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blackpanther666 said …
No shit, I didn't know there was a club for Blur. This is awesome! Blur was, I think, one of the first rock bands I ever listened to - in fact, 16 years ago, when I was around 8, I believe that I even owned one of their cds. Now, I own most of them and love them all, especially Modern Life Is Rubbish. XD Posted over a year ago
big smile
kornlover said …
Im the 80th fan! Yay! Posted over a year ago
C-GODZILLA commented…
if you're waiting for someone to reply, then forget it! Here people just post stuff. They don't care about socializing. Coooooold bloodedddd............... HI! And welcome! :D over a year ago
danomind said …
Visit BlurBalls! Posted over a year ago