mary Worth and say you don't believe in her. Legend says she rose from her grave and killed everybody alive in the cemetary.

1) IF you do see Mary Worth in the mirror with a candle, your safe. If not you will be haunted.
2) ANY scars on your body, check them.
3) PARANORMAL activity will happen, get the ghost of Mary Worth (as she is a demon) and nothing should go as bad after that.