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Bo & Lauren Question

Who else things that Bo & Lauren might actually be "Strange Attractors"?

"Strange Attractors" are particles that end up together that don't really belong together, but when they're together they're super-powerful.It's a physics thing since everything in the universe has a magnetic charge.
Does anyone else fancy this idea?
 LLheart posted over a year ago
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Bo & Lauren Answers

HarperIslandFan said:
Oh, hell yes. Very creative. I love the idea, sounds good to me. ;)
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posted over a year ago 
Well honestly ALL the credits go to Gretchen from the Heroes.I was watching that episode the other day when she tells this thing to Claire & I just couldn't help but think that Bo & Lauren could actually be such a thing...Right?
LLheart posted over a year ago
Absolutely! It could definitely apply to Doccubus <3
HarperIslandFan posted over a year ago
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